Types of spirits

Types of spirits


Published on 31 May, 2022

There are different criteria for classifying spirits, and this results in many types of spirits. The diversity of this class of alcoholic beverages makes it possible to classify them in different ways. Some of the possible ways of classification are as follows – the appearance, ingredients, and the method of distillation. As we know, spirits are alcoholic drinks that undergo distillation after fermentation; also known as liquor. Therefore, all spirits undergo distillation, but the method differs. When browsing drinks in an online liquor store, it is not usual that you will search for ingredients or the method used, the most perceivable characteristic is the appearance. So let's talk about the appearance.

Classification of Spirits

Spirits may be classified as clear or dark spirits. This is a prominent feature that you will quickly identify. All spirits start as clear spirits but darken into warm amber or deep brown color. The color develops in two ways, either as a result of aging in oak or addition of flavors. Wood, as well as flavoring agents, impart color to the spirit. Clear spirits on the other hand, are the opposite of dark spirits. They are distilled using various means depending on the type of spirit to achieve a crystal clear color. Let us take a deeper look on the spirits alcohol list based on color:

Clear Spirits

  1. Vodka
  2. Gin
  3. Tequila
  4. Rum

Dark Spirits

  1. Liqueurs
  2. Whisky
  3. Brandy
  4. Cognacs

Types of spirits in Kenya

The classification above gives you a clear picture of what to expect in each alcohol brand or categorizationThese alcohol types are the major types of liquor that you will most probably encounter while shopping for a spirit. After classifying them, let's now look closely at these types of alcohol individually to find out how each differs from the rest.


Vodka is a Slavic name that means water. It is simply ethanol and water. This is the simplest of all spirits. It is made from the fermentation of either of the following: grains, sugar, fruits, potatoes, corn, or even roots. Distillation then follows to increase the alcohol content. This can be done several times to achieve the purest form of the spirit. This results in a clear spirit that is then diluted with water to the desired alcohol content and then filtered to achieve balance and drinkability. Different types of vodka vary with taste due to flavoring or even the method of production. However, most vodkas are usually tasteless and odorless, but there exist flavored vodkas. The distillation can be done in a column still or copper pot still depending on the distillery. However, the column still, which utilizes fractional distillation, is the most commonly used in vodka production. Filtration can be done before or after distillation to remove impurities. However, distilling several times may just be enough, and filtration may not be needed. You can buy vodka online in Kenya from Dial a Delivery at best prices and enjoy this spirit at home


Gin is one of the most loved alcoholic drinks in Kenya. It is a unique spirit distilled from grains. Its primary distinguishing feature from other spirits is that it is distilled with a blend of unique botanicals that purposefully add a unique gin flavor. The main ingredient that is present in all types of gin is the juniper berries. Juniper imparts a floral and piney flavor that is prominent in the different styles of gin spirit. The variations in the available gin style are on the botanicals used, fruits, and spices that give gin a final bouquet. Gin making starts like vodka, which involves fermentation of grains and water and then distillation with selected botanicals. The purity of gin is achieved by multiple distillations that strip off impurities from the spirit. The result is a spirit that is equipped with alluring flavors and an incredible taste that can be enjoyed alone. It is also excellent in making cocktails where it lends its herbal flavors to the blend. Although gin is classified as a clear gin, it gains a dark color by aging. We have made a list of the best gin in Kenya; this list is based on popularity and customer reviews.


Tequila is one of the most popular spirits in the world. If you want crazy, then shots of Tequila is what you need. Tequila is made from the juice of blue agave plants (should be at least 51%) and is produced in five regions of Mexico. By law, the Tequila spirit must be made in Mexico. There are many species of agave plants, but only Agave Weber Blue can be used to make Tequila. It is named after the botanist who discovered it.

The juice from Blue Weber Agave plant is extracted and fermented using yeast, then distilled in column and pot stills two times giving rise raw Tequila. It is then matured based on the classification. The different types of Tequila in Kenya are distinguished by the time of aging. They include;

Types of Tequila

  • Blanco - Do not need maturation 
  • Joven - Blanco blended with aged Tequila, or Tequila aged for a short period, usually a few weeks.
  • Reposado - Aged between 60 and 364 days, Anejo (aged for one to three years)
  • Anejo Extra - These are aged for more than three years. 
  • Aging imparts color on Tequila, where Blanco Tequila is a clear spirit while Anejo Extra is dark.


Rum is a spirit made by fermentation and distillation of sugarcane juice, molasses or cane syrup. Rum can be produced in any part of the world. This explains why it is a common spirit. The raw materials also are readily available in different parts of the world. Sugarcane is pressed to release the juice, which is be fermented directly to make Rhum Agricole or boiled to form molasses, which is fermented to make alcohol. Most rum spirits are made from molasses. 

Rum is also aged, but briefly, usually in the previously used oaked barrels, which play an important role in imparting oak flavors. Darker rums are rich with tropical fruit, spice, caramel, and vanilla flavor, while the lighter rum exhibits cleaner favors of tropical fruit and spice and a softer feel. Yeast fermentation leads to the formation of esters that adds bulk to flavors and aromas. Charcoal filtration can be done on rum to achieve a clear spirit even for the aged rum. Filtration removes harsh flavors and smoothens the spirit. Here is a list of rum prices in Kenya.


Liqueurs are a unique class of spirits belonging to the category of dark spirits. They are made from neutral grain spirits, flavored with fruits or herbs, and then sweetened by adding sugar. It usually has a lower alcohol content compared to other spirits and has a significant sugar content, usually more than 2.5% of the total volume. The different types of liqueurs available vary from each other based on the flavoring used in each. 

There are basically four main methods used to add flavor and sweetness in liqueurs: extraction, infusion, distillation, or smoking. Any of these methods can be used to deliver desired flavor compounds such as coffee, chocolate, herbs, or florals into a base spirit (usually brandy). Liqueurs are the most versatile types of drinks since there can be as many types are there are flavors. Making a liqueur is basically painting flavors on a neutral base spirit. Liqueurs are normally sweet and creamy, and for this reason, they can be served with dessert or be dessert themselves. They are excellent accompaniments to coffee or cream, do well in cocktails, and also superb when taken straight. Liqueurs are among the best alcoholic drinks for ladies. The most popular cream liqueurs brands in Kenya include baileys, amarula, and sheridan's.


Whiskey is among the most common and luxurious spirits in the world. They usually have a dark appearance as a result of aging. It is exclusively fermented and distilled from grain-based products. Whiskey has been associated with the cultures of many nations in the world, mostly in Scotland, where it originated 500 years ago. The production of whiskey then spread across the globe enabling other countries with rich grain production to produce their own whiskeys. Whiskeys are double or even triple filtered and then aged in white oak to mature, which can take up to 50 years.

The different types of whiskey from different countries have distinctive character in taste or even appearance due to the differences in the type and also the character of the cereal grains, the method of production, and also the quality as well as the quality of water used. The whiskey produced can be a single malt whiskey, which is usually unmixed or if mixed, it is only with whiskey from the same period of distillation and distiller. On the other hand, blended whiskeys are made by mixing whiskeys from different distillers and in different periods but of the same material. Whiskey's flavor profile differs based on many factors, such as the region, materials, method, etc. You can buy whiskey online in Nairobi from Dial a Delivery whiskey shop at discounted rates.


Basically, brandy is distilled wine. It is made from fermented fruit juice where the fruit can be grapes, apricots, apples, and even cherries. The standard brandy however, is made from grapes. The flavored brandies, also known as eau-de-vie, are made from other fruit juices apart from grapes. Brandy is produced worldwide. However, some regions produce specific brandy styles. 

The method of production varies in different distilleries. However, all of them follow the four basic steps. First, there is the fermentation of the desired fruit into wine. This is then followed by distillation into alcohol and then aging. Aging differentiates the brandy varieties and quality. Finally, the liquor is blended with other brandies from different barrels to balance the taste; then, water is added to reach the desired strength. Most brandies are bottled at 40% ABV. As you can tell from the material used to make this spirit, brandies are usually subtly sweet and fruity. Aging imparts oak flavors. The more brandy is aged, the more oaky and mellow its flavor is. The different types of brandy in Kenya vary in style, as well as the flavor profile. We sell the best brandy drinks in Kenya at the most affordable prices. Here is a list of brandy prices in our shop.


 First things first, Cognac is brandy, but not all brandies are cognacs. A brandy is labeled as a cognac if it is produced from specific grape varietals from the Cognac region in France. It must also be double-distilled, usually in copper pot stills, and aged for at least two years in Tronçais or Limousin oak barrels. Cognac has an alcohol content of at least 40%. 

Cognacs are available in different styles based on the period of aging. They are made from white grape varieties mostly sourced from third-party growers in the region. The three main varieties of grapes used in making Cognac are Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche, and Colombard. Ugni Blanc is the most planted grapes accounting for 98% of the region's grapes. Cognac from Ugni Blanc is occasionally blended the either of the two other grape varieties. Many rules and regulations govern the production of Cognac ensuring top quality in all styles. This means that all Cognac brands come with a stamp of authenticity, and quality is guaranteed.

There are many types of wines and spirits in the world. It is therefore imperative to learn the different liquor types and prices and preferably go through our liquor buying guide so that you can learn the best wines, best whiskeys, etc. So, when a friend asks you, what are the types of alcohol you can buy for an occasion? You will know what to say because we have outlined quite a variety of the most popular drinks. Everyone has their favorite, and whenever you order drinks online, you will know exactly what you need. The different classification and the types of spirit highlighted gives you insights on what to expect when you dial a drink or decide to buy alcohol online. We are always there to respond to your requests with an efficient drinks delivery service, ensuring that you receive your order in minutes.


Published on 31 May, 2022

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