Plantation Barbados 5 Years
Plantation Barbados 5 Years
  • Aged rum
ABV: 40%
Availability: In Stock

700 ml @ KES 5,190
Product Plantation Barbados 5 Years
Sizes 700 ml
  • 700 ml @ KES 5,190
  • Type rum
    Alcohol content (ABV) 40%
    Country Caribbean
    Brand Plantation Rum
    AvailabilityIn Stock
    Shipment Free
    Plantation Barbados 5 Years details and price

    Product description

    Plantation Barbados 5 Years is a Caribbean rum classified as Aged rum. It has 40% ABV (alcohol by volume). It is offered in 700 ml at Drinks Vine online liquor store. We offer you affordable prices and regular offers coupled with free delivery in Nairobi and environs.

    Plantation Barbados 5 Years pricing in Kenya

    1. 700 ml @ KES 5,190


    This product is currently in stock and you can place your order now. Through our efficient alcohol delivery system, affordable pricing, and large product collection, we have been rated the best online liquor store in Nairobi. Ordering alcohol online has never been easier; you have two options; do a pre-order or do the regular order. You will receive your products in about 30 minutes. Purchase from one bottle, or cases at wholesale prices.

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    Buy Plantation Barbados 5 Years online from Drinks Vine at the best Plantation Barbados 5 Years price in Kenya .You can order via the shopping cart, WhatsApp, or just give us a call via +254743646618. Orders are delivered in 20 to 45 mins in Nairobi and less than 24 hours in other parts of the country.

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