Makers Mark

Product Name Price ABV Availability
maker's mark KES 4,300 - KES 4,999 45% In stock
makers mark 46 KES 7,000 47% In stock
Makers Mark Private Select KES 6,399 55% In stock
Makers Mark 101 KES 8,300 50% In stock
Maker's Mark 101 KES 8,299 0% In stock
Maker's Mark price in Kenya

About Maker's Mark

This is a widely known scotch whiskey with decades of history since it was founded and has since evolved and earned its way to fame. The production of this whiskey began in 1954 in Loretto and first bottled in 1958. It has since been one of the most loved and most preferred whiskeys of all time. It is a popular whiskey brand due to its unique production method where soft red winter wheat is used as well as malted barley to craft its rich flavor. At first, rye was used in production instead of wheat, but it was ruled out due to its high burning sensations. The change of recipes has made it to be even more satisfying for its new ability to retain its deep rich flavor.

Marker's Mark whiskey is very distinctive from the rest due to its dripping red wax seal cap and a square bottle. The spelling of the word "whiskey" in Marker's Mark is also different, as it is spelled in a Scottish way. The distinguishing marks are not just mere trademarks, but they also point out to a whiskey that has in it, spectacular flavors and taste. It has a very much appealing fruity and rich aromas that hit you as soon as you open a bottle of the whiskey, with lovesome notes of spiced honey and mixed peels. The rich and full flavors with notes of spice, barley malt, vanilla make the whiskey very much satisfying to your palate. It has a sweet finish with butterscotch and dry oak spice, which leaves you yearning for more.

The alcohol level of Marker's Mark is also something to be envied. It harmonizes very well with the taste as it retains the proof of the strength that a lovable whiskey should possess.

Marker's Mark is best enjoyed when it is served at room temperature, as this allows you to experience the range of its flavors fully. It is a great drink to accompany special occasions and a great choice for a gift. You can order a bottle of the whiskey at our online liquor store in Nairobi and get it delivered at your doorstep through our efficient alcohol delivery services. We offer the best Drinks delivery in Nairobi, and this means you are assured that your drink will reach you in the shortest time possible. Buy whisky online now at Dial a Delivery at best rates from the comfort of your home or at your workplace and get to enjoy the high degree of quality that we offer.

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