Offley port wine

Product Name Price ABVAvailability
Offley Ruby porto KES 3,000 - KES 3,600 19% In stock
Offley tawny porto KES 2,785 19% In stock
Offley 10 old tawny porto KES 3,450 19% In stock
Offley reserve port KES 3,495 19% In stock
Offley price in Kenya

About Offley

Offley winery was founded in 1737 by William Offley, who was initially a wine merchant then ventured to produce his own Porto wine. Port wines are fortified wines made from grapes, then fortified with a grape spirit or brandy (not the commercial type) to create a sweet wine available in different variations. The common expressions of port wines are Tawny and Ruby, although the white and rose variants are also common. According to the regulations governing the production of port wines, the wine must be produced in the Duoro Valley in Portugal. However, there are other port-style wines produced elsewhere but can never be labeled as port or Porto. Offley port wine brand is among the best port wine brands in the world, making a wide range of port wine styles.

Offley port wines are a popular choice for most port wine lovers, used as dessert wines. They express an array of flavors and a sweet floral bouquet, a fine balance between acidity and sweetness, and a great structure. The aged types such as Offley Reserve port and Offley 10 Old Tawny Porto exhibit complexity and good structure imparted by aging in wood and noble oxidation causes an increased richness and nobility. With over 200 years of wine production, Offley can be considered a prestigious brand that combines the ancient winemaking tradition with emerging desires and future trends. It employs the resilience, enthusiasm, and talent of the founding generation while paying key attention to the winemaking industry’s evolution and moving with the trend. This way, the Offley Port wine brand has served each generation with their most preferred drinks and remaining true to its roots.

Every bottle of Offley Port wine is made to preserve and enhance the legacy of the brand’s pioneers and show consistency in quality and elegance year after year. Offley graces your palate with several Offley wine types in Kenya, such as Offley Tawny Porto, Offley Reserve Port, Offley Ruby Porto, and the 10 Old Tawny Porto. These wines are astonishingly affordable, considering their quality, rich taste, unique flavor profile, aroma, and structure. Offley wines are the perfect choice for anyone looking to have a good time and impress the guests during a celebration. These port wines are the best choice as dessert wines. Order your favorite bottle of Offley wine online at Drinks Vine wines and Spirit shop for the best Offley wine price and free delivery in Nairobi and its environs.

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