Online drinks delivery - Buy alcohol online

Online drinks delivery - Buy alcohol online

You will agree with me that technology has completely changed our lives, it has changed the way we shop, socialize, order drinks, make business deals and just about everything else. Online drinks delivery is a new thing, an innovation that puts a smile on everybody who fancy simplicity and efficiency.

About four years ago I read a post that went like this “I will not get satisfied with technology until I get to download food” well this was pretty hilarious, yet it got me thinking, how could technology reduce the hassles we undergo to get our favorite dishes or drinks? This article explores online alcohol delivery, benefits & best practices of purchasing drinks online and and at the end agree how far or close we are to downloading food.

The recent technological advancements have brought about an unusual blessing, that kind of blessing that doesn't happen every day, ‘alcohol delivery’. This day, we can dial and have drinks delivered within minutes, I believe this is close enough to downloading food. The fact that you can find all the popular drinks in Kenya in one place ( your phone ) and press just a single button to have them delivered to your home is a revolutionary phenomenon, but there is more than that, so let’s explore this new world.

Whats the big deal with drinks delivery?

Alcohol delivery, is one of those small but defining scenarios; the moment you order alcohol online makes you feel more alive, it’s a reminder that you have made it to the 21st century and life is more fun than the 90s; it’s a moment to sit down and forget how difficult life was writing those love letters back in high school, I mean, it feels like cheating when you see how easy those kids have it today, just pressing send button?

Buying alcohol online has become a breeze but that not all, there are cost benefits since you buy at lower prices and did I mention you save time as you get the drinks delivered to you not the other way when you had to go searching for drinks? Free and fast delivery, lower prices and original products, the deal is just too good but it’s true.

Why order alcohol online?

The most obvious reasons to order alcohol online include minimizing the expenditure on drinks, letting someone else do the hard work of finding & delivering a rare brand of alcohol for you, time-saving, avoid Nairobi’s terrible traffic or finish the last rite of passage to joining the digital world which marks the end of your term in the dark analogue times. Above benefits are more than enough reasons to attract you into this new world of ordering your drinks online. The way I like to look at it is from a customer’s perspective, buying liquor via the internet is one of those rare win-win situations where you either win or win; there is nothing to lose.

Where to buy drinks online in Nairobi

Trying not to be biased, I would suggest you order your drinks from us ( ), below are my reasons:

1. We are serious about our delivery time 10 to 30 minutes.

2. We always offer original products, EABL drinks.

3. Huge offers time after time.

4. Our platform is growing, and soon you will order (download) food, drinks, gifts and more from one place.

5. Loyalty programs that help our regular customers save big.

6. We offer superb customer services.

7. You can always return or exchange goods sold if issues arise.

8. We appreciate you, to us you are not just a customer, you belong to the dial a delivery family.

Above are some of the reasons I strongly feel we should serve you but there are other wines and spirits distributors in Nairobi who hold the same believe that; drinks should come to you and not the other way round. Some of these online liquor stores include Nairobi drinks, Dial a drink Kenya, Chupa chap, Drinks zone and Drinks delivery Kenya. With the recent growth in alcohol delivery Nairobi, most of these stores promise a 24 hour alcohol delivery but be aware that some of the areas may not enjoy 24-hour delivery due to security issues among other hindrances, but most places will enjoy this service.

Drinks delivery facts

As with every other technology, you need to know the basic facts to get the most benefits out of it. As you plan to buy liquor online, let me offer you some tips to make your process of ordering alcohol smooth.

1. Stick to one online liquor store. With this point, I speak in respect to how Dial a delivery operate, being our regular customer attracts lower prices and regular discounts; this significantly reduces your costs.

2. Directions matter a lot. As you order drinks online, keep location information precise and accurate as possible, it is even advisable to drop a pin of your location so that you can get your drinks on time.

3. If issues with products arise, always have them delivered back to the distributor/ liquor store. Staying with the products for a period then claiming there was an issue might raise complications. If there is an issue, most of the liquor stores will change the drinks for you.

4. Cash on delivery is always preferable. Although till to date, I have not heard any complaints regarding payment prior or on delivery. I believe its good to pay on delivery, that way you can see what you are paying for.

Whether you are looking for wine delivery or whiskey delivery in Nairobi you can never go wrong with online drinks delivery, especially with dial a delivery, we got you covered from all aspects, and we can’t betray your trust as you choose to order drinks from us. Ordering alcohol from us is the first step to building a long-lasting mutually beneficial relationship. Place your order now and let the magic of drinks delivery take its course.