Gilbeys Gin Price in Kenya

Product Name Price ABV Availability
Gilbeys KES 1,695 - KES 2,595 37% In stock
Gilbeys pink KES 2,300 37% In stock
Gilbey's price in Kenya

About Gilbey's

Gilbey’s Gin Brand in Kenya

This brand is a classic Juniper-led London Dry Gin. The ABV (Alcohol by Volume) content is 37.5%. Gilbey’s Gin prices in Kenya range between Ksh 1500 for 750 ml and 2500 for 1L. This brand was first produced in London in 1857 by Alfred and Walter Gilbey who were the original founding brothers of this liquor.

The first types of this blended scotch whisky included Gilbey’s Spey Royal and Special Export 8 YO. The company later produced an 1857 version that targeted the Italian market. The brandy has been able to maintain its famous recipe since the 19th century making it a legendary party booze. 

This gin has very distinctive tasting notes. On the nose, Gilbey’s brand has citrus (sweet orange and lemon) and pine (juniper) with delicate floral notes and hints of spice.

On the palate, this slightly smooth and medium-bodied spirit has citrus and juniper with faint spice and herbal notes. Although it is surprisingly well-balanced, this gin has an intensely harsh alcohol bite, a very dry finish, and a faint mineral taste. The 12 ingredients remain undisclosed but create a smooth, dry, and refreshing gin with the freshness of a cottage garden and the hint of citrus. 

The fermentation process used in the production of this juniper-led London Dry Gin is similar to whiskey production. Just like most whiskeys, gin is produced from grains such as malt and barley. The only difference is that the flavors found in Gilbeys gin are introduced to the alcohol after it has achieved a vaporous form and pass through a “filter” of spices, herbs, and juniper berries.

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