Aberfeldy whisky

Product Name Price ABVAvailability
Aberfeldy 12 years KES 6,900 40% In stock
Aberfeldy 18 Years KES 22,000 40% In stock
aberfeldy 21 years KES 26,000 40% In stock
Aberfeldy 16 years KES 16,000 40% In stock
Aberfeldy price in Kenya

About Aberfeldy

The Aberfeldy distillery is the master craftsmanship of John Dewar and sons. The distillery was put together in 1896 and later started production in 1898. The distillery is domiciled in the upper Tay's southern bank on the outskirts of Eastern Aberfeldy in central Scotland. To the western side of the distillery lies the Cairngorms National park, a two-hour drive on the southwest from Speyside. The Speyside area of Scotland has the biggest concentration of distilleries, and though Aberfeldy isn't technically in Speyside, it's much proximal to the area. As with most indigenous distilleries, the 1 st world war took a toll on the distillery, disrupting the supply chains but later resumed production in 1919.

Aberfeldy's name is a derivative of the Gaelic Obar Pheallaidh to mean "mouth of the steam of Pellaidh"

Distillery Ownership

Aberfeldy distillery was later sold to Distillers Company Limited (DCL), who are attributed to closing the malting at distillery in favor of outsourcing and thereby increasing the stilling pots to four from the previous two with a resultant boost in production. In 1998, the Aberfeldy distillery was absorbed by Bacardi.

The Aberfeldy's distillery and capacity

The Aberfeldy's Distillery has an annual output of 3.4 million litres. The use of unpeated malt brought from the malting companies means Aberfeldy doesn't do its malting any more. The whiskey is aged in American oak ex-bourbon casks. The aging in oak infuses a smooth and mild taste that is distinctive of the Aberfeldy's whiskey brands.

The Aberfeldy's products

The Aberfeldy's distillery matures its whiskey in 12 years, 18 years, and 21 years. The whiskey has scooped international awards: the 12 years whiskey has scooped three golds and three silver medals while the 21 years whiskey has scooped three Golds, a Double Gold, and a bronze medal in the period between 2007 and 2012

Aberfeldy tasting profile

The 12-year-old flagship whiskey has a gentle peat sweet malty palate with a clean mouthfeel. A Subtle oak, vanilla, and peaches in cream characterize its body while having ginger, malt, and zest of grapefruit finish. The 18 and 21 years have a palate of silky oak, cinnamon, dark chocolate and a whisper of smoke

Aberfeldy's availability in Kenya

The whiskey is readily available at Dial a Delivery mostly in the 12 years and 18 years packages. The price ranges between a modest Ksh. 7000 for the 12 years to 22000/= for the 18 years maturity. The 21 years old Aberfeldy is more seasonal but is available on order. Order whisky online in Kenya and we will deliver in less than 30 minutes

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