Sauvignon blanc wine

750 ml   Ksh 1,900
750 ml   Ksh 1,300
1.5 litres   Ksh 1,800
750 ml   Ksh 1,700
750 ml   Ksh 1,800
750 ml   Ksh 1,300
1.5 ltrs   Ksh 2,000
750 ml   Ksh 1,850
750 ml   Ksh 2,800
750 ml   Ksh 3,600
750 ml   Ksh 2,800
750 ml   Ksh 1,800
750 ml   Ksh 1,500
1.5 litre   Ksh 2,200
750 ml   Ksh 3,500
750 ml   Ksh 5,600
750 ml   Ksh 5,000
750 ml   Ksh 5,200
750 ml   Ksh 6,700
750 ml   Ksh 8,000
750 ml   Ksh 1,900
750 ml   Ksh 2,800
750 ml   Ksh 2,090
750 ml   Ksh 2,180
750 ml   Ksh 1,900
750 ml   Ksh 2,899
750 ml   Ksh 1,940
750 ml   Ksh 2,800
750 ml   Ksh 2,799
750 ml   Ksh 1,900
wine brands in Kenya
No.BrandCountry of origin
1 frontera South Africa
2 4th Street South Africa
3 Cellar cask South Africa
4 Four cousins South Africa
5 Prosecco Italy
6 Robertson South Africa
7 Overmeer South Africa
8 Namaqua South Africa
9 Drostdy Hof South Africa
10 Nederburg South Africa
11 Gato Negro Chile
12 KWV Wine South Africa
13 Nobile Wines Germany
14 Asconi Chile
15 Simonsig South Africa
16 Boschendal South Africa
17 Carlo Rossi America
18 Cuvee Speciale France
19 Chamdor South Africa
20 Mouton Cadet France
21 Tommasi Italy
22 Corte Viola Fragolino Italy
23 El Chivo Chile
24 Cesari Italy
25 Apaltagua Chile
26 Nabygelegen South Africa
27 Villa antinori Italy
28 Osborne Sherry Spain
29 Black Bird South Africa
30 Pierre marcel France
31 Tre Fattori Italy
32 Jacob's Creek Australia
33 Ernie els South Africa
34 Celestial bay Australia
35 Kanonkop South Africa
36 Astoria Italy
37 Scala dei Spain
38 Cinquepassi Italy
39 Offley Portugal
40 Cavatina Italy
41 Douglas green South Africa
42 Trivento Argentina
43 Versus South Africa
44 Sileni New Zealand
45 Tilia Argentina
46 Louis Montfort France
47 Kenwood America
48 Casal Mendes Portugal
49 Penasol South Africa
50 Birds & Bees Argentina
51 cockburn's Portugal
52 Torti Italy
53 Pure Heaven South Africa
54 Sensi Italy
55 Martini Italy
56 Mara South Africa
57 Sandeman Portugal
58 Yealands New Zealand
59 Bellingham South Africa
60 Bacio Della Luna Italy
61 Oyster bay New Zealand
62 Porto Cruz Portugal
63 Culemborg South Africa
64 Cinzano Italy
65 Bottega Italy
66 Tall Horse America
67 Hardys Australia
68 Obikwa South Africa
69 Caprice South Africa
70 Canti Italy
71 Catena Argentina
72 Graham's Portugal
73 B&G France
74 Lambrusco Italy
75 JP Chenet wine South Africa
76 Arbor mist America
77 Ama La Vida France
78 Leleshwa Kenya
79 Orange River Cellars South Africa
80 Vina Lastra France
81 Trumpeter Argentina
82 Casillero del diablo Chile
83 La Mascota Argentina
84 Cono Sur Chile
85 John B South Africa
86 Chateau France
87 Clearwater Cove New Zealand
88 Vergelegen South Africa
89 Petit South Africa
90 14 Hands America
91 Alandra Portugal
92 Fish Hoek South Africa
93 Fuzion Argentina
94 Porcupine Ridge South Africa
95 Santa Cristina Italy
96 Zonin Italy
97 Cotes Du Rhone France
98 Mont Rochelle France
99 Riunite Italy
100 Castillo De molina Chile
101 Coleccion Privada Argentina
102 Rooderberg South Africa
103 Franschhoek Cellar South Africa
104 Gran Verano Chile
105 Hesketh Australia
106 Navarro Correas Argentina
107 Zonnebloem South Africa
108 Teperberg Israel
109 Stellenbosch Vineyards South Africa
110 Waterford Estate South Africa
111 Van Loveren South Africa
112 Three Thieves America
113 Duchessa Lia Italy
114 Geyser Peak America
115 Rooiberg Winery South Africa

Sauvignon Blanc is a white grape whose origin is in France with much popularity in the Loir Valley region and Bordeaux region which is its motherland. It is among the most popular white wines in the world, a quality attributed to its unique herbaceous flavors. It is among the most planted grape; hence it is widely spread across the world. It has highly pronounced tasting notes making it the best wine to learn from as a beginner for a blind tasting of wine. You will be able to appreciate the different flavors which are interestingly independent and highly noticeable.

 Sauvignon Blanc has low sugar levels and high levels of acidity which gives it its refreshing crispness. It is easy to identify and available in different styles, all of which exhibit elegance in every sip. This grape has a chemical compound called pyrazine which is responsible for imparting a grassy, bell pepper, and herbal flavors in Sauvignon Blanc white wines. In cooler climates or when the grape is harvested earlier, the herbaceous character becomes more pronounced. When the grapes become riper, the herbaceous character is diminished due to the reduced concentration of pyrazine in the ripened grapes. Instead, riper fruit flavors of guava, grapefruit, and passion fruit are generated.

Sauvignon Blanc also tends to express terroir in its taste. This means that it takes up the soil character to give a mineral-like, flinty, and smoky quality in the white wine produced in the Loire Valley. The aging of most Sauvignon Blanc wines is done in stainless steel casks and bottled when still fresh. However, some wines from other grapes blended with Sauvignon Blanc, mostly from the Bordeaux region, are fermented then aged in oak.

The major style of Sauvignon Blanc is still dry wine. However, in some regions, it can be made as sparkling or with some extent of sweetness resulting from residual sugars purposefully left to add a richer texture of the wine. Sauvignon Blanc is also famously known in making Bordeaux dessert wine known as Sauternes by blending it with Semillon or Muscadelle.

Sauvignon Blanc is a wine that is easy to love due to the refreshing experience it generates. It is best served chilled to maintain a balance of the flavors, acidity, and alcohol content. You can enjoy it straight or with food. It makes a good accompaniment to different types of food due to its high acidity and fresh flavors. The herbaceous flavors go well with green herbs such as mint, rosemary, basil, parsley, and more. It also does well with meat such as chicken, turkey, pork, fish, lobster, and crab. This is one of the best wines that you will want to try. Make your order now and have Sauvignon Blanc wine of your choice delivered to your doorstep for free.

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