Champagne in Kenya - Champagne online Delivery Nairobi

Champagne in Kenya - Champagne online Delivery Nairobi

All the celebrations will never be complete without tossing a bottle of champagne. Champagne are celebration drinks since their discovery. This is because champagne are beautiful drinks that brings sparkle to every celebration. Starting from how is prepared, how is packaged to its refreshing taste that explodes on the tongue, you just can’t afford any memorable event without a bottle.

Champagne is a classy drink, for instance, in Kenya if you are spotted somewhere in a bar enjoying your tall glass of champagne, then everyone will notes you and the sexy brown ladies will even try to wink at you. On the other hand, if you are not the types that like clubbing you can also get a champagne delivery to your house from Dial a Delivery. How fancy is that? You can buy champagne online with a click of a button and have it delivered to you in less than 30 minutes.

Champagne Gift Delivery

Time has always been in a constraint in the city. Do you remember that crucial event that you were invited but due to job and personal reasons you were unable to attend? Worry no more because you can send a bottle of champagne to apologize and be sure your apologies will be warmly received. It’s worth noting that champagne gift delivery is a service that has been there for a long time in the United States and some parts of Europe but now is becoming increasingly popular in Kenya.

Drinks Vine offers champagne gifts baskets that are prepared according to your instructions. What will be included in the basket will largely depend on the target recipient. For example, you may choose to have flowers and champagne packaged together impressively to create a great memory. A gift card and a teddy bear may also be included among chocolates bar or sweets to pamper the recipient.

Why Buy Champagne online

Oftenly this bubbly drink is bought as a champagne gift, but that doesn’t mean that you are not supposed to enjoy this drink by yourself. Imagine in a serene environment at the balcony of your house, at the swimming pool or the garden terrace as you listen to the birds chirping as they enjoy the nature and your throat appreciating the master art of this noble wine. Isn’t that awesome? There are several scenarios when you will need a champagne gift set at your side. Some of these occasions may include a wedding ceremony, job promotion, happy birthday, special days like Valentines, graduation day, great achievement and vacation like Easter, Christmas and New Year. Besides these events, you may also choose to toss glasses of champagne due to your love for bubbles or just to get the relaxing comfort associated with sparkling wines.

Regardless of the reason for popping a champagne bottle, we must agree that there is fun in every glass. That being said, we must also agree that when we want to have fun, we want less hustle and the only way to achieve that is by buying champagne online. When you buy champagne from a reliable online liquor store like Dial a Delivery or Nairobi Drinks, you are set to gain on the assurance of original eabl drinks, free and fast deliveries, flexible payment methods that include credit card, debit cards, visa cards, master cards, Mpesa number and till number, cash on delivery, banks transfer and banker’s cheque.

Other advantages that come with online drinks delivery Kenya includes no minimum orders, great varieties of drinks to choose from, the convenience that comes with ordering from the comfort of your house or office, best prices and huge discounts on every purchase, alcohol gifts and no minimum orders as we deliver even a single bottle.

The best of all is the extended working hours that goes way long to midnight on weekdays and 24 hours on weekends and holidays. 24-hour alcohol delivery Nairobi is one thing that Dial A Delivery, the leading Nairobi wine shop is trying to establish so as to serve our customers well and we are already proud of the steps we have taken.

What is Champagne

Champagnes are just sparkling wines. Now you may ask me, how come not all sparkling wines are called champagne? To acquire the title champagne, the sparkling wine must be prepared in France in a region called Champagne and produced by a method called Methode Champenoise. There are several other methods used in the production like Bulk Chamat and Bottle Transfer, but the quality of the champagne produced through these other methods is lower compared to Methode Champenoise.

Champagne of higher quality has finer mousses. Now that we have agreed that champagnes are sparkling wines, the next question should be, what are sparkling wines? Sparkling wines are wines that are made from two fermentation processes. The second fermentation process is facilitated by adding a mixture of sugar and yeast then trapping the carbon that is released. The carbon is the one that brings about the fizzing and popping when the bottle is shaken in celebration.

Types of champagne

Vintage – this refers to the champagnes made from grapes harvested in one single year. These champagnes are aged for longer periods in comparison with non-vintage Champagnes. The longer aging gives them higher quality against non-vintage champagnes from the same producer through their consistency varies from year to year due to the weather while non-vintage champagnes are consistent every year. Vintage wines are only produced in the best years although a few producers also produce in lesser years.

Non-vintage – this refers to the champagnes that are produced by blending different grapes from different years and different vineyards to produce one classic wine. The blending is done after first fermentation but before second fermentation. Actually, most of the champagnes available are non-vintage champagnes. This category of champagnes are meant to be drunk immediately after production, but they also benefit from aging to increase rich flavors and finer mousses (the foam that appears on the top of the glass after pouring the champagne into it).

Blanc De Blancs – These are white champagnes made exclusively from Chardonnay grapes. They are lighter and elegant champagnes that are found in both vintage and non–vintage. They are better quality than blends of Blanc De Noir.

Blanc De Noir – These are red champagnes made from Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. These champagnes are more fuller and fruitier in taste in comparison with other champagnes. Just like Blanc De Blancs, these champagnes are also available in vintage and non-vintage types.

Brut – these are white dry champagnes from minimal dosage (blend of wine and sugar that is added to the champagne before bottling ). The brut category of champagnes is the most common in the market and is considered to be the original champagne.

Rose Champagnes – just like rose wines, the rose champagnes are achieved by removing the skins of the red grapes before fermentation. On the other hand, unlike rose wines, rose champagnes can also be achieved by blending white and red champagnes. Rose champagnes could be dry, but most of them are sweet. A great example of this category is Moet & Chandon Nectar Imperial Rose.

Tips For Buying Champagne

There is a common misconception that the most expensive bubble are the most quality one and are the ones you are gonna enjoy most. There is some little truth in this, but at the same time, I don’t entirely agree with it. Some of the brands have a higher price just because of the marketing strategy which positions some brands as superior. The fact is that old champagne, and mostly the vintage type has finer mousses than the younger and non-vintage types. The higher the age of champagne, the higher the quality and consequently the higher the price. When you are set to celebrate a bottle of this fine wine, these are the factors that are supposed to guide you to ensure that you realize the value of your money. 

What type of champagne do you like? Champagne are categorized into 2 major categories as explained above; Vintage champagne and Non-vintage champagnes.

Rose, brut, Blanc De Blancs and Blanc De Noir fall under these two categories. The brut types are dry champagnes and are more suited to people who appreciate dry wines while the rose champagnes are the sweet types. There is a belief that vintage champagnes are of more quality than non-vintage ones because of their complex preparation method, but the truth boils back to the preference. The blending in the non-vintage champagnes makes them lighter on the palate which means they can be enjoyed any time unlike the vintage types which blending is limited to just one particular year then aged for long making them more heavier but better quality. This makes the vintage champagnes more premium brands but also very rare in comparison to their counterparts.

It is wiser to stick to a particular brand that you have tried and liked before. Some of these brands cost a fortune and might be better to let every dime count.

Try a champagne brand from someone recommendation. There is no assurance that it must be great because everyone is entitled to their taste but there are still chances you might like it too.

Rely on us, Dial A Delivery, to recommend a brand for you. Due to a deep interest in the industry and having been there for a while now, we have deep knowledge of various brands available, and we have been doing an impressive job. Try us today!

Randomly take a bottle from the shelf and try your luck. You might have been bored of taking the same brand every day, and you are set out to have more fun by trying something new.

Consider the grapes utilized in the preparation that particular brand. Champagnes are prepared from three types of grapes; Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. Each of these grapes has its particular influence on the end result of the champagne. 

Best Champagne Brands

There are so many champagnes from France, but the following brands are outstanding.

Dom Perignon – this is a vintage only type of champagne produced by Moet & Chandon distillery. The brand evokes luxury and indulgence. It is among the most expensive brands available. It comes in brut and rose although the rose type is not so common. This brand is named after a 17th-century Benedictine monk who brought a lot of innovation in preparation of champagne. The unique thing about this brand is that it is not produced every year, is aged for a minimum of 7 years or longer in the bottle before it is released for sale and is produced from two grapes only; Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Veuve Clicquot – this is among the oldest champagne which is credited and named to the founder Veuve Clicquot. This lady was the wife of Francois Clicquot who died after 7 years of marriage. Francois Clicquot was the son of Philipe Clicquot – Murion who founded the champagne enterprise that later on came to renamed as Veuve Clicquot. The huge credit to this widow came as a result of her contribution to the improvement of the traditional champagne preparation method called Methode Champenoise. This champagne comes in both vintage and non-vintage types which are even subdivided into rose and brut.

Moet & Chandon – this is also among the oldest champagne distillery that produces high-quality champagnes that are recognized all over the world. Its brands are both vintage and non-vintage. Due to extensive marketing, when people talk of champagne, they mainly refer to Moet & Chandon brands. This brand is available with the following options; Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut, Moet & Chandon Imperial rose and Moet & Chandon Imperial Nectar. If you all champagnes counts as superior brands, but this one counts.

Luc Belaire – this is a new champagne in the market and owned the famous rapper, Rick Ross. It’s a great brand which cost the lowest in comparison to the other brands, but its quality is way above its cost. Belaire is available in four options; Belaire Rose, Belaire Brut, Belaire Luxe and Belaire Gold. The is also another version of these types of Belaires that lights but they cost a bit more than the normal ones.


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