Nikka whisky price in Kenya

Product Name Price ABV Availability
The nikka premium KES 21,500 43% In stock
Pure Malt Red Nikka Whisky KES 10,400 43% In stock
nikka taketsure 12 years pure malt KES 19,150 43% In stock
Pure Malt Black Nikka Whisky KES 11,400 43% In stock
nikka taketsuru pure malt KES 11,000 43% In stock
Nikka black clear whisky KES 5,850 37% In stock
Nikka Days Blended Whisky KES 9,299 40% In stock
Nikka coffey malt whisky KES 12,840 45% In stock
Nikka coffey grain whisky KES 12,840 45% In stock
Nikka Whisky from The Barrel KES 9,840 51% In stock
Nikka all malt whisky KES 7,800 40% In stock
nikka rare old super KES 8,300 43% In stock
Nikka blended whisky KES 9,850 40% In stock
Nikka Miyagikyo KES 19,600 45% In stock
Nikka price in Kenya

About Nikka

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