Non alcoholic wines

Non-alcoholic wine, also referred to as alcohol-free wine or dealcoholized wine, is not necessarily grape juice. Actually, non-alcoholic wine undergoes the full winemaking process for alcoholic wine, and then the final product is dealcoholized, which means the alcohol is removed. The same process of making alcoholic red and white wines is used in making non-alcoholic red wine and non-alcoholic white wine, including the fermentation process that yields the alcohol and the aging that increases complexity, flavor and tannins in non-alcoholic red wines. Alcohol is then removed in the last stages, either by distillation or filtration. There is a lot of science that goes on there. What matters is that after all that process, a non-alcoholic wine with the same great flavors and complexity as wine with alcohol is made. It is usually much less sugary than grape juice and much healthier than alcoholic wine.

The different types of non-alcoholic wines in Kenya have been made using this unique and beautiful process that creates a drink available to a wide range of consumers. The good thing with this process is that any wine can be made, ranging from non-alcoholic champagne, non-alcoholic rose wines to the most celebrated non-alcoholic sparkling wines that can be used to grace any occasion with all types of guests. There are so many non-alcoholic wine benefits, not to mention the health benefits of non-alcoholic red wines and other styles. The great thing about non-alcoholic wine is its ability to tickle the taste buds of any audience, whether it is a group of underage persons seeking to have a good time or an expectant mother who doesn’t want to give up the delicious wine flavors.

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