Jacob's Creek wine brand & prices in Kenya

Product Name Price ABV Availability
Jacob's creek classic semillion chardonnay KES 2,300 12% In stock
Jacob's creek classic chardonnay KES 2,310 12% In stock
Jacob's creek double barrel shiraz KES 2,550 14% In stock
Jacob's creek classic crisp rose KES 1,900 12% In stock
Jacob's creek classic merlot KES 2,300 12% In stock
Jacob's creek classic shiraz KES 2,300 12% In stock
jacob's creek moscato KES 2,340 7% In stock
Jacob’s Creek Limestone Reserve Shiraz KES 2,300 14% In stock
Jacob's Creek Pinot Noir KES 2,340 13% In stock
jacob's creek moscato rose KES 2,450 7% In stock
Jacob's Creek Sparkling rose KES 2,450 11% In stock
jacobs creek chardonnay pinot noir KES 2,100 11% In stock
Jacobs creek shiraz cabernet KES 2,200 13% In stock
Jacob's Creek price in Kenya

About Jacob's Creek

Jacob's Creek is an award-winning Sparkling Chardonnay-Pinot Noir wine. It has a new, limited edition label design. Jacob's Creek has a vast range of wines capturing their passion for creating a great tasting wine. The wine is defined by the classic and premium reserve wines that capture Australia's best wine regions. It is available at best Jacob's Creek price in Kenya, sold online at Drinks Vine, the leading online liquor store in Kenya.

The winery's location is in the Mid-North region of South Australia. It was founded by Johann Cramp, who established his first vineyard along Jacob's Creek banks in 1847. He was focused on creating a premium wine that displayed each grape's character and style and expressing Australian terroir. To this day, the company lives and breathes this vision by producing quality wines that reflect how each grape variety showcases its characteristics. Jacob's Creek winery has a vast range of wines. In 2000, the Reserve range was introduced in the market, featuring varietal wines made from Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Riesling.

Moreover, it has the Classic collection, including various varietal wines, along with Grenache-Shiraz and Shiraz Cabernet blends. The company also is renowned for producing sparkling and unique wines. Jacob's Creek is a valuable and classy wine to enjoy with your friends on that girl's night out.

Jacob's Creek wine has a fresh and light finish, with a perfectly balanced sweetness and expresses amazing tropical notes to your palate. The wine matches a variety of food recipes. All you need is to explore the different recipes collection and settle for your favorite. The wine is bold, full-bodied showcasing fruitiness and the terroir of Australia's premium wine region.

A great tasting wine creates lively discussion and moments at a party. Take a chance and this sweet wine with friends and family, and you can be sure the flavors will increase your appreciation for each drop. Jacob's Creek is a big international brand selling almost one million bottles of wine daily. It is an iconic premium wine around the world, including Kenya.

The wines produced by Jacob's Creek offer a wide range of great tasting wines, created to be approachable and lovable. Create memorable experiences with friends by ordering wine online in Nairobi from Drinks Vine, your number one online liquor store. We have a 24-hour alcohol home delivery service. You do not have to worry about getting out of drinks at your party; we are just a dial away. Try us today and enjoy the best alcohol delivery in Nairobi!

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