Merlot wine brands in Kenya

Merlot is a red wine grape that hails from the Bordeaux region of France. It is among the most popular red wines in the world with a highly appreciated flavor profile. It is an approachable red wine suitable as an introductory wine to the world of red wine. The beginners enjoy the soft, ripe, and elegant taste that tickles the taste buds arousing an incredible feeling. 

Merlot mostly goes with the dry style exhibiting medium to a full-bodied presence on the palate. It is a little softer in tannins, contrary to the high tannin level to its close relative Cabernet Sauvignon. Because of this character, it makes an incredible blending partner with Cabernet Sauvignon. A blend of the two enhances the strengths while diminishing the weaknesses of each other, producing a superb blend.

Merlot has a splendid flavor profile ranging from herbs, blackberries, and graphite to fresh flavors of plums, black cherries, blueberries, and cherries with tones of cocoa and black pepper. It is mostly fruit-driven, with fewer tannins and with a smooth finish. However, the flavor varies depending on the region in which the grape is cultivated. Aging in oak adds amazing cedar, clove, and vanilla notes.

A beginner might get confused about why Merlot wine is said to be dry, yet it is fruity. Well! Bear in mind that ripe fruit flavors don’t make the same impression are tasting sugar. A dry wine is produced by allowing full yeast fermentation of sugars in the grape and converting it into alcohol. Even though a little amount of sugar may remain, also known as residual sugar, its presence may be overwhelmed by other flavors and may go unnoticed. However, sometimes the residual sugar is purposeful in giving a degree of sweetness or richness in the wine. Merlot is dominated by fruity flavors. However, the extent of these flavors highly depends on the region.

In terms of boldness, although it is not as bold as Cabernet Sauvignon, it reserves a punch of its own. Again, depending on the region, Merlot may have differing tannin levels. A warmer climate such as in the North Coast of California that is rich in sunshine and wind gives Merlot grapes a thicker skin hence having higher tannin levels. These grapes produce bolder, Merlot red wines. Softer tannins and rich, fruity taste have their advantages when it comes to food pairing. It is highly versatile and matches with many foods. So, don’t shy away from playing with it to find your perfect match. It does well with meat dishes, mushrooms, burgers, pasta, and pizzas. Either way, you choose to take this wine, be assured that you will taste elegance in every sip.

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