24 hour alcohol delivery Nairobi

24 hour alcohol delivery Nairobi


Published on 31 May, 2022

We all remember the promise of a 24 hour economy by the government, although I will not speak much about how close or far we are to achieving this dream, I have a better story, one that will make you order a bottle of whisky at the end. Although Other industries might have failed us, the alcohol industry hasn't. Regardless of the challenges posed to this industry liquor stores have stood up to the challenge and today they offer a close to 24-hour alcohol delivery in NairobiDrinks Vine being one of the well known online liquor stores in Kenya allows you to order drinks for straight 18 hours on weekdays, 20 hours during the weekends and 24 hours during the holidays and in the month of December.

Drinks Vine working hours

Weekdays: 7: 00 AM – 1: 00 AM

Weekends 7: 00 AM – 3: 00 AM

Whiskey storeswine stores, and liquor stores, in general, have found new ways through which they can bring convenience to clients and enable their customer to order alcohol anytime and from anywhere. Through the development of modern drinks delivery platforms, online drinks delivery has turned to a success story and the most preferred means of ordering alcohol. 

24-hour liquor delivery at no extra cost

This alcohol delivery tale can’t get better than this, ordering alcohol at no additional cost. We make all our deliveries in Nairobi at no extra cost. The only cost you will incur is the sum total of your order and regardless of the hour that you order delivery remain to be free. At Drinks Vine - Alcohol delivery, order booze after hour and instead of paying more, purchase at discounted prices.

24 hour alcohol delivery and fast delivery

Offered by Dial a delivery is not just a 24-hour operation but also speed. We deliver your drinks with minimum time possible taking from 10 to 30 minutes. We have riders waiting for your order and once we receive it we dispatch it immediately which means you get your delivery in a few minutes after placing your order. Our riders have Bluetooth devices connected to their phones to ensure there is smooth communication during transit. After ordering it is possible to track where you order is via call. Ordering alcohol from our web platform and mobile app is easy as there are various options through which you can use to order, you can order via call, WhatsApp, SMS, or via the simple checkout process in our platform. Our aim is to redefine drinks delivery Nairobi and win customer's hearts through reliable and professional services.

EABL products 24 hours

To uphold our integrity and company values we only stock our stores with genuine products that have been imported through the right channels and inspected by the relevant authorities in the country. To keep our customer's trust, we sell the legal & approved drinks at the right rates. We also update our customers whenever the manufacturer changes the packaging and branding of any alcohol to eliminate any confusion created by new packages from manufactures. With us, we want our customers to have all the details about the products they purchase and remain the most reputable firm in the drinks delivery Kenya industry.

Drinks Delivery at lower prices has finally moved to a fully online liquor store cutting the cost involved in maintaining a shop in a strategic location where customers can walk in any time. By cutting this cost we are able to sell our products at lower prices and still eliminate the delivery fee.

What drinks do we deliver?

1. Wine delivery Nairobi

We all love wine and we always need it and this is why want to make sure you always get. We have stocked wine from all over the world, wines from South Africa, France, Moldova, Italy, Spain, Chile, Australia and many more countries. 

Our shelves are also stocked with all types of wines from red wines, white wine, red sweet wine, red dry, Malbec, sparkling wine, rose wines, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Chenin blanc among others. We have gone an extra mile to make sure you get only the best. We give you the most popular brands of wine in Kenya and leave the choice to you. 

Wine gifts delivery. Apart from delivering alcohol on a 24 hour basis, we deliver wine gift and wine-related gift baskets. With these kinds of gifts, you can place your order prior and schedule with us the delivery time.

2. Whiskey delivery

Whisky-lovers will be delighted to know that they can order their favourite bottle any time of the day. We all types of whiskey on our shelves. We have single malt whiskeys like GlenfiddichsingletonAberlourTalisker, and others; blended scotch whiskeys some of which include the Johnwalker family, Ballantines, Chivas and Famous Grouse, bourbon whiskey including the Jack Daniels and Irish whiskeys like the Jameson and Tullamore Dew. We also stock rare whiskeys like the Japanese whisky to make sure you always get what you ask for. 

Our whisky shelves also cater for those who want to give whisky gifts, we stock expensive whiskeys like the John Walker Blue Label King George V. These are original EABL products certified by KEBS and have stickers to show they have not been tampered with.

3. Champagne delivery

Every celebration calls for a champagne and if you forgot to get one during the day, worry not because we will deliver the exact champagne you want right to your door. We have been in the alcohol industry long enough to know which champagnes are mostly in demand and we always make sure they are always stocked so you can be confident that the champagne that you want to order is already in our stock.

We also have champagne gifts to make sure if you gift them you have the right gift. You can choose from our wide selection of elegant champagne gifts, from Moet, Dom Perignon, Taittinger, Veuve Cliquot, perrier juet and more. We have the right gift, for you and getting is as easy as dialing and within no time you will have it delivered.

4. Beers delivery

Enjoying a late night football game or just need some cans of beers? Relax because we got you, we will have your beer delivered fast and on time. With beers, we sell from six pack. We have a wide array of beers where you can choose from.


Published on 31 May, 2022

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