Dalmore prices in Kenya

Product Name Price ABV Availability
dalmore cigar malt KES 18,000 40% In stock
dalmore 12years KES 9,000 40% In stock
dalmore 15years KES 12,000 - KES 13,500 40% In stock
dalmore 18 years KES 23,500 43% In stock
dalmore king alexander III KES 33,000 40% In stock
Dalmore Luceo KES 27,200 40% In stock
Dalmore Valour KES 23,200 40% In stock
Dalmore Regalis KES 20,699 40% In stock
Dalmore The Quintet KES 16,499 44% In stock
Dalmore Port Wood Reserve KES 16,950 46.5% In stock
Dalmore price in Kenya

About Dalmore

Dalmore is a legendary whisky with over 150 years of production. It is a standard-setting whisky with a standard multi-cask maturation. It is among the world's best whisky, sold in many countries, including Kenya. Drinks Vine offers the best Dalmore whisky price in Kenya with free home alcohol delivery in Nairobi.

Dalmore has a rich history that dates back to the rule of King Alexander III. The King was saved by Colin of Kintail, Chief of Mackenzie Clan, from a stag that almost hit him in 1263. The King awarded this heroic act by granting the clan permission to use the stag emblem on the clan's coat of arms. Centuries later, the Mackenzie clan descendants acquired Dalmore distillery in 1867. They adopted the 12 pointed stag as the Distilleries emblem, which is used to-date on each bottle of Dalmore whisky. However, the company was founded by Alexander Matheson in 1839. Dalmore is a single malt with a rich past and an enticing culture. It strives to become each whisky lover's hero by offering the best whisky experience.

Dalmore malt is aged in three barrels and matured in ex-bourbon casks and finally in sherry wood casks. Each sherry gives Dalmore flavors of cinnamon, almonds, citrus, ginger, and deep copper color. The American white oak bourbon gives the tastiest spice, honey, vanilla, and tropical fruits. Dalmore whisky has chocolate flavors mixed with sherry and spiced oak. The whisky is delightful and luxurious. It has a full and thick mouthfeel. The finish is soft, sweet, with lingering toffee notes. To the nose, Dalmore expresses warm coffee notes, oily nuts of fine espresso, and little notes of malt, cereal, and butter. The whisky is an example of the best single malts produced in the world. The distillery has very old bottles aged 50 and 60 years, unique for Dalmore but quite pricy and rare.

Dalmore is a legendary brand famous for producing high-quality whisky. It is among the highest-ranked single malt whisky producing distilleries in Scotland. You can order this drink at Drinks Vine wines and spirits online shop in Kenya and taste the elegance and luxury this whiskey presents. You can browse through our website to discover our best whiskeys in Kenya, where you can choose your favorite. We offer the best whiskey prices in Kenya. Dial a drink today and have whiskey delivered to your doorstep. Keep the party going without worrying about running out of alcohol. We are one dial away. With our 24-hour alcohol delivery in Nairobi, we can guarantee that your mouth will never go dry. Order drinks online now and have the best experience!

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