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Published on 30 May, 2022

Did you know you can buy wine online in Nairobi? Read on... You can hardly expect to have a nice dinner without wine. Whenever you gather to celebrate anything, you have to include wine in your celebrations. You won’t be wrong if you consider wine to be the center of happiness. Not only does it relax your mind, but wine also brings smiles to your face.

Types of Wines in Kenya and Their Prices

Red wine

The red color of red wines comes from fermentation or red grapes together with the grape skins. The popular saying that wine gets better with age applies mostly in red wines rather than white wines. Aged red wine develops a complexity and admirable body. Red wines are best served at room temperature. Red wine is available in both sweet and dry variations. The sweetness in sweet wine comes from residual sugar that remains during fermentation, where fermentation is stopped before all the sugar is converted to alcohol. No sugar is added. In red dry wine, all grape sugar is converted to alcohol, hence no sweetness. Red wines are known to be great in pairing with food. Below is an example of red wine available in Kenya.

White wine

In order to make white wines, the skins of either dark or white grapes, are pilled before fermentation. This is why the color of white wines ranges from clear, goldish, yellowish to greenish. In terms of consumption, white wines differ from red wines because unlike red wines which are better taken with food; white wines are best taken as refreshments. Just like the red wines, there is white dry wine for those who don’t like sweet-tasting wine. Chardonnay is an example of white wine.


Champagnes can also be regarded as sparkling wine. However, the difference between champagne and sparkling wine is the grapes used in making the wine. Champagne got its name from the region in France where it is made. Commonly used during celebrations, champagne wines are divided into two; the vintage and the non-vintage. The only difference between the two is that vintage champagne is made from a single year harvest, while the non-vintage champagne is made from a blend of harvests from different years. Champagne is considered to be the most expensive wine in Kenya.

Why order wine online in Kenya

Being in a position to  order wine online in Nairobi instead of having to make a trip to a wine shop has numerous advantages. Alcohol or  wine delivery will be especially beneficial to you if you have a busy schedule. Besides, saving from the task of carrying heavy crates from the supermarket to your home,  alcohol delivery is a fantastic service to use when you are hosting a party. Below are some of the reasons why wine delivery is beneficial.

Comparison shopping

Wine delivery services let you have the time to go through different wines available online before picking one. As you decide, you can read reviews which will help you select the right wine for you.

More varieties

Shopping online and making use of a  wine delivery Nairobi is perfect for those who like specialized champagnes and wines since the choices are so many. Also, wine prices at online stores are friendly.

To get your liquor delivered, all you have to do is dial us, and we will offer you the best alcohol delivery service yet. Every time you place an order, we deliver you drinks in less than 30 minutes. For wine delivery Kenya, i.e. deliveries made countrywide, shipping take less than 24 hours. Customers can also enjoy a  24 hour drink delivery service.

As you shop for your wine, remember not to be carried away by the prices. Also, do not let expensive wines discourage you from trying those wines that are not so popular, you might be surprised. Do not be in a hurry to look for wines which are trending now, instead, look for wines that are not trending but are going to come around because they are good. Besides the above, the other types of wine include rose wine and Vermouth.


Published on 30 May, 2022

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