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Published on 31 May, 2022

You will agree with me that Drinks delivery in Nairobi has taken root, several online liquor stores including EABL ( East African Breweries Limited) has finally come of age. Ordering alcohol has never been easier with most online liquor stores including Dial a Delivery are offering fast and free delivery. In Nairobi, most dial a drink ( online drinks delivery ) services promise a delivery time of less than 30 minutes while at the same time operating a 24 hour alcohol delivery in Nairobi.

The growth of online shopping in Kenya has contributed to the advancement of the alcohol delivery in Kenya. Even with the efficiency, professionalism and excellent customer services shown by most alcohol delivery agencies, some customers are still hesitant when it comes to ordering drinks online. The primary reason for these customers to hold back is the question of whether they will get the genuine EABL products, the question of “will they deliver EABL drinks?” is a significant issue in the industry, so let's address it.

Before we go any further, let me introduce Dial a delivery. From an over the counter liquor store in Nairobi CBD, dial a delivery was born.

The rise of eCommerce made us rethink everything we do to keep our customers happy, besides offering original products at the best prices, we found it to be ideal to bring liquor stores to our client's homes making it possible for them to buy drinks online. That is how we came to be.

By the end of this article, you will have all the facts needed to make your decision of whether to order drinks online or not.

As a pioneer in the alcohol delivery industry in Kenya and as a customer, having ordered drinks and other goods online countless times, I feel obliged to shed some light on this matter. Back some years ago, you could have spent a day convincing me to purchases a product online but at the end of the day my answer would be NO! I felt insecure about the whole “online thing”. Fast forward to the year 2014 and online shopping trends in Kenya showed nothing but constant improvement and growth, most digital platforms including internet money transfer had been accepted widely, and it is during this time I found my confidence in online shopping, and I ordered a smartphone worth Ksh 25, 000 from Avechi. The delivery was made within 24 hours, the product was genuine, and of the right quality, this purchase changed my perspective towards the concept of online shopping, it was the most exciting thing since the “Maziwa ya Nyayo.”

It is this purchase that made me realize the good in internet shopping and compelled me to start a venture in this industry.

Do you get the right and genuine products?

The answer to this question is a little blurry but I would say YES. Why do I say there is no absolute clarity in answering this question? Its because there are several factors in play such as the vendor you are purchasing from. Most online vendors ( especially the top ranking ) deal exclusively in selling genuine or EABL drinks. Having ordered from Nairobi drinks, Dial a drink Kenya and few others, I have never had a complaint. Dial a delivery is one place I would recommend you to do all your drinks shopping whether whiskeywinecognacchampagne, etc. Dial a delivery have dedicated resources to build customers trust, and a good reputation across the country, it is an online liquor store that isn’t going anywhere. Just to state, Dial a Delivery supplies more than 10 clubs (local bars) in Nairobi on a weekly basis and many more other customers in town.

Apart from EABL website, online liquor stores have complied with clients wish to deliver EABL drinks.

Can you return the drinks?

The answer is yes. Most web-based liquor stores allow you to return drinks in case of any issues. The return is made instantly such that within the hour you will have returned or replaced the drinks.

Should you purchase alcohol via digital platforms?

I believe by today everybody should at least try ordering a drink online, here are the major reasons

1. Fast and free delivery

Less than 30 minutes delivery time. This is a revolutionary thing; you don’t have to wait for hours or a day if you are in Nairobi. This means if you place your order now, in 10 or 20 minutes you should be having your drinks and remember there is no additional cost and you pay on delivery. There is no more hustle of walking or driving to your local wine store to look for your favorite drink, all you have to do is dial and let the drinks come to you.

2. Lower prices

Internet liquor stores offer you way better deals compared to local shops. How do online stores maintain low prices? One reason is to gain a competitive edge and also remember, these online liquor stores mostly don’t have to operate a strategically located store for walk-in customers ( such stores cost thousands of money, and this fee makes drinks prices to be a little bit higher). These web-based liquor shops also offer wines and spirits wholesale prices in Kenya; they serve both the retail and the wholesale markets.

Online liquor stores offer their regular clients coupons codes and discounts and this helps cut on the cost of ordering drinks.

3. Access and convenience

Shop from anywhere, anytime. This is what digital liquor stores stand for; you enjoy 24 hour alcohol delivery Nairobi. There is no time limitation; if you have your smartphone or laptop or any device that is internet enabled, then you can easily order your favorite bottle of whisky with a few clicks.

4. Variety and more brands

Online liquors stores offer wine delivery, whisky deliverycognac deliverybeer delivery and more. They maintain an extensive collection of drinks where you can choose from. Your choices are not limited; you have the freedom to select from alcohol types, the country of origin, flavors and more.


Published on 31 May, 2022

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