Rose wine brands

 Rose wines are among the oldest and most cherished wines in the world. They have a beautiful pink color which originates from the red grape skins. Well! There are no pink grapes. The color is produced through a process called maceration, whether the red grapes are juiced and left to soak together with their skins for one or two days or sometimes three until they form the desired pink color. The skins are removed, and the fermentation process continues without them. The color gets darker when the wine is left to macerate with the grape skins for longer periods.

A common belief is that rose wine is made from a combination of red wine and white wine, but as you have seen, that is not true. However, there had been a proposal around the year 2009 for allowing rose wines to be made as such, but the proposal ended in shreds. That would be too basic, right? Where then would be the fun of it all – a challenge to make something as elegant and refined as rose wine?

Rose wines are the most popular as signature drinks for summer. The pink color is also associated with ladies making it to be perceived as a ladies’ wine. While it is a perfect wine to be associated with both genders, the perception has quite changed over time. It has now become an all-year-round drink taken by everyone. It is no longer surprising to find a group of men sipping this wine while watching rugby.

Rose wines are the most diverse of all the wines. They are made all over the world from different grape varietals; hence they are highly diverse in taste, color, flavors, and styles. Though there are many varieties of rose wines, they have common fruity flavors, especially of strawberries, raspberries, and cream, which makes them excellent accompaniments to food. You will find different styles of these wines ranging from sweet or dry, softer and fruitier to still or sparkling. They can be light to medium-bodied. The majority of rose wines are vinified in stainless steel, but some can be oaked purposefully to add texture and weight while imparting common oak flavors to the wine.

Like red wines, rose wines pair really well with tons of food. There is a rose for every occasion. Whether a backyard barbecue, outdoor brunch, or even dinner, rose wine is there to fill the occasion with exuberance. The flavors of most rose wine tend to lean on the white side of things; so, go white with your food to pair with this wine. Think of seafood, fish, and salad. Rose wines guarantee full enjoyment without getting stuffed or bloated. Place your order for a rose wine now to experience freshness and exuberance – all contained in one bottle. We offer you the best rose wine prices in Kenya and delivery to your doorstep is free and fast. You can shop for other wine types, spirits and beers with confidence that you will get the best drinks delivery service from Dial a Delivery liquor store.

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