Buy wine online in Kenya

Buy wine online in Kenya

If you want to buy wine then you have two options, you can either opt to buy from a local store or buy from an online liquor store. Due to the adoption of technology in the Kenyan market and acceptance of e-commerce especially in the major cities, reliable online liquors stores have emerged. Several platforms where you can buy wine online in Kenya have developed and today are offering recommendable serves. Online shopping is a still a new concept in Kenya and it is always good to observe the best practices while purchasing goods online that is why I have written this guide to ensure you get the best value for your money. First, we will go through some of the reason to buy wine online in Kenya.

Why buy wine online in Kenya

1. Buying wine online is economical

The wine prices you find online are amazing and you have the chance to compare one store with the other. Online wine shops have better prices and they also offer free wine delivery which means you only get to pay for the drinks and enjoy free delivery especially if you live in Nairobi. Compared to supermarkets and other shops you find that you pay way less when buying wine online especially if you buying in bulk.

2. 24-hour alcohol delivery

You don’t have time constraints, most wine stores in Nairobi operate on a 24-hour basis. Unlike the traditional stores where the operation is during the day, you get to enjoy a 24-hour wine delivery. Web-based liquor stores give you the flexibility you deserve of ordering any time and from anywhere which I believe is a great thing.

3. You get to compare wine shops

With online wine shops in Kenya, you have the option to compare one store with the other at ease. Withing a very short period of time you can compare prices from more than 4 online wine shops. This is something that is impossible to do if you are shopping in the local stores as it is tedious moving from one wine store to the other asking for prices and then moving to the next. With drinks delivery platforms you get to enjoy the best prices and services as checking out the store offering the best services is a breeze.

4. Time-saving

Drinks delivery Nairobi takes 10 to 30 minutes. Alcohol delivery in Kenya is one industry that has really developed fast, not long ago you had to wait for 4 days to get your products, today you only have to wait for less than 30 minutes to get your drinks delivered.

5. More varieties

Online wine stores have more varieties they have a wide array of red wines, white wines, sparkling wines, rose wines, champagnes and more. Online is the one place you will learn of all the wine brands in Kenya and their prices. Most wine stores stock a large array of wines where you get to select wines from all over the world. These stores also have other types of alcohol which include whisky, rum, vodka, cognacs, gins, beers and more.

Best practices when buying alcohol online

Pay on delivery

It is a good practice to pay upon delivery, this way you get to inspect the products delivered and make sure it is the what you had ordered for. Most enterprises offering drinks delivery in Nairobi offer you the option to pay cash or mpesa on delivery. With this option, you are certain you pay for the exact product you ordered. Paying on delivery does not mean online liquor stores are not trustworthy, in fact, most liquor stores have built a good image and reputation that customers can pay prior or after the delivery and as you start to build a relationship with a specific liquor store, payment upon delivery is advisable.

Regular coupons and discounts

To gain competitive edge most drinks delivery platforms in Kenya always have an ongoing promotion. These promotions reduce the amount spent on alcohol by huge margins, this reduction in price makes the products offered by these stores to be more affordable compared to local stores. Watching out for this discounts can help reduce your expenditure significantly.

Call to order

With most online wine shops in Kenya you have the option to order vial call, SMS, WhatsApp or via the checkout given on the website. All these options work great but calling to place an order has various advantages which include the vendors responding to your order instantly and getting a confirmation of the availability of brand, size, type. At times you may find that there is a shortage of a certain brand or maybe the red wine of certain brand is available but there is a shortage of the white wine of the same brand thus when you call you, you get the chance to have the availability information.

Stick to one wine store

Even with local stores, it is a good thing to build a relationship with your seller. Building a relationship has many benefits which include getting custom services, customer loyalty gifts, discounted rates and information about the products and the ones on offer. I would say you build a relationship with one liquor store to enjoy these benefits. With Dial a delivery you can visit the offers section to see whats new.

Be on the lookout for discounts

Due to the many offers time after time, ensure you take advantages of these offers, maybe even buy in bulk and enjoy even lower prices. Here at Dial a delivery we have coupon codes time after time and this reduces the amount you pay for your order, during weekends we have codes that discount your prices by more than Ksh 500.

Wine delivery Nairobi is one of the areas that are worth exploring, there are lots of benefits to enjoy. Compare wine shops in Nairobi to find out the best. Here at Dial a delivery is the one place you find many brands of wine available in Kenya and brands from all over the world. We have wine from all the world and at great prices. We also have offers that include discounted wine prices. Visit wine section to explore the wines on our shelves.