Simonsig wine

Product Name Price ABVAvailability
simonsig cabernet sauvignon KES 4,000 13% In stock
simonsig chenin blanc KES 2,600 12% In stock
simonsig pinotage KES 3,900 14% In stock
simonsig shiraz KES 3,900 14% In stock
simonsig frans malan KES 11,000 14% In stock
Simonsig cabernet sauvignon merlot KES 2,460 14% In stock
simonsig brut rose KES 5,200 12% In stock
Simonsig redhill pinotage KES 7,995 14% In stock
Simonsig Mr Borios shiraz KES 4,400 14% In stock
Simonsig sunbird sauvignon blanc KES 2,200 12% In stock
Simonsig sauvignon blanc semilion KES 1,950 13% In stock
simonsig vin de liza KES 4,500 12% In stock
simonsig cabernet sauvignon shiraz KES 2,700 14% In stock
Simonsig Labyrinth Cabernet Sauvignon KES 4,400 14% In stock
Simonsig Adelberg Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot KES 2,300 13% In stock
Simonsig Adelberg Sauvignon Blanc KES 2,300 13% In stock
Simonsig price in Kenya

About Simonsig

Simonsig wine brand brings us some of the premium, quality and truly some of the best wines in Kenya. Whenever clients want to buy superior wines for a special event, most of the time this wine brand offers the solution. The Simonsig wines borrow their name from the foothills of Simonsberg Mountain. Simonsig Estate is located in the famous Northwest of Stellenbosch region of South Africa's Western Cape. The Estate was founded by Frans Malan in 1968 and to date, it is owned and managed by the Malan family. Malan was also a co-founder member of the thriving Stellenbosch Wine Route. The late Frans Malan, was not only most reputable as a craftsman of superior wines, but also, has a significant influence in pioneering wine production excellence in South Africa.

Simonsig Wine Estate is synonymous with the South African wine industry history, the Stellenbosch wine region, and the Malan family name. The Stellenbosch region is recognized as the best wine-producing area in South Africa. It has a very conducive cool maritime climate that the Simonsig estate benefits from, plus the diverse soil structure of sandstone, granite, and shale which support the growth of varieties of grapes. This gift of nature that people enjoy, complement Simonsig wines by true Cape hospitality and efficient service.

Simonsig is most famous for being the pioneer to produce first South Africa's sparkling wine Méthode Cap Classique in the style of French Champagne, in 1971. It also has a legacy of producing some of the finest and best red and best white wines. The Simonsig wine estate has an onsite bottling line. The Simonsig wine is rooted in their traditional winemaking and their commitment to consistently produce wines of international standards for everyone to enjoy.

At Simonsig estate, the Malan strong family values drive the devotion and commitment to produce high quality best Simonsig wines of international excellence that is unique, expressing diverse terroir of the Stellenbosch region. Today, the 3rd generation of the Malan family is at the helm of the Simonsig estate and is a proud producer of superior and best wines. Through decades Malan generations have accumulated experience and knowledge, equipping them to continue to excel as one of the leading private producers of best wines in South Africa that bring joy to people. They hold dear a passionate commitment towards superior quality and innovation which is the hallmark of the Simonsig wines portfolio. Simonsig wines are available in our store for you to enjoy. Dial a wine to buy this classic wine at the best simonsig wine price list Kenya.

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