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woodford reserve KES 5,500 - KES 6,500 43.2% In stock
Woodford reserve double oaked KES 9,850 45% In stock
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About Woodford Reserve

Enjoy a whiskey with the perfect combination of honey and vanilla flavors added to equal dried corn and charred wood measures. Woodford reserve will leave you yearning for more. It has a decent taste with over 200 detectable flavor notes—an iconic drink with a prestigious culture and a rich history. Drinks Vine online liquor store brings you the best quality Wood Reserve whisky at best Wood Reserve price in Kenya.

Woodford Reserve was previously known as Old Oscar Pepper Distillery, which later changed to Labrot and Graham Distillery. It is located in Versailles, and is one of the oldest distilleries in Kentucky. It was founded by Elijah Pepper, who left it to his son Oscar Pepper. It was later sold to the Brown Forman corporation in 1941. In 1996 the brand was officially introduced in the market. Woodford reserve whisky is made from a blend of copper pot still spirits manufactured at Woodford Reserve Distillery and column still spirits sourced from Brown Forman Distillery. For years, Wood Reserve has aged their bourbon in heavily charred oak barrels, hence the deep, distinctive and rich taste.

Woodford reserve produces various styles ranging from Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Woodford reserve Doubled Oaked, and Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey. It is made in a traditional style, and delivers intense flavors of pepper and tobacco. It has some special releases, including Woodford Reserve Master's collection batch, to honor Pepper and Crow's work in building a range of unique whisky. Kentucky Distillery Series, a special commemorative bottle, is released yearly in collaboration with its official sponsorship of the Kentucky Derby.

The Woodford Reserve opens your senses to cinnamon, citrus, caramel, toffee, spice, and chocolate notes. To the nose, the whisky is thick and creamy. It has honey and spice notes, a hint of cocoa, with a touch of butterfat silky, smooth, long, and satisfying finish. Wood Reserve is an award-winning brand due to the quality of its products.The whisky is popularly known for marrying different notes, which makes the drink stand out. Today the distillery boasts millions of sales worldwide, including Kenya, where we sell Woodfod Reserve whiskeys online at best prices.

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