Amrut whisky price in Kenya

Product Name Price ABV Availability
Amrut intermediate sherry KES 8,700 57% In stock
Amrut portonava KES 8,300 62% In stock
Amrut fusion KES 8,700 50% In stock
Amrut Peated Single Malt Whisky KES 14,700 46% In stock
Amrut Indian Single Malt Whisky KES 14,700 46% In stock
Amrut Amalgam KES 5,799 42% In stock
Amrut Two Indies Rum KES 3,599 42.8% In stock
Amrut price in Kenya

About Amrut

Amrut edited 

What exactly is Amrut Whisky?

Amrut is a single malt Indian whisky that is manufactured by Amrut Distilleries which is based in Bangalore, south India. Standard single malts of this brand are fruity tropical whiskies made from peated or non peated barley.


This single is made from barley grown at the Himalayas' foothills across Rajasthan, Punjab, and Haryana.

The high humidity and heat make this whisky mature very fast. Most Amrut whiskies are usually ready within four years, which is equivalent to almost 20 years in Scotland.

The maturity and the distinctive taste in this whisky have made it gain awards and acclaim in less than two decades. Today, this whisky is found in more than 20 nations, with Amrut Amalgam Malt being the most sought-after type of this brand.

Brief History

The distillery launched its first Amrut whisky in 2004 in Glasgow though it was established in 1948 by Shri JN Radhakrishna. Originally, the distillery manufactured gin, rum, and vodka, with the whiskies being mostly blends. It became popular after Jim Murray, one of the world’s famous whisky connoisseurs, gave the distillery a rating of 82 and named Amrut Fusion the third best whisky in the world.

The distillery also produces other rich and well-blended whiskies, including MaQ Scotch Whisky, Prestige Portfolio, and MaQintosh Premium Whisky.

Tasting Notes

The brands are loved because of their okay, smoky, spicy caramel notes with sweet flavor notes on the palate. Other distinguished notes include milk chocolate, vanilla, dried fruit, and sherry.


Some of the delicious cocktails that can be made from Amrut Whiskies include Kandy gunpowder, apricot, mint julep, whisky punch, boulevardier, Manhatten, and old-fashioned.


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