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700 ml   Ksh 39,500
1 litre   Ksh 9,000
750 ml   Ksh 8,000
750 ml   Ksh 9,000
750 ml   Ksh 19,000
750 ml   Ksh 19,000
750 ml   Ksh 20,000
700 ml   Ksh 115,000
700 ml   Ksh 79,000
700 ml   Ksh 26,250
700 ml   Ksh 33,500
1 litre   Ksh 8,600
700 ml   Ksh 590,000
700 ml   Ksh 21,000
700 ml   Ksh 13,700
macallan price in Kenya
Product Name Price Alcohol contentCountry of origin Liquor category
Macallant Amber 1 litre Ksh 6,500 40% Scotland whisky
Macallan Rare Cask 700 ml Ksh 39,500 43% Scotland whisky
macallan select oak 1 litre Ksh 9,000 40% Scotland whisky
macallan 12 years fine oak 750 ml Ksh 8,000 40% Scotland whisky
macallan 12 years sherry oak 750 ml Ksh 9,000 40% Scotland whisky
macallan 15 years fine oak 750 ml Ksh 19,000 43% Scotland whisky
macallan 18 years fine oak 750 ml Ksh 19,000 43% Scotland whisky
macallan reserve estate 750 ml Ksh 20,000 45.7% Scotland whisky
macallan oscuro 700 ml Ksh 115,000 40% Scotland whisky
macallan rare cask black 700 ml Ksh 79,000 48% Scotland whisky
Macallan Terra 700 ml Ksh 26,250 40% Scotland whisky
Macallan estate reserve 700 ml Ksh 33,500 40% Scotland whisky
Macallan select oak 1 litre Ksh 8,600 40% Scotland whisky
macallan no.6 700 ml Ksh 590,000 43% Scotland whisky
Macallan enigma 700 ml Ksh 21,000 44.9% Scotland whisky
Macallan lumina 700 ml Ksh 13,700 41.3% Scotland whisky

macallan brand

Macallan Scotch whisky is among the most popular whiskeys in the world. Macallan distillery has for over four decades made the best whiskeys expressing redefined quality in every bottle. This whiskey brand is made in the Craigellachie, Moray region of Scotland. The different expressions of this whisky provide a huge range to buy from each expressing uniqueness in the taste and quality. Macallan Scotch has attracted the attention of collectors of supper premium whiskeys with incredible age expression, ranging from inexpensive younger whiskeys to most expensive older expressions of up to thirty years. Macallan Scotch's price ranges from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of shillings.

Macallan reputation places it amongst the best quality single malt whiskeys in the world with rare expressions that make it a luxurious brand. It is made from top quality grain and pure water from a natural spring beneath the distillery's estate. It is made in the smallest commercial stills available in unique shape and small size to ensure maximum contact of the spirit with copper, which helps in concentrating the spirit with fruity, rich, and full-bodied flavors. Macallan's reputation has been attributed to its mastery of wood and amazing flavors. Its commitment goes to the point of having a master of wood. Wood is an important ingredient in imparting flavors to this spirit. Sourcing of the wood to be used is carefully done by the master of wood.

Originally, Macallan spirit was matured in oak sherry casks only, but today it has been diversified into other oak types, including fine oak series as well as mellowing in bourbon oak casks. The different age expressions of this Scotch, such as 10, 12, and 18 years old whiskeys are the common types that are affordable. The 25 years old and 30 years old offer a luxurious touch. Macallan Scotch is an easy-to-love spirit, a quality attributed to its boldness and richness in its taste, making it a great entry-level whisky as well as the most coveted Scotch by whiskey lovers.

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