Nobile Wine brands

Product Name Price ABV Availability
nero nobile KES 2,100 10% In stock
rosso nobile cioccolata KES 1,949 10% In stock
bianco nobile white sweet KES 2,100 10% In stock
crema nobile cioccolata KES 2,000 14% Out of stock
crema nobile cioccolata (liqueur) KES 2,300 14% Out of stock
Rosso nobile alla nocciola KES 2,100 10% In stock
Rosso nobile marzipan KES 2,100 10% In stock
Rosso nobile cherry KES 2,100 10% In stock
Nobile Wines price in Kenya

About Nobile Wines

This one of the most demanded wine in Kenya and also one of the most preferred wines by ladies in Nairobi. Nobile wines are gratifying wines from Germany. These wine are produced by Wein-und Sektkellerei Ostrau Company which was founded in 1992. It has developed from a young, flexible and dynamic business into an innovative, high efficient bottling company and producer of the best wine and spirit-based drinks. WSK Ostrau is one of the largest wineries in Germany and is renowned for its high-quality products. Nobile wines brands are one of the most successful products of WSK Ostrau. With years of experience, winemakers at WSK Ostrau have perfected the art of crafting wines of high-quality standards that are distributed in the wine market. They have put all their expertise and experience to create an irresistible taste experience of Nobile wine and chocolate.

Nobile wines are uniquely flavored with chocolate, vanilla, cream, and coffee. This flavor gives this wine different delicious taste which is irresistible. They come in sweet red wine and sweet white wines. The chocolate-flavored (Rosso Nobile) is a red wine with dark and dense color and a smooth taste along with concentrated finest chocolate flavors and silky texture. Sweet white (Bianco Nobile) has a superb velvety texture, engulfed with rich chocolate and delightful fruity white grape aromas delicately balanced with warm vanilla. The creamy flavored (Crema Nobile) is a blend of red wine, dark chocolate flavor, and fine cream which gives it a unique taste experience with dark chocolate and espresso notes. The coffee-flavored (Nero Nobile all Espresso) is a sweet red wine. This brand has an intensive coffee aroma and a ripe fruit concentration on the nose. On the palate, it displays soft notes of fine chocolate and sweet coffee temptation with an elegant finish.

There is much more joy to Nobile wines whether you prefer sweet white wine or red wine, all Nobile wine brands have their own degree of uniqueness from their color to the different tastes they offer, smooth, soft, lovely chocolaty or the pleasingly bitter. Nobile wines are delicious with chocolate and chocolate-based desserts and it is also a wonderful drink on its own. Satisfy your taste by enjoying this wonderful sensation wine with your friends. This wine is also very presentable as a gift to your loved ones due to its unique flavors. Dial a drink Nairobi to place your order at bese rosso nobile price in Nairobi; we will deliver your order in minutes.

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