Dial a drink Nairobi

Dial a drink Nairobi

As technology advances, our lives continue getting better. We are living in an era where we can get things done fast and efficiently by technology. Everyday we are using technology to find the best restaurants, places to visit, a plumber, a software developer, a taxi and much more. These are times where you don’t need to know where the liquor store is located since it's already in your phone, all you have to do is dial a drink and have your drinks delivered in less than 30 minutes. This article will explore drinks delivery in Nairobi and answer the question of whether this is something for you and also see what are the benefits of buying drinks online.

If you want to order alcohol or other drinks just press the call icon at the bottom or dial the number 0743646618 to have your drinks delivered in less than 30 minutes.

Dial a drink and dial a delivery services have earned a permanent place in Kenyans hearts due to the efficiency they have brought in the online business arena. Not long ago when customers had to wait for up to 3 or 7 days to have their goods delivered but from the day drinks delivery started to take root in Kenya, things started to change and delivery time shifted from days to minutes. Today major online stores in Kenya like Dial a delivery, Nairobi drinks, Dial a drink Nairobi and drinks delivery Kenya are offering 30 minutes drinks delivery in Nairobi making dial a bottle or dial a booze the most efficient industry in terms of delivery.

What dial a drink Kenya offer

Apart from offering EABL drinks delivery, the major benefit offered by dial a drink agency is convenience. Shopping at the convenience of your home or office and having your products delivered in less than 30 minutes is something we could only dream of a few years ago. Today we have this, too good to be true experience happening right in front of our eyes. Certainly, this is a time when most of the Kenyans are really happy, taking into account Kenya is a drinking country where we drink to everything, I mean everything ( even when nothing happens it is still counted as something and we drink ). We can say dial a booze is platform that helps us buy drinks online but when you take a good look you realize it is something more.

Dial a drink offers customers better prices, time-saving, comparison shopping and better customer services. Alcohol delivery Nairobi is one of those services that have only one side, the bright side, customers enjoy discounted prices, free & fast deliveries and personalized services where clients receive dedicated attention from the delivery agencies.

Major drinks delivery locations

Majority of dial a drink services offer delivery services to the entire country but mostly in the major towns like Nairobi and Mombasa. Although deliveries are made countrywide, Nairobi is the region where this service is well developed due to the availability of security, transport, supplies, wide market and a 24-hour operation. Major locations like Nairobi CBD, Kilimani, Milimani, Lavington, Keleleshwa, Westlands, Kikuyu, Kasarani, Upper hills, Karen, South B, South C, Buruburu, Nairobi West, Parklands, Muthaiga, Embakasi, Ngong Rd, Kiambu Rd, Hurlingham, and other areas around Nairobi are served the best even enjoying a 24 hour alcohol delivery services.

Dial a drink Mombasa is the other area where alcohol delivery services are starting to catch on at a fast pace. Here at dial a delivery we are going to open an outlet in the near future in Mombasa to make our delivery services even better. Today our deliveries to Mombasa take about 12 hours since we ship our products from Nairobi. A few drinks delivery companies have started to open their outlets in the town to offer a 30 minutes delivery service.

Is drink delivery for you?

I would say, if you love a nice drink, then it is definitely for you. There are so many benefits you get from having an account with alcohol delivery service. With online drinks delivery, you can order from a single bottle to a large order which makes it suitable for the following parties.

Home alcohol delivery

Do you want to enjoy your drinks at the serenity of your home? Just dial and have your drinks delivered for free. Most of the times you will have friends over or you want to watch a football game from home and it happens you don’t want to leave the house for an hour to just go find some drinks, the good news is, you can just dial and get liquor home delivery in less than 30 minutes.

Party drinks

Don’t let the party stop when you run out of drinks, the liquor store is in your smartphone remember. Dial a delivery Kenya deliver drinks for parties and the best part about this, is you get to buy at wholesale prices if the order is large. Delivery is made within 30 minutes and without extra charges.

Office drinks delivery

Today most offices order alcohol online to maintain reliable and regular supply from certified liquor distributors and wholesalers. Here at dial a delivery, we have been supplying to major offices and companies in the city and we have eliminated the hustle and complexity most offices were undergoing before getting their supplies in time and at the right prices.

Clubs and pubs

Since we are liquor distributors, we have made it easy for clubs to replenish their stock at any time of the day. Here at dial a delivery Kenya, we have been supplying several clubs and from what we can tell, this supply relationship is truly beneficial to these clubs.

What about credibility

Since ecommerce business kicked off in the country the major concern for most clients has been credibility since some of the online stores have failed their clients one too many times. But that has changed gradually and today we have companies with very good reputation operating purely online. Dial a delivery has maintained a good reputation since we look forward to serving our clients today and for years to come, without being credible or with bad customer service, it means we will be killing our dream.

We deliver EABL products and only original products from manufacturers and on occurrences where customers have complaints about the delivered products, immediate replacement is made to keep every client happy.

Dial a drink or online drinks delivery is a relatively new service but it is the most stable and efficient online shopping in Nairobi. At dial a delivery we have recorded a delivery time of less than 15 minutes at several occurrences and in other industries, this is yet to happen.

If you want whisky delivery, wine delivery, vodka delivery etc we have a store filled with alcohol from all over the world to make sure you always get your favorite. With us, you can confidently try online alcohol delivery knowing we will deliver the right product and on time.