Wine delivery services Nairobi

Wine delivery services Nairobi

Booze, as Nairobians call it, has become an important part of their lives. During times of happiness or sadness, it is still the most preferred beverage. This is because it comes in handy in almost any situations. With the emergence of wine delivery services, you no longer have to leave your house just to get a good bottle of wine. With the EABL drinks delivery services done by dial a delivery, getting your favorite wine brand is no longer an issue. You simply go online, pick the wine you want, whether it is rose wine, red wine, white wine, sparkling wine or champagne.

Online liquor stores in Nairobi and the industry of drinks delivery in Kenya has made life very easy for Kenyans who love to shop online. Picture this, you are in the middle of your favorite movie or TV show sipping on your wine when suddenly your wine runs out, or, it is the weekend and your friends are coming over; in both scenarios, having your wine delivered to you will be of great help to you. The same day wine delivery service by dial a delivery is just what you need. This is just another reason why buying wine online in Nairobi has become some sort of a trend. Not convinced yet? Below are more reasons why you should consider having your wine delivered to you.

Benefits of wine delivery

Saves time

You will agree with me that Nairobi is one of the busiest cities in Africa. It is so full of hustle and bustle that you can barely have quality time to spend with your loved ones. These conditions make it difficult to walk down the supermarket and shop. And, even if you get time to go to the supermarket, once you get there. You are likely to get a long line of customers at the till machine waiting to be served. 

However, with online shopping, you can buy your wine right at home and have it delivered as you spend time with your family. Besides, you can do the online shopping anywhere you are meaning that you can buy your drinks as you are on your way home and have it delivered to you once you get home. Not only do you save time, you will also end up saving nature as you won’t be burning fuel which ends up harming nature. With online shopping, deliveries of multiple orders are made by a single person. Besides, online stores have a comprehensive list of the best wines in Kenya and their prices.

Reduce expenditure

Once you make the trip to the supermarket for a bottle of wine, you are likely to get carried away and buy extra stuff that you did not plan on buying. Furthermore, supermarkets are designed in such a way to maximize impulse buying making it hard for you to resist buying unnecessary items once you get there. However, with online shopping, you no longer have to worry about purchasing other items on impulse. Whether you are getting a bottle of whisky or any alcoholic drink, save your money by buying your drink online and make use of whisky delivery or any drink delivery done by dial a delivery.

Nairobi traffic

Besides the supermarkets, there are a couple of wine shops in the Nairobi CBD (Central Business District), but who wants to the stress of battling the traffic in Nairobi and burn fuel when you can have your wine delivered to you wherever you are. Beside the road traffic, Nairobi CBD is also characterized by human traffic. This means that you will have to battle your way through throngs of people especially if you go to get your wine during rush hour.

24 Hour delivery

Whether it’s during the day, in the evening or late at night, dial a delivery will deliver your favorite wine free of charge. Simply go online, purchase the wine and wait for it. Whether it is church wine or wine for a get together and parties, the online liquor store has got you covered. Dial a delivery has liquor delivery service that guarantees you faster and convenient delivery at the shortest time possible.

Countrywide delivery

Not many delivery services can deliver wine to you wherever you are in Kenya, but dial a delivery delivers wine throughout the country making it the best wine delivery service you get. In less than 24 hours, you will get your wine, whether you are in Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu or Kiambu.

Fascinating facts about wine

Wine has been around for ages, in case you have not had the chance to taste this famous drink, you should definitely head to dial a delivery website and have this popular drink delivered to you. But first things first, let us look at some of the fascinating facts about this alcoholic drink. 

Wine glass

Did you know that there is a wrong and a right way of holding a wine glass. Wineglass should be held by the stem. The glass should not be held by the bowl because the heat from the hand can easily raise the temperature of the wine.


Although it is commonly known that wine gets better with age, this does not apply to all kinds of wine. In fact most wines are ready to be consumed once they are produced. These are the wines which lack the potential for aging. Only a few types of wine have the potential of lasting for more than a decade as they age.

‘Dumb’ and ‘numb’ wine

Wine that lacks odor is referred to as dumb wine. However, dumb wine may still develop a pleasant odor in the future. On the other hand, a ‘numb’ wine is one which neither has odor nor the potential to develop the pleasant odor in the future.

Feminine and masculine wine

Wine which is more delicate compared to the rest is referred to as feminine wine, while masculine wine is the ‘big’ or ‘full’ wine.


Naming wine

European wines are named after the regions where they are produced, while wines from other regions of the world are named after the various rapes used to make them.

Sex drive

Women who prefer red wine as opposed to the other types of wine, tend to have higher sex drives compared to other women.

Kosher wine

Wine for Orthodox Jews has to be kosher wine. This means that this wine cannot be touched by any person who is not an observant Jew or a Gentile, at any point of the process of making it (from picking the grapes to be used to bottling). Also, the wine must strictly contain only kosher ingredients.

Wine shade

Unlike the white wine, red wine tends to lose color with aging. On the other hand, white wine gains color with aging as it progresses from golden to brown yellow.

Wine taste

All wine taste like fruit. Only in rare circumstances does wine taste like grapes. So, in case you have not tasted wine yet, don’t be surprised that this exotic drink made from grapes, does not taste like grapes.

Tips on drinking alcohol

You may be familiar with the ‘drink moderately’ tip, but it is likely that you are not aware of some of the tips below. Since wine is an alcoholic drink, the tips below will be of great value to you as a lover of wine or a potential beneficiary of alcohol delivery in Nairobi.

  • If you drink most days, try and have 1-2 days that are alcohol-free so that your body gets the chance to recover.

  • Always drink alcohol with food or have food in your stomach when taking any alcoholic drink, be it wine, beer or whiskey.

  • After a binge drinking episode, it is good to let your cells recover by having a couple of alcohol-free weeks.

  • Ensure that you are only drinking organic or high-quality wine. This will help you avoid any toxins, pesticides and other harmful ingredients that go into the process of making wine.

  • Have a balanced meal the morning after drinking. The meal should consist of healthy fats and high protein to help in nutrient absorption.

From the information above, it is clear that wine delivery in Nairobi is ideal for all circumstances. Not only do you get your drink delivers round the clock, regardless of the time, you also get to enjoy affordable wine from the online wine stores. 

Why not surprise your loved one by having a bottle of their favorite wine delivered to them? Whether in their office or home, dial a delivery services in Nairobi provides a 24 hour liquor delivery guarantee a fast and convenient delivery. So next time, you are thinking of delivering a parcel to your loved one, why not accompany it with a bottle of wine? Besides, wine gifts are some of the most amazing gifts you can give someone. From affordable wine brands to expensive wine brands, dial a delivery has you covered. And in case you are planning a party, the website features wines and spirits at wholesale prices making it pocket-friendly for bulk purchases.