Chardonnay wine brands

 Chardonnay is a popular and ubiquitous white grape used to make white wine. Chardonnay white wine is so common that it is nearly synonymous with white wine. Chances are when checking out types of white wine, Chardonnay will be dominant in most brands. Chardonnay grape was born in France, specifically in the Burgundy region. It is now spread throughout the world. It is also the most planted white grape. It is also a key ingredient in most sparkling wines, including Champagnes. Blanc de Blancs Champagne is made exclusively from Chardonnay grape. Its fame is attributed to its elegance, flattering nature, and easy to enjoy. 

The flavor profile of Chardonnay wine is difficult to describe since the aromatic quality is usually determined by the winemaking technique utilized, such as aging in oak rather than the intrinsic attributes of the grape. Oak aging gives distinctive notes of vanilla, hints of cinnamon and clove spices, and a smoky presence. Contact with barrels for longer periods instills doughy and biscuit flavors. However, Chardonnay grape is not completely without its own flavor, but it is said to be relatively flavor-neutral. It has tropical fruity flavors such as pineapple, banana, guava and melon, and also hints of stone fruits such as apricot, apples, citrus, and nectarine. Climate has much to say about the fruity flavors of Chardonnay. Warm regions will have Chardonnay rich in tropical fruit flavors while the cooler areas provide green-apple aromas. Besides fruit flavors and those developed from oak aging, Chardonnay may exhibit some amount of minerality with notes of wet stones, chalk, and seashells evident on the palate. These mineral flavors, at times, are attributed to the soil on which the vine grows.

Chardonnay is available in various styles. It is famous for its dry wines, still and sparkling wines such as Champagne. It is also available as sweet ice wines, a style made in Canada. With the exception of sparkling wines and Champagnes, Chardonnay is mostly used to make stand-alone wines rather than used for blending. Chardonnay wines do not always require aging. They can be taken directly and still taste amazing. Chardonnay lovers praise its exuberant charms, low acidity, and relatively high alcohol content and the refreshing experience it generates. It lacks powerful scents; rather, it has alluring fruity aromas and vanilla and buttery flavors from oak.

You can best enjoy Chardonnay on its own if you are seeking to appreciate the flavors and elegance in every sip. Unoaked Chardonnays are perfect accompaniments to fish or grilled poultry, while oaked varieties do best with lobster. You can also try out other food pairings such as shellfish, pasta with white sauce, and cream soups, which does very well with Chardonnay white wine. Chardonnay white wine is a worthy companion for you after a tedious activity or just seeking to have a good time. Order now to experience elegance at its best, delivery is free, and we offer the best alcohol delivery services in Nairobi and best chardonnay prices in Kenya.


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