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750 ml   Ksh 1,899
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750 ml   Ksh 1,150
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750 ml   Ksh 1,150
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wine brands in Kenya
No.BrandCountry of origin
1 Celestial bay Australia
2 Sileni New Zealand
3 B&G (Barton & Guestier) France
4 Versus South Africa
5 Asconi Chile
6 Bellingham South Africa
7 Caprice South Africa
8 Ernie els South Africa
9 Culemborg South Africa
10 Louis Montfort France
11 Black Bird South Africa
12 Simonsig South Africa
13 Kanonkop South Africa
14 Pure Heaven South Africa
15 Birds & Bees Argentina
16 Cinzano Italy
17 Bacio Della Luna Italy
18 Hardys Australia
19 Lambrusco Italy
20 Martini Italy
21 Arbor mist America
22 Cesari Italy
23 Apaltagua Chile
24 Pierre Marcel France
25 Sensi Italy
26 Nederburg South Africa
27 4th Street South Africa
28 Four cousins South Africa
29 Astoria Italy
30 frontera South Africa
31 Bottega Italy
32 Cinquepassi Italy
33 Cavatina Italy
34 cockburn's Portugal
35 Torti Italy
36 Canti Italy
37 Oyster bay New Zealand
38 Scala dei Spain
39 KWV Wine South Africa
40 Yealands New Zealand
41 Osborne Sherry Spain
42 Nobile Wines Germany
43 Cuvee Speciale France
44 Catena Argentina
45 El Chivo Chile
46 Vina Lastra France
47 Boschendal South Africa
48 Nabygelegen South Africa
49 Ama La Vida France
50 Casal Mendes Portugal
51 Trivento Argentina
52 Prosecco Italy
53 Jacob's Creek Australia
54 Tilia Argentina
55 Overmeer South Africa
56 Tommasi Italy
57 Sandeman Portugal
58 Kenwood America
59 Orange River Cellars South Africa
60 Cellar cask South Africa
61 Graham's Portugal
62 Obikwa South Africa
63 Tall Horse America
64 Drostdy Hof South Africa
65 Tre Fattori Italy
66 Namaqua South Africa
67 Belaire France
68 Chamdor South Africa
69 Villa antinori Italy
70 Douglas green South Africa
71 Trumpeter Argentina
72 Leleshwa Kenya
73 Mara South Africa
74 Penasol South Africa
75 Porto Cruz Portugal
76 Carlo Rossi America
77 JP Chenet wine South Africa
78 Robertson South Africa
79 Gato Negro Chile
80 Mouton Cadet France
81 Fragolino Italy
82 Offley Portugal
83 Quereu Chile
84 Deetlefts South Africa
85 Santa Cristina Italy
86 Westons beer England
87 Alto South Africa
88 Efrat Israel
89 Marques Casa Chile
90 Vina Maipo Chile
91 Western Cellars America
92 Dolores Argentina
93 Delush South Africa
94 Valley Wine Kenya
95 Alandra Portugal
96 Waterford Estate South Africa
97 Vergelegen South Africa
98 Cono Sur Chile
99 Cotes Du Rhone France
100 Rafale France
101 Van Loveren South Africa
102 Niel Joubert South Africa
103 Teperberg Israel
104 Menage A Trois America
105 Coleccion Privada Argentina
106 Maison Castel France
107 Duchessa Lia Italy
108 La Vieille Ferme France
109 Alamos Argentina
110 Mont Rochelle France
111 Balbi Soprani Italy
112 La Mascota Argentina
113 Durbanville Hills South Africa
114 Kleine Rust South Africa
115 Porcupine Ridge South Africa
116 Casillero del diablo Chile
117 Franschhoek Cellar South Africa
118 Fish Hoek South Africa
119 Clearwater Cove New Zealand
120 San Felipe Argentina
121 Cremaschi Furlotti Chile
122 Castillo De molina Chile
123 Rupert & Rothschild South Africa
124 Chateau France
125 Cielo Italy
126 1865 wine Chile
127 John B South Africa
128 Bonterra America
129 Rooiberg Winery South Africa
130 Argento Argentina
131 Ch Valac Spain
132 California Roots America
133 Spier South Africa
134 Zonin Italy
135 Favourite Son Argentina
136 Groot Constantia South Africa
137 Kiwi Cuvee France
138 Three Thieves America
139 Miles Mossop South Africa
140 14 Hands America
141 Fuzion Argentina
142 Excelsior South Africa
143 Zapallares South Africa
144 Rutini Argentina
145 Gran Verano Chile
146 Riunite Italy
147 Angove Australia
148 Stellenbosch Vineyards South Africa
149 Amarone Italy
150 Sachetto Fili Italy
151 Rooderberg South Africa
152 Petit South Africa
153 Pequena Vasija Argentina
154 Pacheco Pereda Argentina
155 Geyser Peak America
156 Neethlingshof South Africa
157 Zonnebloem South Africa
158 Navarro Correas Argentina
159 Hesketh Australia
160 Skipskop South Africa
161 Peter Vella Vineyards America
162 Carpano Italy
163 Veuve de Vernay France
164 Yarden Israel
165 Trapiche Argentina
166 Wolf Blass Eaglehawk Australia
167 Footprint South Africa
168 Bacalhoa Portugal
169 Esporao Portugal
170 Duorum Portugal
171 Marques de Borba Portugal
172 Kumusha South Africa
173 Opstal South Africa
174 Matua New Zealand
175 Zevenwacht South Africa
176 Rietvallei South Africa
177 Gamla Israel
178 Lindeman's Australia
179 Mateus Portugal
180 Constelacion Chile
181 Hill & Dale South Africa
182 Painted Wolf South Africa
183 Penfolds Australia
184 Vondeling Sweden
185 Welmoed South Africa
186 Anakena Birdman Chile
187 Barefoot America
188 Beach House South Africa
189 Blossom Hill South Africa
190 Cederberg South Africa
191 Condor Peak Argentina
192 Dry Land Collection South Africa
193 Fairview South Africa
194 Finca Las Moras Argentina
195 Mandala Argentina
196 Mount Hermon Israel
197 Perdeberg South Africa
198 Swartland South Africa
199 Graham Beck South Africa
200 Mud House New Zealand
201 Signore Giuseppe Italy
202 Pongracz South Africa
203 Borgofulvia Italy
204 Andre America
205 Australian Bush Australia
206 Boland Cellar South Africa
207 Le Filou France
208 Flagstone South Africa
209 Domaine La Baume France
210 Mucho Mas Spain
211 Amani Bay South Africa
212 Fuego Austral Chile
213 Scavi & Ray Italy
214 Tantehue Chile
215 Arauco Chile
216 Thr3 Monkeys Spain
217 Viala Italy
218 Stonewalker South Africa
219 Marani America
220 Rendez Vous France
221 Rustenberg South Africa
222 Louis Max France
223 Michael David Winery America
224 Fattori Italy
225 Vieille Grange France
226 Baron Philippe De Rothschild France
227 Brancott Estate New Zealand
228 Cantina Castelnuovo Italy
229 Finca Flichman Argentina
230 Just Roberto Italy
231 Sopra Sasso Italy
232 19 Crimes Australia
233 Mistral Wine France
234 Perlissimo Germany
235 Cape Dream South Africa
236 Badgers Creek Australia
237 Montmeyrac France
238 El Emperador Chile
239 Zinio Spain
240 Sancho Garces Spain
241 Louis Eschenauer France
242 Lutzville South Africa
243 Raymond Huet France
244 Kumala South Africa
245 Tocornal Chile

Non-alcoholic wine, also referred to as alcohol-free wine or dealcoholized wine, is not necessarily grape juice. Actually, non-alcoholic wine undergoes the full winemaking process for alcoholic wine, and then the final product is dealcoholized, which means the alcohol is removed. The same process of making alcoholic red and white wines is used in making non-alcoholic red wine and non-alcoholic white wine, including the fermentation process that yields the alcohol and the aging that increases complexity, flavor and tannins in non-alcoholic red wines. Alcohol is then removed in the last stages, either by distillation or filtration. There is a lot of science that goes on there. What matters is that after all that process, a non-alcoholic wine with the same great flavors and complexity as wine with alcohol is made. It is usually much less sugary than grape juice and much healthier than alcoholic wine.

The different types of non-alcoholic wines in Kenya have been made using this unique and beautiful process that creates a drink available to a wide range of consumers. The good thing with this process is that any wine can be made, ranging from non-alcoholic champagne, non-alcoholic rose wines to the most celebrated non-alcoholic sparkling wines that can be used to grace any occasion with all types of guests. There are so many non-alcoholic wine benefits, not to mention the health benefits of non-alcoholic red wines and other styles. The great thing about non-alcoholic wine is its ability to tickle the taste buds of any audience, whether it is a group of underage persons seeking to have a good time or an expectant mother who doesn’t want to give up the delicious wine flavors.

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