KWV wine in Kenya

Product Name Price ABVAvailability
KWV merlot KES 1,800 14% In stock
Kwv mentors petit KES 8,000 14% In stock
KWV cabernet sauvignon KES 2,000 14% In stock
KWV chenin blanc KES 2,000 13% In stock
KWV sauvignon blanc KES 1,800 13% In stock
KWV pinotage KES 1,700 14% In stock
Kwv mentors sauvignon blanc KES 8,000 14% In stock
KWV shiraz KES 2,000 14% In stock
KWV chardonnay KES 2,000 13% In stock
KWV demi sec KES 2,450 12% In stock
KWV Rose KES 1,900 12% In stock
KWV cape ruby KES 2,700 17% In stock
Kwv Concordia Red KES 2,399 14% In stock
Kwv Reserve Collection Sauvignon Blanc KES 3,390 13% In stock
Kwv The Mentors Chenin Blanc KES 4,850 13% In stock
KWV Wine price in Kenya

About KWV Wine

It feels good to drink any wine, but it feels better to drink a wine that embodies the culture and reflects centuries of hard work and consistency in quality. With over 300 years of winemaking, KWV continues to enjoy the success of going beyond the customers’ expectations by producing wine that is consistent in quality that wine lovers have come to appreciate. KWV wine brand has gained popularity all over the world, including Kenya. You can now buy the KWV wine brand online in Kenya at the best KWV wine price.

KWV is a leading wine and spirit producer in South Africa, whose products include KWV wines and brandies, Roodeberg and Laborie. The history of KWV winemaking started over 300 years ago, but its establishment in South Africa was in 1918, where it was founded as a winemaking co-operative. Western Cape winemakers founded it, and Dr. Charles Kohler became the chairperson. The name KWV originates from Afrikaans “Kooperatieve Wijnbouwers Vereniging van Suid-Afrika” which translates to the Co-operative Winemakers Union of South Africa. Today, KWV has an extensive portfolio of products and a brand well-known globally.

KWV wines have been crafted with skill and dedication, employing the finest quality grapes available to produce the finest quality vintages. The Classic Collection is KWV’s core range that offers a unique drinking experience. The dedication and skill employed to reflect the company’s vision for consistency deliver a rewarding experience in every bottle of KWV wine. Most KWV wines are fruit-forward with excellent floral perfumes, expressing well balanced fresh flavors and aromas. From Pinotage wines, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay to Chenin blanc, and others, each of these grape varieties and styles has been skillfully incorporated in making KWV wines with a wide range of flavors. Each bottle of KWV wine expresses innovation and distinguished heritage, making it a celebrated brand globally.

From its roots in South Africa in 1918, the proud pioneers’ vision to improve the standards and quality of KWV products continues to inspire the present KWV winemakers, and the success achieved so far is phenomenal. KWV wine brand has a global presence including in Kenya. You may browse through the various KWV wine types in Kenya and their prices at our online liquor store. To buy wine in Kenya, you simply need to visit our wines and spirits online shop and order your favorite wine or any alcohol of your choice. Enjoy free and fast wine delivery in Nairobi, which takes less than 30 minutes to bring to your doorstep. Dial a drink today for the best liquor and delivery service.

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