Getting to know your beers – Beers in Kenya

Getting to know your beers – Beers in Kenya

For more than 10,000 years, people all over the world have been enjoying beer. Today, beer remains one of the best-selling alcoholic drinks out there. The popularity of this drink is the same in the regardless of the economic status of the county. Nobody can deny that Kenyans love their booze at all times. In case you doubt, just visit end of year parties at major companies, nightclubs, house parties, and see for yourself. This tendency is common especially for Nairobians who cannot enjoy a party if no booze is involved.

The worst case scenario that could occur is running out of beer at the middle of the party, but beer delivery services in Kenya like dial a delivery, have stepped up solve this problem. You no longer have to leave the comfort of your home or the party to go to a liquor store just so you can get more booze. Simply head to an online beer shop and order your beers then wait to have your drink delivered to you in the shortest time possible. Beer delivery in Nairobi offers the shortest delivery time you can get, even faster than food delivery, from 15 to 30 minutes. What’s even better is the fact that alcohol delivery is done 24 hours a day.

In this article will help you get to know more about beer, the different categories like cider, lager and malt. We hope this information will be helpful in your next purchase and help your enjoy the beers; be it Kenyan beers or imported beers. Before we get to know more about beers lets highlight the popular/ top beers in Kenya. The numbering is no specific order.

Popular beers in Kenya

1. Heineken Can

2. Tusker Lager

3. White Cap

4. Smirnoff Double Black Ice

5. Carlsberg Can

6. Guinness

7. Savanna Dry

8. Atlas 12

9. Corona

10. Desperados


Beer is a product of a fermented of a mix of water, hops, malt and yeast. The malt has to come from good quality barley since only special varieties of barley are used in making beer. In addition, proper malting conditions have to be applied to get good malt. Malt barley is the most crucial ingredient in beer production.

The traditional bitterness of beer comes from hops and the hop rate determines the degree bitterness. Hops are derived from a climbing plant that has both male and female flowers. However, only the female hops are used in beer production.

The yeast helps in fermentation as it converts the sugars in the wort into carbon dioxide and alcohol through the process of fermentation.

Beer recipes vary according to the kind of beer being made. Some might include spices and fruits, while others may have a high content of hops or none at all, like some ancient beers. However, regardless of the recipe, the core ingredients of beer remain the same, water, hops, malt and yeast.


Did you know that people in ancient times relied on beer as source of hydration when water levels went down? Even though nowadays we don’t rely on beer as source of hydration when water levels go down, the love for beer has remained the same.

Even though tracing the history of beer is not easy, it is believed that beer was born during the Middle Ages. During this time, production of beer was mainly carried out by monks in the monasteries. '

Health benefits of beer

Just as too much of anything can be dangerous, excessive consumption of beer can be harmful to your health. Beer has many benefits if drunk in moderation. Below are some of these benefits.

A natural drink

One thing about beer is that it does not need preservatives and additives since the hops act as preservatives. Beer can be likened to milk and juice, which does not have additives and preservatives (as many do). Beer does not need preservatives because the hops and alcohol act as natural preservatives for beer. In fact, the production of beer is similar to that of bread since it involves cooking then fermentation before it is filtered and packaged. So at this era when everybody is trying to consume less chemicals beer might be your perfect candidate.

Safer than water

Beer comes in handy when you are in places where you are advised not to drink the water due to con terminations or other reasons we don’t know. In such cases, beer will be safer than the bottled water. During the brewing process, beer is boiled and then kept clean afterwards before it is capped and sold. This is what makes beer a safer alternative if the water is unsafe for drinking. In addition, even if the beer have aged form months, it would still be safe since no life-threatening bacteria can live in beer.

Have nutrients

Did you know that beer has nutrients that are beneficial to the body? It is no wonder that this ancient drink is also referred to as liquid bread. This is because when you drink beer is almost as if you are eating bread because the way bread is made is almost similar to the way beer is made. The nutrients found in beer include silicon, B vitamins, potassium and fluoride. However, even though beer has nutrients you need to be mindful of the amount you are consuming, as beer is full of calories too.

Healthy heart

Studies have shown that moderate intake of beer (maximum of two cans only) can reduce the drinker’s risk of heart disease. These findings were derived from studies conducted on more than 200,000 drinkers from all over the world by Fondazione di Ricerca e Cura, an organization based in Italy. The studies revealed that moderate consumption of beer had the ability to decrease the risk of heart disease by 31% just like the moderate consumption of wine. Other researches have also proved that among men who have already suffered a heart attack, those that moderately consume beer are 42% less likely to die from a heart disease.

Strong bones

Moderate beer consumption increases bone density among men. This is thanks to the high silicon content of beer. The national Institutes of Health found that dietary silicon is essential for the growth as well as the development of connective tissue and bone. Silicon also helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis, a bone-thinning disease.

Long life

Psychologically, moderate consumption of beer has the ability to add more years of life to the drinker. This was according to a study conducted in Texas by a psychologist from University of Texas. However, don’t go ahead and feast on beer this weekend in the name of wanting to live longer. Remember moderate drinking is here is key and furthermore, by consuming excessive alcohol you may end up doing more damage than good. Besides, the fact that moderate beer consumption lowers risks of heart disease and diabetes.

Tips on how to best enjoy your beer

To fully enjoy you beer, follow the following steps.

Pick a beer you will enjoy

There are so many types of beer out there, we have both Kenya made beers like Tusker and Pilsner and imported beers like Heineken beer, Atlas and Faxe . If you really want to enjoy your dink, you have to pick one that you are going to enjoy. For this to happen, you must try out these beer varieties so that you know which one fits your taste buds. Researching on the various beer types can also help you pick the right one for you. This especially comes in handy when buying your drink from an online beer shop.

Always check date code

To ensure that your beer is fresh, make sure that you check the date code. Even though most beers are better consumed when fresh, there are some other types, which are best when left to age. In case of unique date codes, Google searching will always be of help. What you need to know is beers also have a shelf life.

Proper glassware

In case you have been drinking beer straight from the bottle or the can, you have been missing the full aroma and appearance of beer. When it comes to the different styles of beer, a tulip glass works best with most beers. The other styles of beer will need specific types of glass to give you the full experience. The good thing is that most breweries often sell branded glassware that is designed in a way that enhances their flagship beer. Besides maximizing the flavor of beer, the proper glassware enhances your beer by keeping it cooler.

Clean glass

A clean glass for your beer will ensure you have the best experience. A clean glass does not leave patches of bubbles clinging to the inside of the glass, instead a clean glass should leave rings of lacing on the glass as you drink your beer.

Proper Temperature

Even though it is popular belief that ice-cold beer tastes best, avoid drinking beer straight out from the fridge. This is because cold temperatures hinder our ability to taste and smell, the two crucial elements of fully enjoying your beer. To fully enjoy the flavor of your beer, you need to know the best temperature of serving the beer. You can simply know the best serving temperature of whatever beer you have by doing a little research online. Generally, the rule of thumb is that the darker the beer, the warmer the serving temperature.

Don’t drink when hungry

If you want to best enjoy your beer, you have to make sure that you eat something before or while you take your beer. This will prevent you from easily getting drunk and hence give you more time to savor your beer drinking experience and be able to order another beer. Most Kenyans love taking their beer with ‘nyama choma’ (roasted meat) and this is great because it prevents you from getting drunk fast.

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