rum prices in Kenya

havana club 7 yearsKES 5,400In Stock
new grove spiced rumKES 2,000In Stock
bacardi oroKES 2,800 - KES 2,999In Stock
new grove silver KES 2,000In Stock
captain morgan dark rumKES 2,450 - KES 2,795In Stock
old nick white rumKES 2,000In Stock
bacardi oakheartKES 2,850 - KES 3,250In Stock
havana club especial anejoKES 2,800 - KES 3,150In Stock
bacardi blackKES 2,500 - KES 2,950In Stock
myers rumKES 2,750 - KES 3,050In Stock
captain morgan spicedKES 2,495 - KES 2,795In Stock
gold of mauritiusKES 3,500In Stock
old monk rumKES 1,580In Stock
havana clubKES 3,200 - KES 3,950In Stock
pyrat rumKES 2,500 - KES 2,850In Stock
bacardi goldKES 2,600 - KES 2,850In Stock
bacardi superiorKES 2,950 - KES 3,150In Stock
negrita bardinet rumKES 2,500In Stock
old nick golden rumKES 2,000In Stock
lambs navy rumKES 2,350 - KES 2,700In Stock
havana club anejo 3 yearsKES 2,850In Stock
Ron Zacapa negraKES 17,000In Stock
mount gay silverKES 3,500In Stock
Dos maderas Ron anejoKES 10,000In Stock
malibu caribbean rumKES 2,495 - KES 2,950In Stock
mount gay eclipseKES 3,900In Stock
mount gay black barrelKES 7,150In Stock
Ron Zacapa Ambar 12yearsKES 17,000In Stock
Bumbu rumKES 6,000In Stock
mount gay XOKES 14,999In Stock
Bon Bon Chocolate RumKES 2,980In Stock
Single Cane Estate Rum Worthy ParkKES 5,399In Stock
Appleton Estate Signature Blend Jamaican RumKES 4,450In Stock
Cachaca 51KES 3,950 - KES 4,450In Stock
captain morgan black spiced rumKES 3,950In Stock
Angostura 3 Years ReservaKES 2,450In Stock
spytail black gingerKES 4,099In Stock
Cachaca Sagatiba PuraKES 3,950 - KES 4,450In Stock
Bacardi Carta BlancaKES 2,450 - KES 2,950In Stock
The Kraken Black Spiced RumKES 4,450 - KES 5,100In Stock
Sailor Jerry Spiced RumKES 3,950 - KES 4,450In Stock
Takamaka WhiteKES 3,500In Stock
Takamaka SpicedKES 3,500In Stock
Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 yearsKES 13,000 - KES 17,300In Stock
bacardi 8 yearsKES 4,900In Stock
Botafogo Spiced RumKES 2,950In Stock
bacardi limonKES 2,900In Stock
Appleton Estate Rare Blend 12 YearsKES 4,900In Stock
Pitu CachacaKES 3,950In Stock
captain morgan white spiced rumKES 2,350 - KES 2,550In Stock
Takamaka Extra NoirKES 3,500In Stock
Don Papa RumKES 6,899In Stock
the old nick daiquiri rumKES 2,950In Stock
Cruzan Aged RumKES 3,950In Stock
Takamaka St AndreKES 9,100In Stock
Takamaka CocoKES 3,500In Stock
bacardi spicedKES 2,450In Stock
Ron Zacapa solera gran reservaKES 7,500In Stock
Ron zacapa XOKES 18,500In Stock
Angostura 5 years superior goldKES 3,050In Stock
Diplomatico reserva exclusivaKES 7,950In Stock
Cargo Cult Spiced RumKES 4,450In Stock
Bumbu XOKES 6,999In Stock
Plantation Pineapple RumKES 6,350In Stock
Diplomatico mantuanoKES 5,900In Stock
Capucana CachacaKES 6,950In Stock
Malibu BlackKES 2,650 - KES 2,900In Stock
Plantation Barbados 5 YearsKES 5,190In Stock
Plantation Grande ReserveKES 5,650In Stock
Plantation Trinidad Original DarkKES 3,399In Stock
Dead Mans Fingers Coconut RumKES 3,900In Stock
Old Cock Colonial RumKES 3,000In Stock
Teeda 5 YearsKES 9,850In Stock
Ron Zacapa Reserva LimitadaKES 14,199In Stock
Bacardi Gran Reserva 10KES 5,300In Stock
Diplomatico planasKES 8,700In Stock
Botafogo Black RumKES 3,450In Stock
Bacardi Carta NegraKES 2,700In Stock
Bacardi 4 yearsKES 3,400In Stock
Wild Tiger Indian Spiced RumKES 3,899In Stock
Ron Zacapa Edicion NegraKES 19,700In Stock
Appleton Estate Reserve BlendKES 4,600In Stock
Botafogo White RumKES 2,940In Stock
Dead Mans Finger Coffee RumKES 3,950In Stock
Bacardi Black Razz RaspberryKES 3,850In Stock
Kiyomi Japanese RumKES 8,850In Stock
Bacardi Reserva Especial 16 YearsKES 24,699In Stock
Rhum Longueteau 50KES 3,899In Stock
Old Monk The LegendKES 2,350In Stock
Bacardi MangoKES 3,850In Stock
Leblon CachacaKES 5,399In Stock
Rock Rum White EspressoKES 7,350In Stock
Bacardi GingerKES 3,850In Stock
Bacardi MojitoKES 3,200In Stock
Rum ChataKES 8,299In Stock
Spytail RumKES 3,299In Stock
Pyrat Xo Reserve RumKES 3,790 - KES 4,890In Stock
Lambs Navy Spiced RumKES 3,799In Stock
Kirk And Sweeney 23 YearsKES 9,799In Stock
Bacardi Anejo Cuatro 4 YearsKES 4,799In Stock
Brugal Siglo De Oro RumKES 17,000In Stock
Bayou Reserve RumKES 5,599In Stock
Dictador 20 YearsKES 40In Stock
Dictador 20 YearsKES 9,500In Stock
Flor De Cana Rum 12 YearsKES 6,100In Stock
Flor De Cana Rum 7 Yers Gran ReservaKES 6,100In Stock
Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 YearsKES 5,950In Stock
Captain Morgan Mango & PineappleKES 3,099In Stock
Captain Morgan Sliced AppleKES 3,099In Stock
Wray & Nephew Overproof RumKES 3,099In Stock
Wray & Nephew Overproof RumKES 5,599In Stock
Brugal Extra ViejoKES 5,599In Stock
Brugal Gran Reserva XvKES 6,199In Stock
Angostura 1919KES 7,599In Stock
Rum Malecon 12 YearsKES 7,599In Stock
Rum Malecon 12 YearsKES 9,950In Stock
Angostura 1824 12 YearsKES 11,099In Stock
Amrut Two Indies RumKES 3,599In Stock
Captain Morgan Private StockKES 7,599In Stock
Anacaona Gran Reserva RumKES 0In Stock
Yellow Snake Jamaican Amber RumKES 0In Stock
El Ron Prohibido Solera Great Reserva KES 7,800In Stock
El Dorado 21years Old RumKES 18,000In Stock
El Dorado 15 Years Old RumKES 9,800In Stock
rum price in Kenya
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