Buy drinks online

Buy drinks online


Published on 31 May, 2022

From finding affordable drinks to avoiding crowds, there are many reasons why you should consider buying your drink online instead of in the physical liquor stores in the streets.

From development of e-commerce, we all can agree that online shopping is convenient and has become the new craze in Nairobi. There are plenty of e-commerce stores including online liquor stores that have all your favorite drinks under one roof. To buy drinks online, all you have to do is to have internet enabled device, launch drinks delivery app or visit alcohol delivery website, click away as you check on the available drinks, and complete the purchase in minutes.

Why you should buy drinks online

Besides the late night alcohol delivery in Nairobi, that allows you to purchase drinks whenever and from wherever you are, drink delivery is also done on time. Still not convinced? Below are some of the best reasons why you should consider buying your drink from an online wine and spirits store.

1. Forget delivery hustle

Even though a bottle of wine looks fancy in your hands, carrying two or more bottles is delicate, hectic and a tiring endeavor. The situation can even be worse if you do not have a personal car and you have to walk some distance before you reach the bus stage. You can save yourself from this situation by opting for online liquor shop and have your drinks delivered to you.

2. You can shop even if you have already had a few drinks

Can you picture walking to the alcohol store and going through the huge variety of drinks when you have had a few drinks? Furthermore, if the shop is located at a distance, you will not be in a position to drive yourself to the store since it is not advisable to drive even if you are just a little tipsy. Carrying the drinks when you are tipsy is also another task. However, the option of alcohol home delivery service lets you shop even if you have already has a few drinks. 

What’s more, you will not even need to change your clothing, just pick your smartphone or laptop, get online and buy your drink. Simply dial a delivery and sit back. Moreover, you can make these purchases in private at the comfort of your living room, bedroom or whatever location of your house.

3. Simplified return policy

Can you imagine purchasing a wrong drink and having to drink it regardless just because you cannot return it to the liquor store where you bought it? Or because it would take you time and money to deliver it back. Being able to return your drink is one of the greatest advantages of buying alcohol online. So the next time you order for a beer when you intended to order for a bottle of wine, do not worry as the drink can be exchanged.

4. Frequent sales and discounts

Online liquor stores use many ways to keep people interested and coming back for more. One of the ways is frequent discounts and coupons. Therefore, the next time you want to buy your drink at a discount, online wine shop is the answer for you. Besides, it is just a click away.

5. Sending alcohol gifts is only a few clicks away

A nice bottle of wine or champagne is one of the best gifts you can send to your loved one. The only thing you need to ensure is that you pick the person’s favorite drink. You can send the drink either as a birthday present or just a reminder that you are thinking of them. In addition, you can attach the bottle of wine or any alcoholic drink that is a favorite of the recipient with an invitation card to a party you are planning. 

Furthermore, in case a birthday of your loved one skips you, you can simply go online, purchase the drink and have it delivered to your loved one with current delivery process, the same day liquor delivery services. Just be sure to include a little note card and it may turn out to be the most organized and thoughtful gift the person could expect. More reason to opt for the best alcohol delivery in Kenya.

6. Buy things privately

Are you worried that your nosy and judgmental neighbors might see you carrying the bottles of beer? Why not buy drinks online and save yourself from their daily rumors. With online purchase, your drinks are going to be delivered to you in a discrete manner. Your booze will be securely packed in a box or delivery bags in such a way that no one will be able to tell what the box contains.

7. Check the reviews

When looking for a drink you have never tasted but would like to try, you can easily read the reviews found in the website where you are going to buy the drinks and get to know the important details about the particular drink. This is the best thing about buying your drink online. You get to read tons of reviews from people who have experienced dial a drink services.

8. It’s way cheaper

Rather than wasting your time going from one corner of the alcohol store to the next, why not take your smartphone, open your browser, visit and hunt for your favorite drink without leaving the comfort of your home. You might take a little while but you are going to pay the better prices and delivery is free within Nairobi so you don’t have to pay extra.

9. No crowds!

One thing that is annoying about alcohol stores and supermarkets is the crowd of people and the long queues that you can encounter at the till. Unless you fancy the idea of hustling your way through a crowded store that plays terrible music from the 80s, online shopping is the better option. Not forgetting the crazy Nairobi traffic. Simply set up your computer or just take your smart phone and order booze online in Nairobi. You can even enjoy a cup of tea with biscuits while at it.

10. So much more convenient

The other situation where alcohol delivery in Kenya comes in handy is when you are hosting a party and just in the middle of it; you realize that you are running out of drinks. 

Besides the risk of embarrassing yourself in front of your guests, your guests might decide to leave when they do not get any more drinks. With online alcohol purchase, simply head online, purchase your drinks and continue enjoying your party as you wait for your drinks. Moreover, with the 24-hour liquor delivery, time is no longer an issue as your drinks can be delivered regardless of the time. Delivery is also done in the shortest time possible for free in Nairobi. 

11. Avoiding distractions is so much easier 

Buying your drink from an online wine shop saves you from unnecessary distractions that you are likely to encounter when you buy your drink from the alcohol shop in your neighborhood or the supermarket. Common distractions that you may encounter at your local alcohol store include buying unnecessary things that you did not plan on buying or the supermarket is subliminal advertising. In addition, while you are at the supermarket or local alcohol store, you run the risk of bumping into someone that you have been avoiding.

Tips for buyers

Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk is one of the ways in which you can save money besides discounts and offers. Instead of buying just one bottle of wine and then come back the next day to buy another one, why not buy in bulk? Furthermore, buying in bulk will ensure that you always have a drink in your house to offer your guests when they come to visit. So next time you are thinking of beer, wine, and spirits delivery, why not order drinks online in bulk and stand a chance to enjoy huge discounts.

Go for second label wines

Second label wines are the cheaper version of the wines, which are more expensive. This concept of second label wines started in the 18th century in Bordeaux. It was a means to find a market for the wines, which were not chosen for the Chateau first label. Therefore, instead of wasting the excess wine, the second label idea gave winemakers the chance to bottle the high-quality wine, and then sell it through the distribution channels.

Buy on sale

When you buy liquor online, be sure to go for drinks that are on sale. By doing this, you will be saving a whole lot of cash. Sales are one of the great ways for a wine lover can save money. If you always buy drinks online, you should be on the lookout for sales. Sales allow you to buy more drinks than the ones you had planned to purchase.

The other good thing about liquor shops / Apps is that they allow you to buy a gift for your loved ones. It is clear from the above information that buying drinks online is the way to go. It is no wonder more and more people are opting to buy their drinks from online stores. Therefore, if you had not yet joined the cause, I suggest you do so. Whether beer deliverywhisky delivery or wine delivery, our alcohol delivery app is all you are going to need.


Published on 31 May, 2022

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