Best drinks for different occasions

Best drinks for different occasions

Every occasion, is a good time to have a drink. Be it Sunday brunch, Friday night, wedding, birthday party, first date or the happy hour. Even though most people choose to drink only beer or wine, there is more to explore, with so many choices out there and services like alcohol delivery in Kenya, why would one want to commit a crime against their tongue and stomach by taking the same drink every time?

Due to the wide variety of drinks to choose from online liquor stores that have wine, spirits and beers, the one problem is which drink to choose for a particular occasion. Events like family get-together, weddings, birthday parties and dates require certain types of drinks suitable for the specific occasion. 

Well, to help you pick the right drink for the occasion, whether you are a guest or the host, below is an in-depth look at the best drinks for various occasions. 


There are various types of wines and depending on your personal taste and preference, you may prefer certain types of wines. However, when it comes to occasions, certain type of wines are better than others. For instance, certain wines go with particular type of dishes and even though wines can be served for practically any occasion, there are some that are ideal for dinner parties. In addition, even after the party, you can still keep the bottles coming and don’t have to worry about the drinks running out as long as you have the alcohol delivery app that features alcohol delivery within Nairobi and other major towns in Kenya. Generally, wines are the best drinks for meetings, either business or other any other event where people need not to get drunk. Just be sure to sip slowly so you don’t ruin the occasion. 

White wine - These are best served during the earlier hours of the night before serving the main course. Therefore, if you attend a dinner party, you should consider having a glass of white wine before the main dish is served. When it comes to dishes, white wine goes well with fish, salads and shrimp. White wine is best for making toast when celebrating special occasions. 

Red Wine - Red wines are ideal for main courses. Unlike the white wine, red wine is served during the latter part of the occasion. The full-bodied nature of red wines make them a great complement to heart meals. For dishes, red wines go well with lamb, poultry and pork. For wine delivery services, Dial a delivery have a wide variety of wine types for you to choose from.


Beer is one of the most common alcoholic drinks enjoyed by people all over the world. One of the reasons for its popularity is that beer tastes so good. Even though some people might differ with this fact, there are countless beer drinks out there and even if you haven’t found one that suits your taste buds, you are sure to find one among all the varieties that suits your taste buds. 

Secondly, there is nothing like the taste of a cold glass of beer to freshen you. If you are, feeling tired after spending the major part of the day under the sun, just have a glass of ice cold beer and be ready to be refreshed. Furthermore, you get to enjoy beer for longer without getting drunk because of its low alcohol content.

Being the most consumed alcoholic drink in the world, beer can be drunk in various situations. However, of all occasions for taking beer, watching sports with is the best. Whether you are watching the game at the comfort of your home, at the club or stadium, beer is the ideal drink. There’s a lot of tension involved when watching a football match and beer makes the tension away, but it’s also not so strong to make you miss the game. The booze delivery services by dial a drink or dial a delivery alcohol delivery services in Kenya, lets you enjoy the game stress-free.


Originally billed as a medicinal substance, whisky gained popularity and soon afterwards became one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world. Originally distilled I the 1400s in Scotland, whiskey is the best drink for celebrating any milestone you have made. 

In addition, Whisky is the kind of drink that’s ideal for a poker game at home. To make the occasion even better and livelier, you can light a cigar and enjoy the game with your friends as you wait for your whisky delivery to arrive. Picture a good glass of ice cold whisky and some smoke going up while sharing some laughs with friends and you have yourself a great evening. In addition, if you have had a bad day, whisky is the perfect drink to block out the world for a little while once you get home. You can drink it the way it is, make a cocktail or add ice into the cocktail. 


Just like whisky, vodka was first considered a medicinal substance. In fact, it was made specifically for healing purposes. It was only later on that the colorless and odorless drink became a popular alcoholic drink. However, its medicinal properties remain intact. 

Vodka is the kind of drink that you drink when you want to get drunk fast. If you and some friends are looking for a drink to get you easily hammered, then vodka is the drink for you. Invite some friends over and have yourselves some shots while getting out all that has been bothering you throughout the week. To enjoy it fully, have some bites on the side while taking the shots.


When it comes to celebratory drinks, no drink beats champagne. However, other than the celebrations, there are so many instances where a glass of champagne is ideal.

One of the best occasions for enjoying a glass of champagne is when you are on a date. Be sure to pick the most fancy champagne for your date and you won’t have to try so hard afterwards. He/she will be instantly impressed.

The other occasion is when you are trying to impress your guests. We treasure the moments when we come together and share good food and drinks with our loved ones. By serving your guests with champagne, you will impress them and they will live to remember the day. Serving your guests with a glass of champagne will make them feel honored just and they will be challenged the next time they host you. 

If you are thinking of a drink to gift your boss, champagne is the perfect choice. Bestowing a good bottle upon your boss of champagne will surely buy you favor at the office, a critical element if you want to keep and enjoy your job. 

Finally, be sure to carry with you a good bottle of champagne if you are trying to impress your in-laws. Having a glass of champagne handy during your meeting will also help you calm down during the nerve-racking time. 

Hints for drinking

Below are some tips to help you get the most out of your drinks and enjoy the event while at it.

Know your limit

It is important to know the amount of alcohol you can take before you lose control. Knowing your limit when it comes to alcohol consumption will help you avoid embarrassing yourself or your companions. To know your limit, try out your level of control while at home with your family or friends. Explain to them that you want to know your alcohol limit. Have them videotape you while you are trying to see what will happen when you have more than one drink per hour, as recommended. To get started, you can buy drinks online from the online liquor stores in Nairobi and enjoy as you get to know your alcohol limit.

Skip drinks

In order to stay sober for longer and not go overboard with drinking, it is important to sip non-alcoholic drinks in between the alcoholic drinks. This will help keep your blood alcohol concentration down and you will get the chance to enjoy the occasion.

Eat while drinking

It is recommended that alcohol drinkers eat foods rich in protein like cheese and peanuts as they drink their alcohol to slow the absorption of alcohol into the blood. Many cultures around the world consume alcohol with food as a way to prevent numerous problems. If you can’t eat while drinking, then avoid drinking alcohol on an empty stomach, that is, have something to eat before drinking.

Sip your drink

Lasts but not least, rather than gulping your drink, sip it. By gulping the drink, you will lose the pleasure derived from drinking such as the taste of the drink, texture and the smell of the various flavors. This is particularly crucial when drinking wine.

Having mentioned the above information, there are some occasions when you may prefer to serve all types of drinks at the same time and have your guess pick the drinks they prefer to take with food and which they prefer to take with food. However, many people choose their favorite drinks early on and stick to them until the end of the occasion. For all your drinks delivery need, eabl drink deliveries, Dial a delivery got you covered.