Cabernet Sauvignon wine brands in Kenya

This is among the most popular red wine grapes in the world, with its origin in France. It was spawned through a combination of Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc grapes, producing the most popular and most loved wine among the wine drinkers. The grape has a thick skin, and the vine is highly resistant to elements. It is people’s favorite due to its high concentration and its ability to evolve.

 It has this special refreshing acidity, which gives you a very spectacular feeling. It’s a dry and full-bodied wine with every sip leaving a parched and lingering effect in the mouth, which leaves you yearning for more. Its chocolate characteristic makes it a perfect wine for chocolate lovers and a perfect drink to offer your lady on a dinner date. It’s for sure, the best drink to accompany every special moment. The wine has a range of flavors depending on the region from which the grape making the wine grows. It can have a sumptuous and fruity taste or a smoky taste and a long savory finish. The choice of flavor depends on your preference. Its versatile nature makes it flexible and most preferred wine. You can choose to take it straight or with food.

It is famous for its unique ability to pair with different types of food. Its medium level of acidity and high tannin level makes it a great accompaniment to food. It is the perfect partner for cheeses, portabello mushrooms, and beef dishes. The only exception food for this wine is rice and pasta, where this wine does not offer a good accompaniment due to its high tannin levels. This is the perfect wine for that one person who can’t take food without a drink. 

Another special characteristic of this wine is that it can be blended with merlot, a wine that is widely known for its soft sensual texture. The blending of the two wines produces an excellent combination with amazing characteristics and even more satisfying effects.

Grab a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon or more and discover the amazing features of this wine that has made it so popular across the world. Each sip of the drink stirs up exuberance hence lighting your day. The wine has various varieties, which means that you are assured that there is something for every occasion. You can get this wine at our online liquor store at very affordable wine prices. Get a chance to enjoy the rich flavors and the distinguishing features that makes it outstanding among the various types of wine. Dial us now for reliable and fast wine delivery services; we are the online wines and spirits shop in Nairobi that you can trust.

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