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Flirt vodka is a Bulgaria vodka classified as clear vodka. It contains 37% ABV (alcohol by volume). It is offered in 1 litre at Ksh 1500, 700 ml at Ksh 1300 at Drinks Vine online liquor store. We offer you affordable prices and regular offers coupled with free delivery in Nairobi and environs. Call us, emails or WhatsApp us for reliable online liquor delivery.

First, you take a drink; then the drinks take you and that's how you start enjoying Flirt Vodka. This Vodka is not just a regular vodka; it’s an ultimate experience. It was born by the fusion of two worlds-new and old, tradition and modernity, east and west. It is the perfect combination of quality distillate in unique bottle shape and urban culture inspiration. The vodka has been created with an initial desire to build exclusive vodka brand which can offer not only high quality but an ultimate vodka experience. This Vodka represents the stubborn, eager, and free spirit of the young generation.

When you raise a glass, to the mouth, it has a balanced and soft neutral aroma. It has a flavor that heightens emotions and rouses desires. Due to the quality ingredients control, it has a 100% guarantee of satisfaction to every customer. You can enjoy its perfect and smooth taste in every drop. This vodka pairs well with caviar, pickles, steak, cheese, and smoked salmon. You can enjoy this vodka neat or chilled a couple of hours in a freezer.

The Flirt Vodka brand also offers other products like the flirt vodka green apple, flirt vodka orange, flirt vodka citrus, Flirt vodka strawberry, Flirt vodka chocolate, Flirt vodka black, Flirt vodka vanilla, flirt vodka golden apple, Flirt vodka lemon, Flirt vodka raspberry which we are currently offering in our liquor shop.

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Product details
Product Name flirt vodka
Volume 1 litre - 700 ml
  • 1 litre @ Ksh 1,500
  • 700 ml @ Ksh 1,300
  • Country of origin Bulgaria
    Alcohol content 37%
    Brand Flirt Vodka
    Type vodka
    AvailabilityIn Stock
    Shipment in Nairobi Free