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Product Name Price ABVAvailability
dewars 12 years KES 4,500 - KES 6,200 40% In stock
Dewars white label KES 2,700 - KES 3,200 40% In stock
dewars 18 year KES 10,900 40% In stock
Dewars 15 years KES 9,700 40% In stock
Dewars price in Kenya

About Dewars

Dewar's is a Scotch Whiskey brand that is a blend of single malts and grain whiskeys. Its reputation precedes it, for it is the world's award-winning whiskey for its top-quality spirits. It has to undergo a four-stage aging process for it to be declared ready for consumption. This explains the distinctive smoothness that the whiskey seizes and its unique ability to soothe your palate. The whiskey is stored in oak casks where it is allowed to age and obtain that smooth full-bodied taste and a robust finish. It is the special attention given and great craft applied in its production that makes it come out with that extra smoothness that makes it outstanding. It is a drink of choice for many top business officials and has earned its place in office space; this proves to you that Dewar's is not just any other drink.

Rich, fruity mellow tones aromas welcome you every time a bottle of Dewar's is opened with apples, sultanas, raisins, honey, and toffee overtones. It well satisfies your palate with a sweet, smooth, full-bodied, creamy sensational texture taste with a long pleasant finish and a crafty dryness. It is the best drink for that person who prefers a whiskey with a moderate and well-balanced sweetness. It leaves you with a pleasant warming effect in your mouth that reminds you of how great and refreshing the whiskey is. A great whiskey does not just age but matures, and that is the distinctive trick about Dewar's.

Dewar's is a versatile drink in that you can enjoy it in many ways. You can decide to take it straight and get to feel and enjoy the soothing effect of its smoothness or mix it with soda, a bit of water, or with ginger ale. Taking the whiskey with ice will also do the trick as ice enhances the whiskey's flavors, and the taste is felt more. Dewar's is an all-occasion drink with a mass accolade of its special ability to illuminate special moments.

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