Flirt Vodka brand & prices

Product Name Price ABV Availability
flirt vodka green apple KES 1,850 - KES 3,800 37% In stock
flirt vodka KES 1,850 - KES 2,150 37% In stock
flirt vodka orange KES 1,850 - KES 2,200 37% In stock
flirt vodka citrus KES 1,850 - KES 2,200 40% In stock
Flirt vodka chocolate KES 1,850 - KES 2,200 37% In stock
Flirt vodka strawberry KES 1,850 - KES 2,200 37% In stock
Flirt vodka vanilla KES 1,850 - KES 2,200 37% In stock
Flirt vodka black KES 2,800 37% In stock
flirt vodka golden apple KES 1,890 - KES 3,700 37% In stock
Flirt vodka lemon KES 1,850 - KES 2,290 37% In stock
Flirt vodka raspberry KES 1,850 - KES 2,200 37% In stock
Flirt Vodka price in Kenya

About Flirt Vodka

Flirt vodka brand is a grain vodka produced in Bulgaria. Most Flirt vodka expressions have an alcohol content of 37%. It is available in different flavors all made to suit a diverse audience. It has been created to offer not only exceptional quality but also an ultimate vodka experience. There is something for everyone, a quality established by availing it in several flavors. The brand is made to appeal to the younger generation where it inspires a spirit of adventure, free of inhibitions. It joins two worlds – new and old, expressing tradition and modernity while remaining true to quality and uniqueness. It is a perfect representation of modern culture. The flirt vodka price is affordable, making it easily available to anyone seeking to have a good time.

Flirt vodka is made from selected highest quality grains. Fermentation and distillation follow. Distillation is carried out in powerful columns with continuous multi-stage vaporization, which gives Flirt Vodka its admired purity. Distillation is then followed by blending. The distillate is then reduced to the optimal alcohol level of 37.5% by adding high-quality water from a protected source. Its famous soft feel is imparted by the grains used and also the multiple filtrations through silver ions, which increases its purity and quality. Flavored Flirt Vodkas are made by adding their respective flavors, a process carefully done to maintain the quality and finesse of the signature Flirt Vodka blend.

The purest form of vodka is bottled and shipped to different countries including Kenya where it is available at the best Flirt Vodka price in Kenya. Once here, Drinks Vine online liquor store then presents it to you with utmost convenience. First, we allow you to shop online without the need to visit a liquor store that could be miles away. We also save you the inconvenience of long queues at the liquor shopping point. We give you all expressions of the Flirt Vodka brand then serve you with a free alcohol delivery service to your doorstep. Buy Flirt Vodka online in Kenya at Drinks Vine and enjoy free vodka delivery in Nairobi and its environs. Buy a single bottle or in bulk, and we will offer the best Flirt Vodka price.

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