Alcohol storage tips

Alcohol storage tips


Published on 31 May, 2022

In almost every house, there is always that one bottle of alcohol tucked away in the cabinet or at the back of the freezer. May be you ordered this bottle of alcohol via one of the alcohol delivery apps with the intentions of taking it at a future date. Since majority of the people buy drinks online and have them delivered to them via drink delivery services, you probably bought this bottle of whiskey, wine or vodka some time back and you are for the right moment, but during this period you have to store your bottle the right way not just storing it randomly in the liquor cabinet. In this article we will explore some of the ways and tips to store your liquor.

Alcohol delivery in Nairobi has made alcohol purchase fast and easy. However, the challenge is how to store the extra drinks you buy from these online liquor stores. Despite popular belief, alcoholic drinks like liqueur have expiry dates. The only difference between the various alcoholic drinks is that some stay good for a long time while others have a long shelf life. For the alcohol with a long shelf life, there are several rules that you have to follow for it to age the right way. For instance, unopened bottles of alcohol should be kept in a cool, dry and dark place.


Since you can easily order drinks online in Nairobi and have them delivered to you at any time, nowadays most people are not into storing bottles of wine. However, once you come across a rare bottle from an online wine shop, you may want to buy it and save it for a few years if not decades. Wine is a delicate drink that you need to take care of so you do not turn the awesome drink into vinegar by storing it poorly. The following are tips on storing wines the right way at home.

Keep it away from the sunlight

Having your wine on a picnic on the sun is not bad but storing it where the rays of sun hit it, is very dangerous. Storing your wine within the sun’s rays can cause premature aging of the wine as well as fade the labels making it hard for you to sell it later.

Maintain the temperature

Ensure the temperature of the refrigerator or the wine cellar is controlled to avoid affecting the aging and the chemical processes. A mild and constant temperature is best, that is, if you don’t want to sip disappointment the next time you have a glass of your favorite bottle that you had stored. A temperature of between 7 and 18 degree Celsius is ideal for storing wine.

Store it on its side

Ensure that you do not store your wine bottle upright because when it is upright, the wine will not be hitting the cork. If not hit by the wine, the cork will start to dry out and hence result into a musty wine. This tip does not apply to temporary wine storage such as in the wine shops.

Avoid unnecessary movements

As much as possible, avoid moving your wine when you don’t need to. This is because, over time, the vibrations will affect the quality of your wine. Therefore, limit the movements of the bottles as much as you can. Dial a delivery ensures that your wine delivery takes place smoothly with minimal movements of the bottles.

Invest on building a good wine storage unit at your home. Learn how to create the perfect wine cellar in your home and all you need to set it up.


Contrary to popular belief, wine is not the one and only drink that matures with time. Numerous beers mature as they age. However, these are not your average beers; these are vintage beers like old ales, lambics and barley wines. Nevertheless, you can still enhance the character of your regular beer by storing it for a year or two but no longer, because unlike wine and liquor, beer cannot be stored for years. Below are tips on how to do this.

Refrigerate, refrigerate, refrigerate

The one and only way you can prolong the life of the bottles of beer you have bought from the online beer shop is by keeping it in the fridge the instance it is delivered to you by booze delivery service. Think of your beer as milk, if you store it cold it stays longer, the taste of the beer will remain the same because oxidation will be slowed down. Beer has a shelf life of six months to nine months although a few will go up to 2 years, so make sure you store it properly if you are not going to consume it within this period.

Avoid sunlight

In case you do not have fridge space, you can store your beer at relatively cold places such as the basement, under your bed or in a closet. Sunlight affects the quality of beer. Once you purchase your beer online, beer delivery is done in the safest manner by ensuring your beer is not exposed to the sun.

Store the beer upright

By storing your beer in an upright position, you will reduce the amount of surface area of the beer touching the air that is trapped in the beer bottle. By doing this, you will be prevent the beer from fast breakdown. Furthermore, when you store the beer upright, the yeast will settle at the bottom of the bottle hence you will be able to enjoy a yeast-free glass of beer the next time you have your beer.


Once bottled, liqueur do not change much and in case they do change, it is usually for the worse. However, just like beer and wine, there are rules that guide how to store liquor. The following are some of these rules.

Cool temperature

To preserve your liqueur, ensure that you store them in low temperatures since higher temperatures can cause your liqueur to go bad quickly. The general rule of thumb is to ensure the liqueur stays in room temperature. In addition, a warm temperature changes the taste of the liqueur even though the liquor will still be safe for consumption.

Away from sun

Make sure you store your liqueur away from direct sunlight cause when hit by the sun’s rays, the oxidation process will speed up hence affecting the color of the taste and quality. In fact, research has shown that the effects of sun liquor are worse than the effects of warm temperatures.

Keep it upright

As you store your liqueur, make sure the bottles are in an upright position. While wine is stored in a side position so the wine is in contact with the cork, the case is opposite when it comes to liquors. The cork of the liquor bottle should not mix or seep into the liquor as this will case the high-alcohol content to disintegrate with time.


When being sold, champagne has already aged for years. Therefore, you should not store it forever. You can store the non-vintage champagne for a period of up to four years and the vintage champagne for a maximum of ten years. Storing the champagne for longer than this will cause it to lose some of its effervescence and the aroma and taste will change. Besides, why would you risk spoiling your champagne when you can make us of the 24-hour liquor delivery by buying your champagne from the online alcohol shops any time you want?

Most rules that apply in wine storage such as cool temperatures and no sunlight applies in champagne storage. However, the following are a few extra rules that you must adhere to if you want to safely store your champagne.

No light at all

Apart from sunlight, the champagne should not be exposed to any form of artificial light. This is probably the reason why this fabulous drink comes in very dark bottles.

No refrigeration

Experts recommend that champagne should not be refrigerated. Instead, the champagne should be stored in a wine cellar where the temperature is constant. Furthermore, to avoid the temperature fluctuations, champagne should not be stored in the kitchen. The recommended temperature for storing champagne is between 10 to 13 degree Celsius. When serving champagne, bring it out in a bucket of ice rather than refrigerating it for a while before serving.

Store sideways

Just like wine, champagne should be stored when lying sideways. This will prevent the cork from drying out and causing the seal between the bottle and the cork to loosen hence casing air to come into the bottle and ultimately oxidation. Also, be sure to store your champagne away from any vibrations as this can affect its quality.


Published on 31 May, 2022

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