Black bird price in Kenya

Product Name Price ABVAvailability
black bird rose KES 1,400 9% In stock
black bird sweet red KES 1,400 13% In stock
Black Bird sweet white KES 1,400 9% In stock
Black Bird price in Kenya

About Black Bird

We tend to think of wineries as passion brands. We imagine the people behind the brands spending every moment creating a rich and complex world of wine. Most wine producers spend their days trolling through vineyards with dirt to produce a bottle of their favorite vintage. Most wine producers work on a product that they would enjoy taking themselves. They invest so much in building a successful premium wine. Most founders focus on getting customers who will be passionate and loyal to their brand due to its quality and elegance. Moreover, you cannot build a successful wine brand without profoundly understanding and loving its product.

Black Bird is a sweet red South African wine classified as red wine or sweet wine. The Black Bird family offers more great options like the Black Bird rose, Black Bird soft red, and Black Bird fresh white. Black bird wine in one of the best wines in Kenya.

Black Bird is a dark wine, unique with bright and lovely fruit aromas and a palate rich with blackberries and ripe cherry flavors with a touch of chocolate and mocha. Every time you sip this wine, it will blow your mind as you will get lost in its elegance and style. This wine is so good, and it flies off the shelf. The Black Bird red wine can be served with classic meat dishes, veal, pork, roast chicken, ribs, hamburgers, barbecue, grilled dishes, and stews. Apart from Black Bird Sweet Red, we also have an extensive collection of the South African wines, which you can check out on our page. We have a variety of wines like ama la Vida white cask, 4th street rose, ama la Vida red cask, arbor mist chardonnay, and ama la Vida white. We have a wide selection of wine, both local and international. You only need to explore our website and dial a drink of your choice.

Many people would ask: what wine brand can we buy when we have a celebration? Black Bird wine is the real deal with just the right flavor, right price positioning, and the proper packaging. You need to order from our online liquor shop in Kenya. We believe in quality, convenience, and offering the best alcohol delivery services in Nairobi to our esteemed customers. We sell both retail and wholesale, individual and corporates. We can promise you to deliver quality every time you make an order. You can get to order Black Bird Sweet red wine in our online liquor store and enjoy free alcohol delivery in Nairobi.

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