Sauvignon blanc wine

Sauvignon Blanc is a white grape whose origin is in France with much popularity in the Loir Valley region and Bordeaux region which is its motherland. It is among the most popular white wines in the world, a quality attributed to its unique herbaceous flavors. It is among the most planted grape; hence it is widely spread across the world. It has highly pronounced tasting notes making it the best wine to learn from as a beginner for a blind tasting of wine. You will be able to appreciate the different flavors which are interestingly independent and highly noticeable.

 Sauvignon Blanc has low sugar levels and high levels of acidity which gives it its refreshing crispness. It is easy to identify and available in different styles, all of which exhibit elegance in every sip. This grape has a chemical compound called pyrazine which is responsible for imparting a grassy, bell pepper, and herbal flavors in Sauvignon Blanc white wines. In cooler climates or when the grape is harvested earlier, the herbaceous character becomes more pronounced. When the grapes become riper, the herbaceous character is diminished due to the reduced concentration of pyrazine in the ripened grapes. Instead, riper fruit flavors of guava, grapefruit, and passion fruit are generated.

Sauvignon Blanc also tends to express terroir in its taste. This means that it takes up the soil character to give a mineral-like, flinty, and smoky quality in the white wine produced in the Loire Valley. The aging of most Sauvignon Blanc wines is done in stainless steel casks and bottled when still fresh. However, some wines from other grapes blended with Sauvignon Blanc, mostly from the Bordeaux region, are fermented then aged in oak.

The major style of Sauvignon Blanc is still dry wine. However, in some regions, it can be made as sparkling or with some extent of sweetness resulting from residual sugars purposefully left to add a richer texture of the wine. Sauvignon Blanc is also famously known in making Bordeaux dessert wine known as Sauternes by blending it with Semillon or Muscadelle.

Sauvignon Blanc is a wine that is easy to love due to the refreshing experience it generates. It is best served chilled to maintain a balance of the flavors, acidity, and alcohol content. You can enjoy it straight or with food. It makes a good accompaniment to different types of food due to its high acidity and fresh flavors. The herbaceous flavors go well with green herbs such as mint, rosemary, basil, parsley, and more. It also does well with meat such as chicken, turkey, pork, fish, lobster, and crab. This is one of the best wines that you will want to try. Make your order now and have the best Sauvignon Blanc wine in Kenya delivered to your doorstep for free.

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