Hapsburg Absinthe

700 ml   Ksh 5,100
500 ml   Ksh 4,950
500 ml   Ksh 4,980
500 ml   Ksh 4,950
500 ml   Ksh 4,440
500 ml   Ksh 4,950
500 ml   Ksh 4,950
Hapsburg Absinthe price in Kenya
Product Name Price Alcohol contentCountry of origin Liquor category
hapsburg absinthe cassis X.C 700 ml Ksh 5,100 89.9% Switzerland vodka
hapsburg absinthe classic 500 ml Ksh 4,950 72.5% Switzerland vodka
hapsburg absinthe quartier latin 500 ml Ksh 4,980 53.5% Switzerland vodka
hapsburg absinthe black fruit 89.9 500 ml Ksh 4,950 89.9% Switzerland vodka
hapsburg absinthe black fruit 53.5 500 ml Ksh 4,440 53.5% Switzerland vodka
hapsburg absinthe original 89.9 500 ml Ksh 4,950 89.9% Switzerland vodka
hapsburg absinthe red fruit 89.9 500 ml Ksh 4,950 89.9% Switzerland vodka

Hapsburg Absinthe brand

Everyone’s expectation when they order a drink is to get one that is unique, great original tasting, and nice packaging. Drinks delivery Nairobi is our specialty, and we ensure our clients get their liquor delivered to their doorstep. Since 1999, the Hapsburg Absinthe brand has pioneered offering a true lifestyle experience with a guaranteed taste of quality. Absinthe was a popular drink in the 1890s in its birthplace – Switzerland and France. It was the most fashionable at that time, appearing in many bars and even cafes. The modern Absinthe has all sorts of elegance and quality to offer, and the taste is incredible. It is a strong type of vodka, with the most common one having an alcohol content of 79.9 - 89.9% ABV. So you know it is not a good idea to take it neat.

Absinthe is a product of innovation, targeted to suit modern drinkers who are constantly seeking a new experience. The classic Absinthe not only is it fashionable but also unique and versatile, making it a perfect starting point of discovering new tastes in cocktails. With its high alcohol content, it is advisable to dilute it with enough water. It is for your safety. You should expect such a concentrated drink to be intensely smoky. It is not advisable to expose it to naked flames. After all, you are looking for a perfect party free of drama.

Hapsburg Absinthe is available in various styles, mostly dictated by the alcohol content. The premium reserve Absinthe vodka has super strength while super deluxe appearing in the middle. The original has the lowest in strength. However, the lowest concentration is only comparative to the rest of the Absinthes since the original may have 72.5% ABV. Due to the high strength of Absinthe, it is a recommended drink for cocktails. You can enjoy it with a mixer of your choice. Absinthe gives you a chance to explore and discover new tastes through making cocktails of your choosing. It doesn’t mean that Absinthe on itself doesn’t tickle your taste buds. Actually, it does an excellent job on your palate. You will truly appreciate this drink and its different flavored, provided you dilute to a safe concentration.

Not many drinks are made to fit diverse generations. Absinthe, however, is not like any of them. It perfectly suits all sorts of drinkers ranging from young college students to more edgy and seasoned drinkers. So, how far are you willing to go regarding drinking vodka? Hapsburg Absinthe will get you to the peak, and you will enjoy every moment in every sip. Make your order today and have it delivered to your home at the best absinthe price in Kenya from our online liquor store in Nairobi. Cheers as you enjoy the strongest alcohol in Kenya.