Cellar cask wine brands

Product Name Price ABV Availability
cellar cask white KES 1,450 12% In stock
cellar cask white sweet KES 1,450 11% In stock
cellar cask sweet red KES 1,450 11% In stock
cellar cask red sweet cask KES 2,800 - KES 3,950 11% In stock
cellar cask white sweet cask KES 2,800 - KES 3,899 11% In stock
Cellar cask price in Kenya

About Cellar cask

Cellar Cask is one of the popular wines in Kenya and has been widely accepted all over the country. It is one of the most flourishing South African wines belonging to the Distell group. This brand is medium-priced, designed for the medium and top-end market. The first cellar cask wine was produced in 1979 in South Africa and has since then remained a top player of the South African wine landscape. Inspired by traditions of the old ways, Cellar Cask wines are crafted from skillfully selected grapes, picked at sun sweetened and perfect ripeness, and matured in large wooden casks to reach their delicious fruity flavor. Cellar Cask is a famous wine and convenient for all social occasions, recreational activities, and anywhere people want to relax and unwind.

Cellar cask wine brands come in sweet red wine, sweet white wine, and rose wine. These cellar cask sweet wines are some of the most loved and appreciated wine brands in South Africa and internationally. In Nairobi, the chances are whenever you walk into a wine store; you will find this brand; it is sold in almost every other liquor store. Also, if what you want wine delivery services in Nairobi, you can be assured to get the brand at pocket-friendly rates.

The Red sweet is a deliciously, easy to drink, fruity, natural sweet red wine made from freshly picked red varietals. This type of wine has no wood contact making it a fresh, soft, sweet red. It has a brilliant bright ruby red color and notes of fresh berries on the nose with subtle spicy nuances. On the palate, it is crisp and fruity with a delicious lingering sweetness. It is delicious with or without food accompaniment. Having a bottle of this wine with your meal is awesome since this wine has really good quality, taste and all that at an affordable price.

The Natural Sweet White is an aromatic wine made from a selection of cultivars producing a white wine with a distinctive bouquet. It has a bright yellow straw color with an alluring nose of green fruits, pears, apples, and peach. On the palate, it is well balanced and has a fine acidity with a crisp and refreshing fruit touch. Cellar Cask Sweet White pairs well with light dishes.

The rose has a brilliant bright rose appearance with notes of fresh fruit, candyfloss, and pineapple on the nose. On the palate, this wine type has a crisp and fruity taste with a delicious lingering sweetness.

Most of the people who want to try this wine have the question concerning the benefits of cellar cask wine, and as with most red wines, you will get these benefits. This is one of the budget wines in Nairobi that is suitable on almost any occasion. Any time you need this wine, dial us for the best wine home delivery in Nairobi at no extra cost not forgetting we offer the best cellar cask price in Kenya.

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