Gifts for Her - Best Gift Ideas for Ladies

Gifts for Her - Best Gift Ideas for Ladies

Gifts for Her

The special lady in your life deserves the best treat. Whether it’s your girlfriend, wife, best friend, your mother, sister, or daughter, a perfect gift will make a memorable impression. There are so many options and at times we may be overwhelmed by the wide range of gifts that we fail to make the best choice. What do they want? What do they already have? Which color is their favorite? Do they like this scent? So many questions cross your mind when looking for an ideal gift.

However, this problem can be narrowed down by asking, “What’s the occasion?” You could need gifts for her birthday, wedding, romantic gift for wife or it could only be a friendly gesture. Either way, you will need a special gift for her. Regardless of what the occasion is, we provide you with the best gift ideas. We will help you find something thoughtful, trendy, and creative that will steal the show, or even better, melt her heart.

Trendy Gifts for her 2021

You probably started the year 2021 by popping a bottle of champagne and made New Year promises to her, or maybe you didn’t. But it’s never too late! You can make up for it by sending a liquor gift basket. I am sure you know her favorite wine or spirit, but if you don’t, we have gathered a list of the best alcohol for ladies that will make a perfect gift.

Personalized gifts allow you to include items that you are sure she would love. You may send a surprise gift in form of a liquor basket, personalized to contain her favorite liquor, chocolate, a few stalks of flowers or even a bouquet, her favorite cologne, and many other creative ideas. Alcohol-themed gift sets are an amazing choice. Your favorite lady gets to add something amazing to their home bar or try out a new cocktail. 

Unique Gifts Ideas

Whether you are looking for a romantic gift for your wife, or a birthday gift for a girlfriend, the following ideas available at Drinks Vine will help you come up with the perfect gift for her:

1. Wine and chocolate gift baskets

There many types of chocolate and the best wines for ladies. You may include her favorite wine and chocolate in a gift basket accompanied by a romantic message on a greetings card. Drinks Vine is among the best gift shops in Nairobi that will make this happen. We help you make the perfect gift then deliver it to your lucky lady’s doorstep.

2. Flowers

Flowers have never gone out of fashion. They will forever remain a wonderfully romantic gesture. Besides romance, different flowers send different messages. You may want to wish a quick recovery to your sick friend or offer condolences to the bereaved. Flowers send a powerful message, which is usually accompanied by a note if delivered on your behalf.

For romance purposes, you may want to identify your girl’s favorite flowers. Research has shown that ladies love it when someone sends them flowers and even better, they are thrilled when it’s their favorite type. It sends a message that you care so much to know their favorite.

3. Gift Packs

Several alcohol brands have gift packs which usually comprise liquor and glasses. Glenfiddich 12 years gift pack for instance consists of 750ml whisky and two branded whisky glasses. Other brands with gift packs include Johnnie Walker Black Label, Remy martin, Jameson, Sandeman, Chivas, and others. We have the best whisky gift packs, gin, liqueur, and even wine which you can gift a lady. We also brand glasses and engrave bottles with names or the preferred message. Send your request in advance to enable us to make the necessary arrangements.

4. Expensive Liquor

Gifting can be faced with many obstacles. A sweater may be too baggy, unfitting shoes, your favorite piece of art is not her taste and other phenomena. You may spend too much on a gift that ends up disappointing you. Before you settle for old-fashioned simple gifts, may we suggest a gift that you can never go wrong with. An expensive bottle of whisky, wine, Champagne, or any other liquor type is hard for anyone not to love. We have the best expensive liquor that you can gift a lady and be guaranteed that they would like them. Of course, you must know the type of drink your lady most enjoys. Go for the high-end bottle to end the stress of buying gifts for your loved one.

Gift Delivery Service

Choose your gift from the gift section of our website and order online. You can also call or WhatsApp us if you have additional requirements. You can buy our available gift hampers, gift packs, valentine gifts, or any other package, or you can build your own gift. We allow you to choose the wine, whisky, or any other liquor and other inclusions you may want. You can request the engraving of liquor bottles or glasses, a greeting card written with the best handwriting containing your message. If you want it to be a surprise gift, have us deliver it to her door.

We have different packaging including a gift bag, gift basket, ribbon, and gift box. You may choose your preferred packaging. After completing your pick and everything is wrapped up, you will be requested a delivery address. We offer free gift delivery in Nairobi and its environs. Like our liquor delivery service, it will take less than 30 minutes to deliver.

Browse through our available gift options and choose your package. You can also email us or call to request a quotation for your gift idea. We are the best gift shop in Nairobi offering the best gift price and reliable delivery.

Our delivery service is not restricted to Nairobi. We deliver to other parts of the country as well. Order in advance to enable us to assemble all your gift requirements.

It is not many times that you come across a liquor store with gift delivery. Or maybe you have never thought that you can buy liquor gifts online. Liquor gifts for ladies, in particular, require more information during selection since there are liquor types most suited for ladies. Drinks Vine is the best shop for buying gifts for her because, besides our large liquor collection, we have shopping guides with well-researched content. You will find guides and blog posts on the best liquor for ladies that you can gift them. Whether your lady is a wine person or prefers spirits and liqueurs, our guides consist of the top picks by ladies and those recommended by sommeliers and connoisseurs.

Flavor, structure, and aroma matter for most ladies. A seductive presentation earns you points too. Most of the recommended drinks for ladies have been crafted to express an aesthetic value that ladies most enjoy. For instance, Gordon’s pink is a popular choice by ladies than Gordon’s London Dry gin. The strawberry flavor makes all the difference. Others, it’s the presentation that makes all the difference. That is why we ensure that you get attractive packaging for your gift, which will make an exciting first impression.

Our expertise in the sale of wines and spirits has enabled us to identify the best liquor types of exceptional quality and flavors that your lady will very much enjoy. On your request, we can give recommendations on the best booze options for your liquor gift basket. Order online at Drinks Vine and enjoy our professional services.