Drinks delivery Nairobi - Buy alcohol online

Drinks delivery Nairobi - Buy alcohol online

Nairobi is an amazing city, the beauty of the city goes beyond what we can see and with the advancement of web technologies, Nairobi has become one of the cities with most efficient and reliable office and home delivery services. With delivery time reducing to 30 minutes in the drink delivery industry, I believe this is something to be proud of. For everyone who wants to buy drinks online in Nairobi, there is no reason to fear, online liquor stores in the city are offering the best service in terms of cost, confidentiality, products ( original products ), fast delivery and free delivery in Nairobi and its environs. This article explores drinks delivery Nairobi and why this is a game change for all of us.

Why has drinks delivery become so popular

Drinks delivery in Kenya has gained popularity over a very short period of time and today it is a widely accepted way of purchasing liquor online. The services offered by alcohol delivery service providers in the city has attracted most of those who love a good glass of whisky, wine, champagne, vodka etc. Confidentiality, efficiency, variety, and reliability are some of the factors that are making alcohol delivery Nairobi a success. You no longer have to step out of the house to go find a place to buy your favorite bottle, you don’t have to wast an hour trying to beat traffic in the city, all you have to do is dial a drink as you enjoy the calmness of your home. 

Whats more beautiful about the dial a drink service is the fact that you get to pay on delivery. Most drinks delivery agencies like dial a delivery require clients to pay after they have received their products. The only time customers are needed to pay prior is a scenario where you want to buy a drink or alcohol gift for a different person so where the person receiving the drinks receives them as a surprise and ethically you don’t surprise a person then ask them to pay. The other case where the client is required to pay prior is a scenario where the client wants to buy drinks worth a large amount of money and in such cases, the client is required to pay a commitment fee.

Drink delivery services eliminate the middlemen and this helps them charge lower prices. Online liquor stores get their products direct from suppliers and importers and deliver them directly to the client meaning there are no costs in between and this lowers drinks prices. For clients in major restaurants in Nairobi, they can save up 50% as alcohol prices in these restaurants are really high.

How the industry operates

Alcohol delivery Nairobi is one of those industries that makes you forget everything you knew about online shopping and start figuring out the whole thing again. Remember those sites that you have to signup just to order, or to undergo a long process just to place your order? Then wait for a day, two or three to have your products delivered. Well, drinks delivery Kenya is redefining all that with modern drinks delivery apps and a super easy process of ordering. 

With online drinks delivery, you have various methods of placing your order

i. Shopping cart

This is the easiest way to place your order as you add all the products you want in the cart then once you are done you give your location and phone number and checkout. Even without even having to signup for an account you get to place your order.

ii. WhatsApp & SMS

Being an era where people like to chat a lot, it's fair if clients get a way to place their order via text or WhatsApp. At dial a delivery we offer these two methods of ordering to make the ordering process easier.

iii. Dial to order

Dial a drink or dialing to order a drink is one of the most loved processes of placing an order. It is as simple as calling and placing an order for your booze. 

After placing the order the riders takes less than 30 minutes to get to your location if you are in Nairobi or around Nairobi. Delivery is also free in the city and areas around the city.

How clients benefits

It is the desire of every customer to get the right products at better prices but the online liquor stores in Kenya go an extra mile. Here is an overview of the benefits and reasons to order alcohol online in Nairobi

1. Better prices & regular discounts

It's not a wonder to find that an online liquor store is offering a product cheaper by Ksh 500 or Ksh 1, 000 and above in comparison to local liquor stores. There are also regular discounts especially on weekends where the products are sold way cheaper. If you purchase at bulk you also get to buy at wholesale prices and this cuts your expenses by huge margins.

2. Original products

You want EABL products, online liquor stores have them. The best thing about online drink delivery stores is the fact that they shorten the distribution channel, enabling customers to get the original drink direct from the supplier. If you want Johnnie Walker whisky the blended scotch whisky from Scotland, why not get it directly from the importers? This is exactly what online liquor stores do, helping you get products from the source.

3. Fast delivery

Alcohol delivery Nairobi could not be as successful as it is without the super speeds recorded by riders in this industry. For most online liquor stores the delivery time is 30 minutes but around the city, riders record delivery time of less than 15 minutes and this is what makes dial a delivery Nairobi unique. 

4. Confidentiality

Well, sometimes we all want some privacy and alcohol delivery services gives you exactly that. Customer data is kept confidential and where clients request extra privacy, the products are wrapped in special packaging that meets client’s requirement. 

5. Variety

Ever tried moving around the city trying to find a rare wine, expensive whisky, cognac, champagne or other drinks? That time is gone as online liquor shops are stocked with more product varieties that you can imagine, wines, whiskeys, gins, vodkas from all over the world. You get everything you want in one place.

Services offered

Drinks delivery being the main services offered, most liquor shops extend this services to offer more specialized services while others specialize in one line of products like wine. Here are some of the services offered by alcohol delivery services in Nairobi

a) Whisky delivery

Online shops offering liquor delivery may specialize in whisky delivery. Whisky being one of the most extensive categories of alcohol has a wide variety of drinks from different parts of the world and some stores specialize in this services

b) Wine delivery Nairobi

Wine being the widest category of alcohol with thousands of products has compelled some of the stores to specialize in importing and dealing with wine products.

c) Gift delivery

You want to gift someone with an expensive whisky, wine or champagne? Dial a drink services offer alcohol gift delivery in the city and its environs.

It’s time to try alcohol delivery and experience the superb services offered the online liquor stores in Nairobi. Whether it wine delivery, beer delivery or whisky delivery just visit platform like dial a delivery, dial a drink Nairobi , Drinks delivery Kenya or Nairobi drinks place your order and feel the beauty of living or visiting Nairobi.