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Moscato is among the world's oldest grapes. It is a popular wine that hails from Italy, but the grape is spread all over the world. Moscato is the Italian name for Muscat Blanc grape. This is among the most versatile grape varieties producing different wine styles such as desserts, low alcohol content sparkling wines, rose, and aromatic white wines.

The most amazing features lie in the flavor profile of this wine. It contains sweet flavors of tropical fruits, mostly oranges, peaches, and orange blossom. It has unique floral aromas originating from a compound called linalool contained in Muscat grapes. Moscato has been known over the years as a dessert wine, a function attributed to its sweet, low alcohol content, slight fizz, and amazing flavors of peach, nectarine, and orange that leaves your tasting buds stimulated and yearning for more.

The most common style that stars among the Moscato wine styles is the Italian Moscato d'Asti, which is semi-sparkling, highly aromatic, sweet, and clean with a mineral finish. This wine will guarantee a perfect party with friends. The sweetness and well-balanced acidity and bubbles make it ideal for casual sipping, and due to its low alcohol content, it may be taken at any time of the day without derailing your day. The different Moscato wine styles exhibit elegance in every sip, no wonder it has gained popularity in recent years, more specifically, around the 2000s.

Believe it or not! Moscato's popularity has been spread most uniquely – through hip-hop. Drake, in 2009 in his lines of rap, mentioned Moscato, and so has Lil' Kim. It is not always that a brand effortlessly gains popularity so fast unless it is incredible in itself.

By now you may have realized that the features of this wine serve a great purpose as an introductory wine into the world of wines. Moscato wine has the most approachable flavors that are soothing to the palate that will definitely stir up the urge to explore more in any beginner. Its low alcohol content and balanced acidities make it less stringent on the palate, a quality a beginner will much appreciate.

While the Moscato wine is incredibly tasty on its own, it does well with spicy dishes as well as Asian food. These include Vietnamese, Sichuan, and Thai cuisines, which are highly spiced. Moscato is also a perfect accompaniment to light meat like chicken and fish. There is so much you can explore with this wine. Wait no more! Order your favorite bottle today at the best Moscato wine price in Kenya at our online liquor store and have it delivered to you for free. Don't hesitate to call us for excellent wine delivery services in Nairobi or to order other booze like champagne, vodka etc, we offer wide range of alcohol delivery services; call, WhatsApp, or email us for enquires

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