Cesari wine price in Kenya

Product Name Price ABV Availability
Cesari Amarone KES 7,800 14% In stock
cesari mara KES 5,800 13% In stock
ripasso bosan cesari KES 7,500 13% In stock
cesari valipolicella classico KES 3,100 12% In stock
Cesari Soave Classico. KES 4,799 12% In stock
cesari della valipolicella recioto KES 4,500 13% In stock
cesari amarone della valipolicella KES 6,200 15% In stock
Cesari Essere Cabernet KES 2,399 12% In stock
Cesari Essere Merlot KES 2,399 12% In stock
Cesari IL Bosco Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico KES 10,250 15% In stock
Cesari price in Kenya

About Cesari

Cesari wine brand is famous worldwide for its unique wines, fine, elegant, and balanced drawing on tradition but still utilizing the latest knowledge on vineyard cultivation and winemaking techniques. Cesari wine belongs to Gerardo Cesari winery, founded in 1936 by Gerardo Cesari. He was determined to produce highly competitive Amarone red wines appreciated globally. He successfully achieved that such that Cesari wines became synonymous with wines from the Verona area. Cesari Amarone was the first Cesari wine type spread extensively worldwide. To keep up with the competition, Gerardo Cesari winery continued to produce quality wines that match the quality of the best wines in the world. The winery employed environmentally sustainable cultivation techniques and certified wine-making processes that guarantee quality.

Over the years, the winery has evolved while remaining true to its regional roots, offering extensive red wine varieties. You will enjoy popular Cesari wine types such as Cesari Amarone, Cesari mara, Ripasso Bosan Cesari, Della Valpolicella recioto, and Cesari Valpolicella Classico, which are the most popular Cesari wines in Kenya. Cesari mostly utilizes indigenous varietals with a small percentage of international types. Cesari Winery cultivates its grapes, a crucial quality decision. The grapes are harvested by hand, which ensures that only the best grapes are used. Some Cesari wines are extensively aged beyond DOCG regulations to impart complexity and elegance. Cesari wine brand has the best appellation wines renowned for their superior quality, authenticity, and a respected regional character that distinguished them from other wines produced worldwide.

Tasting of Cesari wines could be the best moment you would ever experience. Cesari wines have a rich flavor profile and an incredible structure. Aging in oak imparts delicious vanilla and oak flavors while still showcasing the grapes' fruity character, mostly cherry flavors. These balances perfectly with oaky notes that form a hard-to-resist taste of Cesari wines. Each wine type has its flavor profile but with a quality and elegance similarity across the Cesari wine types.

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