Birds & Bees wine price in Kenya

Product Name Price ABV Availability
Birds & Bees red sweet Malbec KES 1,600 12% In stock
Birds & Bees white sweet Malbec KES 1,600 12% In stock
Birds & Bees Pink Moscato KES 1,600 11% In stock
Birds & Bees price in Kenya

About Birds & Bees

How long has it been since you have a taste of the most elegant and purest sweet wine? You can end your cravings now with just one dial and order wine online in Kenya. One of the best options to quench your wine thirst is the famous Birds & Bees wine brand. The brand offers both red and white malbec wine variants, both sweet varieties, as the name suggests.

Birds and Bees is an Argentinian wine brand from the Mendoza region crafted from the highest quality malbec grapes. Like most quality wines, Birds & Bees wine has no added sugar. The sweetness comes from the residual natural sugar from Malbec grapes. The brand is owned by Trivento Bodegas y Vinedos S.A winemakers, founded in 1996. Birds & Bees is an award-winning wine brand in many international contests. It is an accurate representation of quality, offering a wonderful wine experience. The two major Birds & Bees wine varieties in Kenya are Birds and Bees Sweet Malbec red wine and Birds and Bees Sweet Malbec white wine. These varieties are available at Drinks Vine online liquor store with the best wine price in Kenya.

Birds & Bees wines are fruit-forward expressing countryside aromas. The malbec grape has medium acidity and tannins. Birds & Bees Malbec red is flavorful with intense blackcurrant, dried figs, and damsons flavors. It has evident hints of eucalyptus and subtle notes of honeysuckle. It has a medium length with an excellent taste buds tickling effect. Birds & Bees Malbec white is also a fruit-forward sweet wine expressing the strengths of Malbec grapes. Together with the red variant, they serve as the best introductory wines for beginners. Whenever you swirl a glass of either variety of Birds & Bees wine, the floral notes hits your nose. On sipping, the quality and taste are unmatched, making you drink to the last drop.

Make Birds & Bees wine your theme drinks on that special occasion you have been planning. The wine will never disappoint. Whether it is a date with the love of your life, a wedding ceremony, a family gathering, or a house party with friends, Birds & Bees is the best drink to serve your guests. Give us a call today and have us deliver wine to your home. Drinks Vine online wines and spirits shop offers fast and reliable alcohol home delivery service. Enjoy free liquor delivery in Nairobi and its environs. Dial a drink today and order your favorite alcoholic beverage. We are one call away. Cheers!

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