Drostdy Hof wine brands

Product Name Price ABVAvailability
drostdy-hof white dry KES 1,300 9% In stock
drostdy-hof white sweet KES 1,450 12% In stock
drostdy-hof white dry cask KES 2,900 - KES 4,350 0% In stock
drostdy hof claret select cask KES 3,150 - KES 4,200 12% In stock
drostdy hof claret select dry red KES 1,300 12% In stock
Drostdy Hof Premier Grand Cru cask KES 4,350 11% In stock
Drostdy Hof price in Kenya

About Drostdy Hof

Drostdy-Hof wine brand has among the most popular wines in Kenya and the world. This wine's beauty rests in its mantra, “share the moment,” which allows the wine lovers to enjoy the highest quality wines with friends and family. The ease of obtaining the wine has become even more convenient since you can buy Drostdy-Hof wine online in Kenya at our online liquor shop at the best Drostdy-Hof wine price in Kenya. So, what is so special about this wine brand?

First, it is an embodiment of African heritage, established in 1964 and named after De Oude Drosty Manor, a home to centuries of winemaking tradition established in 1804 in Tulbagh valley. The winemaking tradition inspired Drostdy-Hof wine estate in making top quality range of wines that the world has come to love. Drostdy-Hof continues to produce award-winning wines such as Drostdy-Hof Chardonnay 2010 vintage that won a gold medal in 2011 in London. The subsequent wines have continued to receive appreciation from wine lovers and collectors.

Drostdy-Hof wines are made from a magnificent setting with natural resources that contribute a natural touch to both taste and aromas. The winery is set in the lush, fertile valley with pure water from three streams emanating from the mountain's snow-filled winter peak. Every bottle of Drostdy-Hof wine expresses this beauty of nature and enormous historical pride that has kept Drostdy-Hof house alive to date. These conditions are also perfect for the growth of grapes used for making these wines. The vineyards are monitored continuously to ensure optimal fruit quality and flavor concentration.

Drostdy-Hof wines are characterized by a unique boldness, fruitiness, and the ease to drink. Most have low alcohol and calorie concentration, making them ideal for health-conscious individuals. They present an authentic Cape wine style with excellent taste. Whether it is the dry-white varieties or natural sweet-red, each type offers lip-smacking flavors that leave you yearning for more. The sweet Drostdy-Hof wine types have no added sugar. The sweetness is natural, from the residual sugars intentionally left during the fermentation process. Each drop of Drostdy-Hof wines expresses the beauty of nature from which they are made. Any Drostdy-Hof wine is perfect for everyday drinking or even a theme wine in a celebration. Enjoy the best Drostdy-Hof wine prices in Kenya at our online liquor store and free and fast alcohol delivery in Nairobi and its environs.

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