champagne prices in Kenya

moet & chandon imperial brutKES 9,800 - KES 18,500In Stock
piper heidsieck cuvee brutKES 7,200In Stock
dom perignon brutKES 47,000In Stock
moet & chandon nectar imperial roseKES 12,800In Stock
perrier jouetKES 13,000In Stock
taittinger brutKES 8,000In Stock
moet & chandon nectar imperialKES 12,500In Stock
veuve clicquotKES 12,600 - KES 155,200In Stock
laurent perrierKES 8,295In Stock
GH mumm cordon rouge brutKES 8,700In Stock
moet & chandon ice imperial roseKES 13,500In Stock
moet & chandon ice imperialKES 13,500In Stock
veuve clicquot roseKES 13,400In Stock
krug grande cuveeKES 40,000In Stock
Dom Perignon RoseKES 59,600In Stock
moet & chandon imperial roseKES 12,800 - KES 24,500In Stock
charles benoit champagneKES 4,600Out of stock
ruinart brutKES 17,000In Stock
ruinart blanc de blancs brutKES 18,000In Stock
Lanson extra age brutKES 14,299In Stock
veuve clicquot la grande dameKES 34,799In Stock
Louis roederer blanc de blancs 2013KES 10,700In Stock
Gosset grande reserve brutKES 12,799In Stock
Lanson rose label brutKES 9,799In Stock
louis roederer brut premierKES 11,850In Stock
Lanson white label champagneKES 9,799In Stock
Bollinger special cuvee brutKES 10,299In Stock
Jacquart brut mosaiqueKES 9,899In Stock
louis roederer rose 2013KES 12,299In Stock
taittinger prestige rose champagneKES 11,799In Stock
louis roederer vintage 2012KES 16,299In Stock
Nicolas Feuillatte Graphic Ice RoséKES 8,870In Stock
Nicolas Feuillatte Graphic Ice SilverKES 7,899In Stock
louis roederer cristalKES 44,600In Stock
Dom Perignon Brut LuminousKES 52,000In Stock
Ruinart Brut Rose ChampagneKES 23,000In Stock
Armand de brignac ace of spades brut gold champagneKES 58,999In Stock
piper heidsieck rose sauvageKES 9,400In Stock
laurent perrier cuvee roseKES 10,000In Stock
Nicolas Feuillatte Réserve BrutKES 8,500In Stock
Nicolas Feuillatte Sélection Demi-SecKES 6,800In Stock
Lanson noble cuveeKES 16,299In Stock
Nicolas feuillatte reserve roseKES 8,100In Stock
GH Mumm Demi secKES 9,200In Stock
GH Mumm Rose BrutKES 10,500In Stock
Billecart Salmon Brut ReserveKES 9,850In Stock
Billecart Salmon Brut RoseKES 16,050In Stock
Laurent Perrier Brut MillesimeKES 9,799In Stock
Nicolas Feuillatte Palmes d'Or Vintage BrutKES 23,999In Stock
Monopole Heidsieck Blue TopKES 7,899In Stock
Louis Roederer Blancs De Blancs 2013KES 16,299In Stock
Taittinger Brut Reserve ChampagneKES 9,799In Stock
Krug Grande Cuvee ChampagneKES 43,000In Stock
Gosset Grande Reserve Brut ChampagneKES 12,799In Stock
Lanson Brut Rose Label ChampagneKES 9,800In Stock
Pierre Gobillard BrutKES 8,300In Stock
Nicolas Feuillatte Brut ChampagneKES 6,899In Stock
Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut ChampagneKES 10,299In Stock
Pierre Gobillard Champagne BrutKES 8,299In Stock
Nicolas Feuillatte Palmes d'Or Vintage RoseKES 30,999In Stock
Prince Laurent BrutKES 7,200In Stock
Veuve Clicquot Rich BrutKES 11,700Out of stock
Nicolas Feuillate Graphic IceKES 7,700In Stock
Nicolas Feuillate Reserve Exclusive RoseKES 7,899In Stock
Louis Roederer Collection 242KES 11,499In Stock
Armand De Brignac Ace Of Spades Rose FinestKES 61,295In Stock
GH Mumm Cordon Rounge BrutKES 8,900In Stock
Belaire Rose FantomeKES 5,950In Stock
Belaire Luxe FantomeKES 6,100In Stock
Belaire Luxe Rose FantomeKES 6,100In Stock
Nicolas Feuillate Selection Demi SecKES 6,950In Stock
Belaire Luxe RoseKES 5,299In Stock
Nicolas Feuillate Exclusive Reserve RoseKES 8,599In Stock
Louis Roederer Collection 242KES 12,099In Stock
champagne price in Kenya
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