Alcohol Delivery Nairobi

Alcohol delivery Nairobi


Published on 31 May, 2022

Alcohol delivery Nairobi is the new way to shop for your favourite alcoholic drinks online with less or no hustles at all. You search for your drink, you order it via cart, text or WhatsApp and wait for a knock on your front door within 20 minutes. You don’t have to worry of an empty liquor cabinet or your party running dry at the middle of the night because Dial A Delivery, an online liquor store located in Nairobi CBD, has your back. Today we will dig a bit deeper on some of the reasons you should opt for alcohol delivery services in comparison to walking or driving to the nearest wines and spirits shop to buy alcohol.

Why delivery is more popular in Nairobi

Online liquor delivery is more popular in Nairobi city than in the other parts of Kenya. This is a result of a huge traffic jam, tight schedules, personal responsibilities and demanding jobs leaving you with no time to rush to the nearest liquor store to buy your favourite drinks. When we talk of drinks delivery Nairobi, three services stand out due to their popularity. They are as follows;

  1. Whisky delivery Nairobi
  2. Wine delivery Nairobi
  3. Beer delivery Nairobi

Whisky Delivery Nairobi

Whiskey is a distilled spirit produced from grains like rye, corn, wheat or barley. This dark spirit has made its name as the preferable drink for gentlemen though there are still ladies who enjoy it. This is the reason whisky delivery Nairobi is among popular services when you talk of drinks delivery Kenya. Unlike CognacChampagne and Tequila which are only produced in specific countries, whisky can be produced in any country which gives rise to its two main categories; whisky and whiskey. The difference between the two words is the extra ‘e’ with whiskey meaning the drink has been either been produced in Ireland or the United States while whisky means the drink has been produced from any other country in the world apart from two countries named above. Countries which are known for producing quality whiskies are Scotland, Japan and Canada. Other countries like India and South Africa are popular for producing cheap whisky for low class whisky lovers. The following are the types of whiskies in Kenya;

Types Of Whiskeys In Kenya

  • Single malt whiskeys – these are whiskeys that are only produced from one single distillery. These categories of whiskies are regarded as the most quality whiskeys and at the same time as the most expensive whiskies in Kenya. Single malt whiskies have the number of years they have been aged indicated on the bottle.
  • Blended Scotch whiskies – these are whiskies that are made from blending a third of single malt Scotch whiskies with two thirds of grain Scotch whiskies. They are popular because their prices cut across whisky prices in Kenya making them affordable to everyone depending on their economic capabilities.
  • Irish whiskeys – these are triple distilled whiskeys are produced in Ireland. Unlike Scotch whiskies, Irish whiskeys don’t have the smoky taste because the fermented grains are dried over the fire but they don’t come into contact with smoke.
  • Bourbon whiskeys – these are whiskeys that are produced in the United States and have 51% of the grains used as corn and they must be aged for a minimum of three years in new charred oak barrels.
  • Tennessee whiskeys – these whiskeys are more like bourbon whiskeys only that they have to be filtered over charcoal before being aged. Unlike bourbon whiskeys which can be produced in any region in the United States, Tennessee whiskeys can only be produced in Tennessee district in the United States.
  • Japan whiskies – these are whiskies produced in Japan. The production of Japanese whiskies borrows so much from the production of Scotch whiskies. In Japan there are two main rival distilleries that compete so much making the quality of the Japanese whiskies to go so high.
  • Canadian whiskies – these are whiskies that are produced in Canada. Most of these whiskies are produced from rye though there are still some of them that are produced from barley and other grains.
  • Indian whiskies – these are whiskies produced in India. Indian whiskies are known as the cheap whiskies in Kenya, however, there are still other quality and expensive Indian whiskies like Rampur

Wine Delivery Nairobi

Do you love your wine red, white or rose? How about the wine being fortified or sparkling? Wines are alcoholic drinks that are made from the fermentation of grapes. However, there are still non-alcoholic wines which are different from grape juice. Non-alcoholic wines are prepared like those other wines with the difference being the fact that they are neutralized to zero alcohol percentage thus they have all the benefits of alcoholic wines. Non-alcoholic wines are so popular in church wedding ceremonies. On the other side, grape juice they don’t undergo fermentation, the ripe grapes are pressed to produce the juice. The following are the categories of wines in Kenya that you will find on the shelves of Dial A Delivery, an online wines store in Nairobi CBD, at the best wine prices in Kenya. You can have any of these types of wines in Kenya delivered right to your door or office in less than 20 minutes through one simple call. Dial a wine today and see the magic.

Types Of Wines In Kenya

  1. Red wines – these are wines are made from dark grapes. Red wines have a heavy mouth feel and are better enjoyed at room temperature. Unlike white wines, red wines benefit a lot from increased shelf life due to the high concentration of tannins. Popular red wine types in Kenya are the following; Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot, Malbec, Pinotage, Zinfandel and Baronne.
  2. White wines – these wines are made from both lightly skinned grapes and dark skinned grapes. When made from dark skinned grapes, the grapes must be peeled off their skin before crushing and fermentation. White wines are better known for refreshment though they can also be paired with light meals. These wines are better enjoyed chilled. The popular white wine types in Kenya are the following; Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Gris and Moscato.
  3. Rose wines – these are wines that are made from dark skinned grapes just like red wines with the difference being that the skin of the grapes must be removed after crushing before fermentation. The removal of the skin after crushing gives rose wines a pinkish colour and less concentration of tannins. Rose wines share so many characteristics with the red wines. These wines are better enjoyed outdoors.
  4. Sparkling wines – these wines are made from double fermentation process with the second fermentation process meant to introduce bubbles in the wine. It is this carbon dioxide that makes these wines sparkle and pop out during celebrations when shaken. There are three different processes to carry out the second fermentation process which largely impacts the quality of the wine produced. These methods are traditional method, bulk chamat and bottle transfer. The traditional method which is also known as Methode Champenoise is the most complex one, however, it produces the highest quality wines. Sparkling wines could be red wines, white wines or rose wines.
  5. Champagnes – these are sparkling wines that are produced in the Champagne region in France through the traditional method. In other words, all Champagnes are sparkling wines but not all sparkling wines are Champagnes. Unlike other sparkling wines that uses any types of grapes, Champagnes use only three types of grapes; Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Grigio
  6. Fortified wines – these are wines that have a small quantity of spirit, most brandy, added to them to increase their alcohol concentration plus enhance their flavours. Fortified wines could either be red or white wines and they could be paired with food or used to make cocktails. The most common types of fortified wines are Port wines and Vermouth wines. Most fortified wines have an alcoholic concentration of around 21%.
  7. Port wines – these are fortified wines produced in Portugal. Most of the port wines are red although they are a few white ones. Port wines could be aged in barrels for up to 10 years enhancing flavours and quality. Port wines are great for pairing with food.
  8. Vermouth wines – these are aromatized fortified wines produced in Italy or France. These wines are flavoured with botanicals like roots, barks, herbs, spices, seeds and flowers. The two popular vermouth wines are Cinzano and Martini. Vermouth wines are popular for making cocktails.
  9. Non-alcoholic wines – these are wines that have an alcohol percentage of zero. They undergo all the processes of making wine but they have their alcohol concentration neutralized to zero. They are popular in christian weddings.

Beer Delivery Nairobi

Beers are the most drank in all types of alcohol in Kenya. This is because they are cheap and they have a low alcohol percentage. When it comes to online liquor delivery, people prefer taking beer due to their attractive packaging of a six-pack. You can enjoy beer cold or at room temperature. Beers in Kenya are both local and imported. There are different types of beer as follows; cider, lager, malt, lite, draught and alcopops. Visit Dial A Delivery for the best beer prices in Kenya.

Online Liquor Delivery

Beside the three services outlined above there are other services as far as drinks delivery Kenya is concerned. A drink delivery service is determined by the types of alcohol. Different categories of alcohol are brought about by raw materials used, the method of production utilised, where the drinks are produced and the purpose of that alcoholic drink. The following are the most popular drinks delivery services in Kenya which you can all find from Dial A Delivery.

Liquor Delivery Services In Nairobi

  • Wine delivery Nairobi – wines are alcoholic drinks produced from fermentation of grape juice. The types of wines produced will depend on the type of grapes used, the method of production, the country of production and the alcohol concentration. The most expensive wines in Kenya are Champagnes.
  • Whisky delivery Nairobi – whiskeys are distilled dark spirits that are made from grains like wheat, barley, rye and corn. Whiskies are aged in oak casks to add flavours and also the colour of the wood. The older the whiskey, the better the quality.
  • Beer delivery Nairobi – beers are made from the fermentation of malted barley. This type of alcoholic drink is the most popular drink in the world due to its low price and low alcohol concentration.
  • Cognac delivery Nairobi – Cognacs are classy distilled dark spirits produced from Cognac region in France. It is made from hard selected grapes which are crushed, fermented, distilled and then aged in oak woods that were previously used to age bourbon whiskeys.
  • Brandy delivery Nairobi – these are distilled dark spirits that are made from grapes. The most known types of brandy are Cognac and Armagnac. Brandy has adopted a unique way of naming their drinks depending on the number of years they have been aged. They are as follows; VS which means Very Special and is made from brandies which have a minimum of 3 years of age, VSOP which means Very Superior Old Pale and is made from brandies which have a minimum age of five years and finally XO which means eXtra Old and is aged and is made from brandies that have a minimum age of six years. To improve the quality, some brandies which are more than 100 years is added.
  • Tequila delivery Nairobi – Tequilas are distilled clear spirits that are made from the blue agave plant in Mexico. These types of alcohol are known to be the strongest and mostly taken in shots or used to prepare cocktails.
  • Gin delivery Nairobi – Gins are clear spirits that are made by re-distilling spirits with juniper berries. London dry gins are the most common though there are other styles of gin that are available.
  • Rum delivery Nairobi – Rums are dark spirits made in the Caribbean countries from molasses a by-product of sugar cane. Rums are transported to different countries in huge tanks and the receiving country will neutralize the alcohol concentration to their taste. In other words, the same bottle of rum will have different alcohol concentration in different countries.
  • Vodka delivery Nairobi - vodkas are triple distilled clear spirits that originated in Poland and Russia. Most of the vodkas are made from potatoes, however, a few of them like Ciroc vodka which is made by distilling grape juice five times.
  • Liqueur delivery Nairobi- these are sweetened spirits that are enjoyed as aperitifs or just for refreshments. The popular liqueurs are the cream ones like Amarula, Baileys, Sheridan's etc
  • Bitters delivery Nairobi – bitters are key ingredients when it comes to preparation of cocktails. They are also used as digestifs or aperitifs.


Published on 31 May, 2022

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