Dry white wine brands

Dry white wine is made for many uses, including cooking and enjoying straight like other alcoholic beverages. Even though it lacks sweetness, it is a popular choice for many wine lovers across the globe. It is rich in citrus flavors and acidity making it a suitable option to pair with food. Dry wine means that the wine lacks sweetness. This means that the wine has undergone full fermentation, and almost all residual sugar has been converted into alcohol. The dryness or sweetness of a wine is determined by the amount of residual sugars in the wine. A wine with a residual sugar level below 10 grams is considered dry, and one above 30 grams is regarded as sweet or dessert wine.

White wines are generally made from white grape varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, etc. From these grape varieties, you will find some of the typical dry white wines. Different dry white wines have distinguishing characteristics based on the grape varieties used. Some are varietal wines made from a single grape, while others are a blend of more than one grape varietal.

So, which is the best dry white wine to buy? This depends on your needs. There are best wines to drink straight, to pair with food, or even use in cooking. Most crisp white wines, for instance, are among the types of dry white wines used in cooking due to their high acidity and moderate alcohol content. Some of the oak-aged varieties like chardonnay impart sweet caramel and vanilla flavors perfect for crème desserts. Some sparkling dry white wines such as Moscato, Chenin Blanc, and others are rich in acidity and also add a little sweetness to the dish.

Besides cooking, many dry white wine options are enjoyed on their own. Although most still dry white wines are used to pair with food, they remain a popular choice for most wine lovers to enjoy straight and appreciate the rich flavors they present to the palate and their sweet aroma on the nose. Their dry white sparkling variants are used as celebratory wines and are a great accompaniment to different dishes. Generally, there are many types of dry white wines in Kenya that you can try out, and choose one that appeals to your palate. Drinks Vine wines and spirits shop in Nairobi has a vast collection of dry white wines that you can buy online and have your favorite delivered to you at no extra cost.

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