Drinks delivery Kenya - Alcohol delivery Nairobi

Drinks delivery Kenya - Alcohol delivery Nairobi

For most of us, life is not made up of big moments, it’s made up of small moments which often involve friends, family, and a glass of wine or whisky which guarantees a sure path to realize how beautiful life can be. Alcohol has always been part of our lives, during times of sadness and during happy moments, and I believe buying a bottle of beer, wine, vodka or whisky should be an easy process that does not involve you getting stuck in Nairobi’s terrific traffic while driving to the nearest and reliable liquor store. Thanks to technology, today, drinks delivery Kenya industry has made significant improvements with regard to delivery time, customer services, and products ( EABL products ). Although alcohol delivery Nairobi can’t be termed as a perfect industry, statistics show it one of the most developed industry in the arena online shopping in Kenya. It records the fastest delivery time and best customer services. In this guide we are going to explore drinks delivery Kenya & alcohol delivery, examine whether you should buy your next bottle of wine or whisky online or wait a little bit.

Drinks delivery Kenya

The development of technology and general acceptance of online shopping has been the major factor contributing to the growth of the alcohol delivery industry. Drinks delivery started to take shape when some of the liquor stores in Nairobi started converting to online liquor stores offering deliveries in Nairobi and its environs. As the trend of online shopping trend continued to catch on, more customers started to appreciate drinks delivery services and at the same time few more wine shops in Nairobi CBD operating as over the counter liquor store ventured into the online drinks delivery business to meet the rising demand and this process lead to creation of many online liquor stores and this created a competitive market forcing the players to offer top-notch drinks delivery services in order to remain competitive. Delivery time dropped to 1 hour, most of the store eliminated delivery fee and some online store reduced their prices. The competition in this industry is what has lead to exceptional customer services and swift growth of this industry. Today the online drinks delivery services beat almost every other e-commerce sector.

Online alcohol delivery is a step forward

Drinks delivery in Nairobi is a step forward in our economy, looking from all aspects of dial a drinks business, you will realize it has resulted to efficiency, convenience, and cost-saving. This is one industry close enough to achieving 24-hour operation with most liquor store offering a near 24 hour alcohol delivery Nairobi, the only other industry near this threshold is online vape shops. This means a customer can shop any time of the day and have their products delivered within no time.

Having a delivery speed of less than 30 minutes brings about convenience, today you don’t have to drive to the liquor store, get stuck in traffic for 40 minutes going to buy a bottle of wine. Riders from online liquor store like us, Drinks Vine (formerly dial a delivery), dial a drink, drinks delivery or Sherehe Drinks take less than 30 15 to 30 minutes to deliver to major areas in the city and surrounding areas.

Competition in this industry is pushing every liquor stores to offer competitive prices and this has resulted in lower and affordable prices. A bottle of wine that you would buy at Ksh 3,000 in a hotel now can be bought at Ksh 1,200 to 2,000 from an online liquor store and you get free delivery.

Factors making alcohol delivery thrive

Dial a drink - alcohol delivery Nairobi is one of the fastest-growing sectors. If you keeping a close eye on the industry, you will realize that the sector is growing at a very fast pace. Growth factors in this industry are mainly as a result of the services offered. Here are just a few

i. Fast delivery

Being the first industry to offer super fast deliveries, most online stores offering alcohol delivery services are keeping their delivery time below 30 minutes. This means when you order alcohol in Nairobi it will take 15 to 30 minutes to get delivered. This is totally different from what customers used to expect, a 3 days to a week wait.

ii. Free delivery

Today most online liquor stores in Nairobi are offering free drinks delivery in Nairobi and its environs. The only time you are required to pay is when the delivery is being made to locations far from the city. Large orders, however, are not charged and in sometimes the buyer chooses the delivery channel and the stores dispatch the product via the customer requested means.

iii. Genuine products

Online liquor store offers EABL drinks delivery and some import directly from the manufacturer to ensure customer get genuine products that are approved by all the relevant authorities.

iv. Better alcohol prices

If you search for wine and spirits prices list in Kenya, you will realize that online liquor stores offer the best alcohol prices. The low prices encourage customers to buy more and help the liquor stores to meet their expenses.

v. Regular offers

Besides the affordable prices offered by these stores, there are regular offers and discounts to that are aimed to make products more affordable and encourage the customer to buy. With alcohol delivery app Kenya ( like dial a delivery app ) you can keep track of when the offers are available via notifications and this can significantly reduce your expenses.

v. More varieties

Looking for whisky delivery Nairobi or wine delivery Nairobi? Online liquor stores offer a wide variety of alcohol brands in their stores. If you are looking for the best whisky brands in Kenya, the probability is that you will find them online. Online liquor store offer products from all over the world, from unique and rare product to most expensive whiskies in Kenya.

vi. 24 hour alcohol delivery

If you are running out of alcohol in your party, you don’t have to worry since these stores deliver beyond midnight with some store extending their services to 3: 00 am and 4: 00 am. This is a factor making drinks delivery in Kenya thrive really fast. The fact that you can get drink delivery service at late night hours have attracted many customers.

vii. Extra services

Besides alcohol delivery, online liquor stores in Nairobi are offering gift delivery services, flower delivery services, and gift hampers. If you want to surprise your friend, spouse or coworker, you can send them a gift, alcoholic or non-alcoholic gift. With gifts that require a bottle of alcohol like wine or wine gift or maybe an expensive whiskey like the King George V whisky, the gift will be delivered at the stipulated time without delay especially if you are dealing with a store like Dial a delivery.

viii. Delivery locations

The narrative has changed from dial a drink Nairobi to drinks delivery Kenya with most online liquor store offering drinks delivery service all over the country. Alcohol delivery Mombasa, Nakuru and Kisumu being the other major towns enjoying this services though not as developed as in Nairobi. Companies like dial a delivery are offering delivery services all over the country but in remote areas deliveries can take up to 24 hours.

ix. Return policy

Drink delivery Nairobi ( deliveries within the city and environs ) offers an immediate replacement of products where wrong or damaged product are delivered. With drink delivery Kenya ( deliveries to areas far from Nairobi ), deliveries replacement are made within 12 to 24 hours and these are very efficient ways of ensuring customer don’t get frustrated with services and mistakes are rectified on time.

Above are factors making alcohol delivery Nairobi one of the most developed e-commerce sectors with excellent customer services. It is the best time to try drink delivery services and experience online shopping at its best.